[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In at INSTAX Fanmeeting & “MIK 24/7” Launch Party 2012.11.18

Happy December SIKseekers! Feels so good since Christmas is coming near and Yoo Ah In’s new movie will start to crank in on December 4th! Hooray!

By the way, to the new SIKseekers: welcome to winter SikSeekLand! Here comes a quick and short post for the start of December~


For this one, we’d like to thank our friend photographer Bakedbanana nim who gives us special permission to post some of her fabulous shots here~ They are from the Made In Korea 24/7 (MIK24/7) Boutique Launch Party and Fuji Instax Fanmeeting in Gangnam Seoul, 18th November.


Yoo Ah In attended the boutique launch party because the boutique belong to his friend.  He came to both events all in black, so neat, sleek and of course handsome! Check him out in Fuji Instax fanmeeting here~



LOVE ET!! The Instax fanmeeting was only limited for some lucky fans who are into photography, so the photos above are all exclusive. Check out more photos of Yoo Ah In in Bakedbanana’s blog (do not repost without permission from the owner)


And here are two photos taken from Amelie’s blog~ Yoo Ah In posing with the boutique owner ^ ^

https://i2.wp.com/i1144.photobucket.com/albums/o488/Furbabe/Instax/IMG_9074.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/i1144.photobucket.com/albums/o488/Furbabe/Instax/IMG_9072.jpgThe owner is a happy camper 😀

Before coming to the boutique, Yoo Ah In attended Fuji Instax fanmeeting at the same day, which was located in a café near Gangnam Station. You can check more photos from the events in our Facebook page.


Have a great weekend!



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