[WEEKLY ROUNDUP] Yoo Ah In the New Face of Mise-en-Scene, Treats the Film Crews Dinner, Photos from “Tin Head” Shared, and More!

Hullo SIKseekers! We meet again in another Weekly Roundup to sum up our 1.5 week updates. Here we go~~!


First off, Yoo Ah In got another exclusive contract for a famous Korean hair care brand. Yay! According to the official release, Yoo Ah In has become the new face of Mise-en-Scene with Shin Min Ah.


Mise-en-scene Korea’s leading hair care brand picks Yoo Ah In to couple with Shin Min Ah as their new CF Models. The CF will be made at the end of December’12 or in early January 2013.


Previously, Jo In Sung has been the model for Mise-en-scene for 5 years since 2004 and Sin Min Ah and Hyun Bin followed in 2009. Yoo Ah In’s addition will make him a two-top with Sin Min Ah. Officials said that Yoo Ah In’s unique stylish appearance is the factor that will contribute to and upgrade the product image.


As we know, Yoo Ah In and Shin Min Ah are both the models for Amore Pacific Cosmetic, and apparently Mise-en-scene is one of Amore Pacific brands too. The two of them just showed up in Pink Ribbon Marathon Campaign last month and they look so adorbs! Can’t wait for their first CF!



Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In has been making “Tin Can” (Ggang Chul Yi or Tin Head) movie in Busan since 3th of Dec. Check out some of the photos from the filming that we compiled from several sources below~


From Jaemin manager nim~ he said Yoo Ah In practiced riding the motor cycle and driving truck right after he arrived in Busan on 2nd Dec despite the freezing weather.

Yoo Ah In and his new toys ^___^

Busy shooting day-1 and day-2 in Haeundae Beach

Actress Kim Hae Sook (Kang Chul’s mom) and child actor Park Kyung Won (little Kang Chul) were having their sweet moment together ^ ^

Source: DC

This Royal Enfield motorcycle with a side car, is the one that Yoo Ah In rides for the movie. It’s classically awesome~ Can’t wait to see Yoo Ah In riding it!

Source: Royal Enfield Rider

And here is the Tin Head/Tin Can/Ggang Chul Yi/Kangchuli scenario book cover~ looks edgy huh?

Check out more photos from Ggang Chul Yi in our Facebook page ‘Tin Head Movie 2013’  s(^_^)/

Despite working in the middle of severe winter and harsh sea wind, all of them seem to enjoy the filming atmosphere, including Yoo Ah In himself. Various online news reported that Yoo Ah In threw a big dinner party gift to all Tin Can crews in Busan yesterday night, 6th December.


To celebrate the fourth day of the movie’s crank in, Yoo Ah In took over 70 film crews out for a dinner in a bar that served fine Hanwoo (Korean beef) on his own expenses! It’s no secret that Koreans love Hanwoo, despite the meat’s rather steep price. In addition to that, Yoo Ah In scheduled the dinner himself for the staff and fellow co-stars. Wow!


Among the film crews was actress Jung Yumi who will be Yoo Ah In’s girlfriend in that movie. The staff said they had a great time and it was a remedy for those who suffered from the cold.

“Everyone was tired and suffering from the cold, but with Yoo Ah In’s dinner, we all got reenergized. It was also noteworthy to see that he was easygoing and got along well with all the staff.”


The staff said that Tin Head started shooting in a cold weather but the lead actor directly encouraged everyone on the location, and took them to hang out together without hesitation. No formality whatsoever, the star sat among them together and enjoyed the warm ambiance.


Following ‘Wandeugi (Punch)’ extraordinary affection, Yoo Ah In’s role in Tin Head is expected to be the same. Thanks to his good work ethic, Yoo Ah In is touted as the “cold head with warm heart” actor by the film crews. Aww…


If you don’t know this yet, he did the similar deed last year~ Yoo Ah In bought 100 pieces of cold jackets as presents to all Wandeugi crews when they were start filming on winter. So sweet of Yoo!


Moving on to the next news~~

Yoo Ah In just won the 2012 Woman Sense Style Awards – Best Dresser Rising Fashionistar in Daum Fashion Awards. The online magazine called him the next generation of fashion king.


Yoo Ah In’s fashion sense in the 2012 Osulloc Tea Talk event, in particular, got praise as “elegant all-black fashion” and yet “cute” with Fedora. All of them are from his personal items.” Smart mix and match. Yeah he always looks GOOD in black! And he luuurvesss wearing all black these days 🙂

More good news~~

Yoo Ah In and Fashion King is #2 Keyword Ranking for Google Korea Trends Top 10 TV program category according to  Korea Benchmark analysis. Cool! Complete rank:

#1 The Moon That Embraces The Sun
#2 Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Fashion King
#3 Dream High 2
#4 A Gentleman’s Dignity
#5 Rooftop Prince


And finally the last news~~

Before going to Busan Yoo Ah In showed up in CHANEL “Little Black Jacket” Exhibition in Seoul.


On November 28, the exhibition ‘Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic that Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld Have Found Again’, was held at the Beyond Museum in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Designer Lagerfeld and Roitfeld, former editor of Vogue in France, released about one hundred pictures of celebrities at the exhibition.


Besides Yoo Ah In, famous actors Yoo Ji Tae, Joo Ji Hoon, Song Hye Gyo, Lee Soo Hyuk, 2NE1′s CL, Wonder Girls’ So Hee, 2PM’s Taec Yeon, photographer Kim Joong Man, and many popular models attended the event as well. Check out some of Yoo Ah In’s photos from this event~

Source: Wstar

Source: Soyoon Lim

Source: Naver

Source:  April

So elegant and handsome! More photos from Chanel ‘Little Black Jacket’ Exhibition are available in our Facebook album too.

That’s it for now~ Have a great weekend everyone! 😀


Source: enews24, Hancinema, TVreport, Daum, Soompi


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