[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In Diadora Fansigning Event 2012.12.08

Greetings #SIKseekers ^ ^ Diadora held their 3rd fansigning event with Yoo Ah In last Saturday, December 8, at Diadora branch store in Korea’s beautiful Lake Country Chuncheon~ one and a half hour trip from Seoul.


Yoo Ah In came all the way from his movie (Tin Can/Tin Head) shooting place in Busan to Chuncheon by car for a half day round trip! And it’s about 2 hours trip by car between those two cities. I heard that he stole his manager’s cellphone to play games during their way back to Busan till the battery dried out. LOL!


It was one freezing day but fans kept coming to the event. ย However, since the security was very strict and fans couldn’t get into the store all at once, many of them failed to take decent photos or even a photo of Yoo Ah In. Poor fans! Some of them came from far away places like Japan and China.ย Well let’s hope for the next event Diadora can give fans more space to capture the precious moments with Yoo Ah In ๐Ÿ™‚


Now here are some nice photos taken from various sources~ we just give you several samples of the photos and you can go to the links we give below to see the complete set.


Taken from Diadora blog

cute cute cute! lucky ahjumma! ๐Ÿ˜€

Check more photos in Diadora blog


From Diadora Facebook


And now here are some nice photos from our friend Moon-I nim~

So beautiful shots, aren’t they? Check more fabulous photos from Moon-I nim in her blog ^ ^


And last but not least, several photos made by KEIN~

Check more photos fromย KEINย in her blog too ^ ^


Isn’t he lovely? Complete photos are available in our Facebook album in Diadora Fansigning Event album~ check them out! (/^_^)/


[Update 12.12.12] Check out Diadora Fansigning Event Video here~


The 4th Diadora fansigning event will be held next Saturday, 15th December, in Gwangju branch. Let’s hope for more fabulous photos!

See YOO!!



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