Yoo Ah In’s ‘Tin Can/Tin Head’ Movie First Stills Release, Garner Attention

This is good. CJ Entertainment, the company that holds Ggang Chul Yi’s distribution rights  just published two stills of the movie yesterday. Talk about active marketing!


The first photo got highest attention because of this sweet couple having a date by riding a side-car motorcycle in the street of Busan. Mommy Kim Hae Seok looks brushing the wind in glee while her son Yoo Ah In looks happy. Awwn…cute!


Yoo Ah In & Kim Hae Seok

Yoo Ah In, Lee Si Eon, Kim Hae Seok watching their scene on VTR


Ggang Chul Yi / Kangchulyi or Kangchulie (tentative English title: Tin Head or Tin Can) has started to crank in on 4th December in Haeundae Beach and several areas in Busan, the south-east coast. Yoo Ah In, Lee Si Eon, Kim Hae Seok and Jung Yoo Mi have been working since the first day of shooting.


Tin Head is a story about a man named Kang-chul (Yoo Ah In) living with his mother (Kim Hae  Suk), a single parent who suffers from Dementia. Kang-chul gets involved in a mobster world to be able to afford mom’s hospital bills. Besides struggling to pay for medical bills, Kang-chul has to face the conflict with the gangster head (Kim Jung Tae) and a yakuza (Shin Jung Geun). Meanwhile, love also blossoms when Kang-chul meets a woman (Jung Yu Mi) who, by chance, decides to get down the train in Busan station in the middle of her solo journey.


Director Ahn Gwon-tae, known for his best touching movie “My Brother” (2004) helms this movie. “I have no doubt that Yoo is the best choice for the main character Kangchul. We’re very excited about the interesting combination of an outstanding director and actors,” an official from CJ said.


Yoo Ah In has recently drawn media attention in Korea for his outspoken political criticism about Korean politics.  He has also made several such comments in the past and is considered to be one of the most outspoken and politically-minded actors of his generation.


Yoo Ah In and Lee Si Eon

“Reply 1997” actor Lee Si Yeon (Lee Si Yun) plays as Kang-chul’s old buddy and sidekick, while Kim Sung Oh will be Kim Jeong Tae’s younger brother and apparently Kang-chul’s partner too.


Besides the two official stills, some fans managed to get the photos on the spot as well. Check them out~

KANGposing with his motorcycle ^ ^

Yoo Ah In shooting with the motorbike

wearing safety wires

on the break

this was taken by manager nim~ they were in a bakery shop

Jung Yu Mi

for the second time, after Korean Beef dinner, Yoo Ah In treats all crews dinner again in a hotel ^ ^

And here’s Ggang Chul Yi movie profile on Naver~ Notice that another actress Baek Seul Gi added up on the casting line.

Tin Head/Tin Can/Kangchulie is set to crank up next March and open at local theaters in the second half of next year, which means around October 2013.

Check out more photos from Ggang Chul Yi in our Facebook page ‘Tin Head Movie 2013′   s(^_^)/


Source: asiae, kstar10, fan photos: DC and twitter[1], [2]



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