Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 2012.12.19 and Its Translations


Hellow SIKseekers ^ ^~~ December 19th is the presidential election day in South Korea, and a lot of people went to vote including our Master Sik 🙂


On the same day around 2:50-3:00 pm KST, Yoo Ah In showed up on twitter feed talking about the election.


Here are brief translations from the above tweets~

“After shooting for 20 hours full, (we) left Busan at 4 o’clock in the morning and arrived in Seoul at 8 o’clock, from East to West, sleepless, to vote. It turned out worth expecting. Watch the ballot paper closely.”


Along with that, Yoo Ah In posted a screenshot of conversations indicating the precautions. The screenshot showed a suggestion to fold the ballot card/paper vertically instead of horizontally. The reason is the wet ink that voters use to mark on the candidate of their choice might smear the other candidate’s photo so that the ballot will be considered to be spoilt or voided, since it will look like you voted twice (double voting).


Yoo Ah In also responded to his fan who posted her proof photo at the polling station.

Fan: “Hello supervisor. I have voted. Yoo Ah In ssi won’t you sign?” [will you give me your signature?]
Min Kyu Dong [ famous movie director who worked with Yoo Ah In in Antique Bakery] re-tweeted her tweet and added: ”I’m Yoo Ah In’s fan too!”
Yoo Ah In: “Heol hahahaha”


By the way, it’s nice to see that Yoo Ah In and director Min still keeps in touch until now. Thanks to our friend Bluesherbet who provided this information 🙂


Yoo Ah In has been known as one of the outspoken celebrities about politics and social issues. The fact that he went through a 4 hours journey from Busan to Seoul right after long hours shooting to vote for the future president, has impressed people who read his tweets.


Wednesday’s presidential election recorded the largest voter turnout in a decade. By the time this article published, Park Geun Hye from the ruler party won the election and became the first woman president in the world’s fastest aging country that has one of the globe’s lowest birth rates.


Well, judging from Yoo Ah In’s earlier tweets, we know his feeling right now *gives him a pat* Anyway, congratulations to the first woman president in South Korea!


PS: Where’s your proof shot, Sik? :p


Source: Newsen, Xportsnews, Yonhap


10 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 2012.12.19 and Its Translations”
  1. Lobsterbisque says:

    He is such a model citizen! I hope he will run for a parliament seat soon! 🙂

  2. selvm0rd says:

    20hours of shooting? What is that? It’s a movie not some kind of live shooting KD, right? *sigh* hope he got his good nap in 4hours Busan-Seoul trip tho…

  3. Furbabe says:

    @ Lobsterbisque: LOL! Let’s hope God grant us long life!

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