[Weekly Roundup] Yoo Ah In for Mars Bom, New Photos from Tin Can, Top Search, and More

Hello everyone! Christmas is peeking around the corner, and here we are in another weekly roundup. This was quite an eventful week for Yoo Ah In and us too. Not only because of Kkangchulie (Tin Head/Tin Can) shooting, it’s also because Yoo Ah In has made the headlines these past full four days due to his political tweets! What a life!


As you already knew, Yoo Ah In posted very long messages in his twitter feed on Dec 19th, 20th, and the longest ones on 21st and 22nd. That’s 4 days in a row! He was tweeting constantly almost the whole days, discussing with his followers and replying people too. He even opened a debate with those who disagreed with him. For the latest two days’ tweets we hope to get the translations soon since the contents are very long and heavy. So please be patient 🙂


Anyway, because of these tweets Yoo Ah In became top search in Naver and Daum. On Dec 22nd Yoo Ah In got in Top 5 Naver Search due to his opinions on the presidential election’s result.


On Dec 23rd Yoo Ah In spotted #1 Top Daum Search for the long statements he made on twitter the day before. His statements about the presidential election have sparked the war of words about expressing opinions in twitter world and among Korean netizens as well.


I’m very proud of Yoo Ah In as he always speaks up his mind. But at the same time kind of worrying about it because the freedom of speech in South Korea is still in questionable and the government power can intervene one’s career. Well, I hope his honest opinions won’t get him into trouble.


If you didn’t know this yet, Yoo Ah In has been known as a talented writer. Besides writing on twitter, he also shared his opinions several times for magazines. His latest writing will be published in “Dazed & Confused” Magazine for January 2013 issue. If you’d like to order this magazine, you can go to Kyobo Bookstore online for more information.


Besides busy writings on twitter and for magazine, apparently our Master Sik still had time to pose for fashion too ^^ Check out these two fresh photos of Yoo Ah In for MARs boM, released on 22-Dec.

weee….sleek and clean! and love his expressions!

Okay, he’s busy writing, venting his opinions, and modelling. But what about filming his movie? No worries, he’s still doing it just fine. Here are some official and unofficial photos taken right from Kkangchulie/Tin Head (or Tin Can) set in Busan~

This is Kangchulie’s house. Check out the photos on the wall~ they’re the real childhood photos of Yoo Ah In himself! And of course the young Kim Hae Suk! Omo, Baby Sik spotted! 😀 (photo cr: uiuime)

Yoo Ah In & Lee Si Yeon examining their acting on the VTR after shooting together (photo cr: DC)

Kangchulie FamilyThe Kkangchulie Family~ Director-nim, mommy Kim Hae Suk, grandma and Yoo Ah In. Awwn so sweet! (photo cr: whitepd75)

Yoo Ah In is measuring Kim Hae Suk’s blood glucose level in Kkangchulie~ Look at his expression♥ (photo cr: uiuime)

The photos just make us feel more excited to see the movie, am I right?

Speaking of Kkangchulie movie, there’s one person that we have to mention too as part of the casting line. Her name is Bae Sul Gi and she will play as Kangchul’s first love. Bae Sul Gi is a stage actress and recently confessed that Yoo Ah In is her ideal man. Oh yeah, more girls make Ah In their ideal type!

On the recent interview with Newsen, Bae said that the closest to her ideal man in terms of looks and personality is her fellow actor Yoo Ah In. The 25 years old actress said she prefers mature person, regardless their age, who bears good values and has warm heart.

“I like the older side of Yoo Ah In (although he’s still at young age). There are not plenty of thoughtful men even though they’re older than my age. I just realized that after shooting together with Yoo Ah In in Kkangcheori (Tin Head) as his first love, I noticed that he’s really cool and eye catchy.”

Can’t blame you, girl. We all love Sik ^_^

Not only girls who got smitten by Yoo Ah In, there’s also one boy out there who admires him as well.

Superstar K4 Finalist Yoo Seung Woo said he was impressed by Yoo Ah In’s support on twitter.

In the nationwide concert tour to promote Superstar K4 TOP12 Album, Yoo Seung Woo, who landed on Top 6 finalist said he felt really good despite being voted off the competition. “Yoo Ah In’s cheer has raised my spirit,” said the 17 years old to tvreport.

Yoo Ah In sent a tweet last month, “Yoo Seung Woo, my Ultra Big Size Superstar! I had a nice time thanks to you,” right after Yoo Seung Woo was eliminated from the show. Check out complete story here. Oh I just got update a while ago that Yoo Seung Woo replied Yoo Ah In’s tweet today! He said thank you and sorry for lacking on twitter. LOL what a long time to reply, boy 😀


Last but not least, we’ve got 3 good news here. First, Yoo Ah In is #7 on Top 10 Fashion Trend-setters 2012

(cr: Chosun)

A “Style Icon” survey conducted among 25 top fashion critics, stylists and experts has voted top 11 celebrities with high fashion sense who have inspired people to follow their style during 2012. Yoo Ah In is one of them along with Song Joong Ki, G-dragon, Ryu Seung Bum, Gong Yoo, Jang Dong Gun, Psy and more. Nice!

Secondly, Wandeugi/Punch will air on MBC Christmas Special on 25th December 2012, 11:15 am KST. A lovely way to spend your Christmas with the family ^ ^

Fashion King got nomination at the 2012 SBS Drama Awards in 3 categories: Best Drama, Best Couple (Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung), and Best Star (Male: Yoo Ah In, Female: Shin Se Kyung). Viewers can cast their vote  on SBS website. May the best win!

There you go, weekly roundup. I hope you all have a blast holidays, SIKseekers~ Advance Merry Christmas! 😀

5 Responses to “[Weekly Roundup] Yoo Ah In for Mars Bom, New Photos from Tin Can, Top Search, and More”
  1. Lobsterbisque says:

    Dear Furbabe; You’re working too hard! But yes, I’m waiting for the translation of his lordship’s twitters! 😀 Merry Christmas to you too!

    • Furbabe says:

      Haha..thanks dear! I was just collecting all new updates from SikSeekLand Facebook and exercising my fingers :p Yes I really really wish to get the translations soon. Seems everyone is busy for the holidays so we have to wait longer. Anyway, Merry Christmas! ♥♥

  2. Miko says:

    We wish you a Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥ I hope you are having wonderful days.

  3. Sissy says:

    good work

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