Yoo Ah In Sexy Sports! Highlighting the Hotness in YOO

YOO hoo Sikseekers! This is Admin G. I often trolling on Sikseekland Facebook but from now on you will see me trolling on this Sikseekland blog too.^^  For new Sikseekers who recently join us, please excuse my silliness and me being P(ervert)  *Head hangs low, shame on me -_-;*


This time I will highlight Master SIK’s sexiness….. in SPORTS because I really adore and appreciate his hard works. So far he has worked out various sports more than an average person does, either for his roles or leisure.

Any sports Yoo Ah In does, become very attractive sports to me. I am a type who is lazy doing sport and has no interest to watch sports games/matches. BUT because of the sexy and stylish SIK, I LOOOOUUURVE to watch these following sports and DYING to do these sports with YOO.AH.IN too. Don’t we all do? hee hee~~


1. Snowboarding

It’s winter! It’s time for skiing and snowboarding! Check Master SIK’s skiing outfit. Super Cool huh? And his megawatt smile.. aww..  it’s an extra heater during cold winter, melts our hearts and bodies. Too bad there’s no picture of SIK in action doing snowboarding.

However, I can imagine him sliding down the slope with his snowboard, keeping his balance on it, squatting a little bit, showing off his sexy firm protruding butt, doing some cool freestyle trick, flying up in the air, yup.. they are all in my head! I believe it’s in your head too, right? *_~ winks

I want to be the snowboard being hugged like that!

Here’s a compilation of pictures Sik showing off his snowingboard clothings. Standing up on his snowboard, riding on the sled, riding ski cable car, smile gleefully like baby. 함께 가자!!!

Pack your parka, googles, snowboard gears and enjoy your Ski trip Sikseekers!

2. Basketball

Yoo PASS your performance in dramas and movies and Yoo make us CATCH them. Yoo DRIBBLE our hearts with your magnitism and superb talent.

Yoo are the best 3 POINTS SHOOTER: Visual Point -Talent Point – Intelligence Point.

Yoo LAY UP your performances as second lead but always end up as the SCREEN STEALER.

There was once that you did FOUL in the Fashion King but Yoo quickly REBOUND with  SLAM DUNK in Wandeukee. Master SIK you are trully Sikseekers’s MVP 😀

Next time, let’s play 1 on 1 (not 3 on 3) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Jogging

This sport is affordable for everyone. It’s healthy, keep your body slim and tone, maintain a healthy heart and definitely cheap. For more motivation doing this sport, check these following pictures. Look at YOO, beautiful smile, white pearl teeth, healthy SIK and his sexy long legs. Awesome!

Let’s jog and sweat together, Master SIK! It’s winter and I want to keep my fitness and sharp shape like YOO.

Well, these AIN’t jogging. but I love his cheekiness, cuteness and fun AIN. Run Yoo! Whose skinny long legs are those? They are SIK’s. Whose protruding butt there? Of course it’s SIK’s centrepiece too! ^_^

Even the photographer did the same semi-squating protruding butt pose there. Love Eeeet! Tee hee hee!

O.M.G Yoo are so lovely in those poses!

4. Joseon Cricket

The more I stare these pictures, the more I love this Joseon Cricket. It is a head to head match, showing who is more handsome in the cricket ground. Of course it’s Moon Jae Shin’s game and he won it.

It allows skinship and touching the other party’s hands, just in case he/she doesn’t know how to hold properly the cricket stick. So don’t blame Mr. Moon who took the opportunity to hold Yoon Shik’s hands.Please teach us too Mr. Moony!

It also allows shoulder contacts and body hugging to show who’s more powerful in the cricket ground. Handsome Moony VS Nerdy Sun Joon. Oooh I love these rules! Let’s prepare for “accidentally hug” Moon Jae Shin.

Anyone who wants to learn this Joseon Cricket from Mr. Moony, please get your line number ticket!

5. Archery

Moon Jae Shin as the red messanger with almost no miss hits-archery skills makes this sport looks beautiful, artistic yet an extremely cool sport!

The moment Moony draws the bow’s string, his expression is so darn smexy and I always go ga-ga holding my breath until he releases the arrow. Then, Bull’s eye! He hits right into my heart! *dies and back to alive to get more love hits from Moony*

Cool Joseon Robin Hood “Moony” that makes Sikseekers head over heels!

Joseon Archery team is indeed beautiful Joseon F4!

Outstanding Moony is so cool in Maroon and I love his gangster pose! LOL

6. Horse riding

Despite of countless arguments against the claim that riding a horse is “not a sport”, I decided.. it is indeed a sport.

The reasons are I’m writing this article to show how sportman our SIK is. So I must include horse riding as a sport to add up the amount of sport SIK does! *Hahaha*

Secondly, horse riding moves and exercises our tummy and legs muscles. I tried it once before and after riding a horse for more than an hour, I found my leg muscles were stiff and tired. And my tummy was flattened a biiiiiiiit (maybe by a millimeter *hee hee hee*).

Horse riding also trains us to maintain good balance, flex the muscles and of course, extra care for the horse. I wonder our Master Sik has ever experienced after horse riding muscular pain. If he has, it means we shared the same pain and I’m super happy for it. *nyahahaha self conceit*

Lastly, when it involves the horse racing, definitely it is a heart exercise for the spectators too. I won’t miss the race if the jockey is Master SIK.

Conclusion: Horse riding is a “not everyone can do” sport. It’s difficult, takes lots of effort, time and money too. It is a prestigious extravagant sport. And our SIK has done good job for horse riding sport. *nod*

I always find horse riding outfit is very sexy and stylish. Too bad we can’t see SIK in that tight horse riding pants. However, the more I stare this picture the more I’m envy the horse. Such a lucky horse…-_-;

Can I have a ride with Yoo? Yoo can make me as the horsey too, if Yoo like *ducked*

7. Soccer

I don’t mind at all to have Master SIK cloned in order to make a perfect soccer team. Imagine 11 SIKs in soccer uniforms. Awesome!

My words for DEFENDERS SIK: “Yoo guard your area so well, Invincible Yoo! We know that it’s very difficult for most people who try to get close to you.” LOL

My words for MIDFIELDERS SIK: “I love Your MOVE playing UP FORWARD against the injustices and care for current issues, I also do hope that Yoo will take care and know how to DEFEND yourself (from society’s criticism). God Bless You, SIK!”

My words for WINGERS SIK: “Run faster SIK! I know you almost there, being a top talented actor after 10 years of acting career!” Jjang!

My words for STRIKERS SIK: “GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!! YOO strikes my hearts so many times and the best striker ever!

My words for GOALKEEPER SIK: “Catch our loves, Lovekeeper YOO!Don’t you ever miss them or I will give you kiss penalties!” Muahahahaha

How Cool SIK is in goalkeeper winter suits! Can’t stop staring Yoo!

Take care of me, SIK like Yoo take care the soccer ball! ^___^

8. Bike Cycling 

Now it becomes one of my favorite sport. It’s everyone’s sport, good for your heart, tummy, buttock and eyes too. Let’s check Yoo’s sexy posture with his protruding butt! It’s blink blink, right? just like in the picture. Now check his round, sexy firm butt at the picture below! Yum! Super treat. Don’t forget check that strong, manly biceps too. Extra Awesome! Yeaaah.. keep smiling SIK because your smile is so contagious… I keep smiling like this ^___________________^ staring at these pictures. Thank you SIK!

Can YOO give me a ride to your heart?

Let’s have fun bike with Yoo, Sikseekers!

9. Swimming

Of course it’s about the swimwear! Forget about ladies bikinis, it’s YOO AH IN in Swimwear! What’s his favorite swimwear? Jammers, briefs, trunks or square leg suit? No matter what his swimwear is, the washboard rules! Loveeee Eeeet!

Sexy Yoo in swimming pool! Mind if I join Yoo? *plunge into the pool*


We know that Yoo likes swim from his previous selcas pictures. Now let’s find his favorite swimwear, Sikseekers. Check these picture below *zoom zoom zoom stare stare stare* *keep drooling*

Can Yoo spot them, Sikseekers? 

Hint: red t*u***, black with white stripes *r*nk*, grey ****ks* ^_~


10. Boxing

How can we not love this sport? Firstly, it’s the outfit. It’s washboard glittering with sweats world! Yoo Ah In in boxing trunks and robes! Drools~ Check his broad shoulder, manly chest and beautiful hard pack tummy! 2 out of Sik’s 5 movies, he acted as a boxer. He also praised Lee Shi Young, an artist who also a champion level female amateur boxer for her achievement in National Amateur Boxing Championships. Interested in real boxing, SIK? Let me be your sparring partner! *kaa Pooow*

From milky white skins to masculine tan olive skins. Yuuuum! Washboard and chocoabs…ABSTATIC! FUNtastic! *nosebleed*

Secondly, the warming up session before boxing. A boxer must do a warm-up to prepare the muscles and organs for the bout. It includes jump rope, Duck Under/Step Over, Shadow Boxing and Pad Work. Don’t forget do some stretching to flex your muscle before and after boxing, like Master Sik does. Check this sexy pose of Yoo. He lifted his legs so high to flex his legs muscles. Aigoooo I’m so envy with the trainer! *greeneyes*

And often a boxer receives a sport massage before the match to get his body warm up and be ready for the match or after the boxing to avoid and manage the injury. Check Yoo’s legs being massaged after the shooting. He must be very tired and I hope it wasn’t an injury. Again, I’m so envy with the trainer! *boiled blood*

Can I be your trainer and therapist, Master SIK?

Thirdly, the rebelious look, sharp eyes, masculine jawline, powerful punches of Boxer SIK. Not to forget the sexy sweaty wet look. I just can’t stop staring at these jaw-dropping expressions. *shiver with excitement*

Throw your love PUNCH, Sik!

Lastly, even SIK’s Knockout looks are cute and gorgeous! *stare with dreamy eyes*
Ooh, K.O Sik! Let me give Yoo CPR KISS!

So, let’s follow Master SIK living a healthy life, Sikseekers! Start doing small exercises for your heart such as staring SIK’s pictures. ^^ Feel free scrolling up and drooling over these pictures again! AINnyeong!

And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ✽\(´▽`)/✽


All Pictures taken from our Facebook


9 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Sexy Sports! Highlighting the Hotness in YOO”
  1. Kong Yi says:

    I really enjoyed reading your posting about Ah-In’s sports.^^
    I never expected Ah-In has experienced such a many kinds of sports including some ads,too.
    He seems to be an athletic even if he is very slim~ㅎㅎ
    Thank you~~

  2. Furbabe says:

    FINALLY! Thank yoo so much pmom! Looking forward to your next articles.
    Really really enjoy your post! And happy YOO Year!! 😀

  3. Lobsterbisque says:

    Such a lovely article on YAI ! (This acronym can be read and mean in Thai as ‘Bigง He’s the Dude, ladies! 😀 ) Thank you very much! It makes a perfect end of the year for me and many other fans, I’m sure! Happy New Year to you, Furbabe, Mathed, and all Sikseekers! I hope 2013 will bring good health, success, and happiness to YOO all! 😀

  4. Miko says:

    AH IN played many sports Snowbording, Swiming,Play soccer and Basketball,Do boxing and kick boxing,Horse riding,Bike cycling,etc・・・・・.OH,Great! He is cute and cool and sexy♥♥♥♥♥
    I thak you very much for your activities. i wish this year will be the happiest and best for you.
    Happy New year!(^_-)-☆

  5. Lobsterbisque says:

    Btw, I think YAI should also take up Thai boxing as well, since he came to Thailand several times last year, albeit stealthily! 😀

    • Furbabe says:

      i think he’s good at it already because in Wandeugi he’s also doing kickboxing, right? ^ ^

      • Lobsterbisque says:

        Kickboxing is not quite real Thai boxing. Anyhow, I’d love to see him do hanggliding too! Or water-skiiing? Just so that we could see him in swimming shorts again! hehe!

  6. Furbabe says:

    @ Lobsterbisque: Second that!! Any sports with short shorts and more skin will do! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 😀

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