[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In JACK&JILL Fansigning Event 2012.12.29 & January 2013 Activity Schedule

AINyeong SIKseekers! Here we are in 2013 and I’d like to say Happy YOO Year once again to all of you πŸ˜€

Though I wish the first post in 2013 would be more like a fireworks and full of blings blings, I can’t avoid but to post yet another fansigning event photos and a bit information we got from here and there ^__^ Β So let’s get it on, shall we?


First off, here’s Yoo Ah In activity schedule for January 2013:

1/14 – DIADORA Shooting
1/18 – JACK&JILL Shooting
1/25 & 1/26 – MIJANGSEN (Mise En Scene) CF shooting with Shin Min Ah

(Source: DC)

I can’t wait to see the CF with Shin Min Ah! We will always update the complete schedule (if any), okies!


Next up: JACK&JILL held their last fansigning event in 2012 with Yoo Ah In on 29th December. The event was held in Changwon, 1-1.5 hours flight from Busan. A quite convenient distance from Sik’s filming location, I should say, compare to that of Seoul fansigning.


From what I heard among Ain’s fans in DC, there were not much space for them to take pictures with good angle, due to large amount of people inside the venue who came to see Yoo Ah In. However, some of them could manage to get a few nice photos of him ^ ^ PS: If you notice, he was wearing the same shirt as he was in JACK&JILL fansigning event on 11th November! Hmm… not enuff cloth for the hottie? Now let’s take a look at the photos~


Here are several official photos taken from JACK&JILL Facebook

Check complete set of the photos in their pageΒ 


And these are from KEIN blog~

The photos look similar but they’re actually different. And they’re all pretty!

Thanks for sharing, Kein!

And here are a couple photo of Yoo Ah In and his little fan from lois4819 ~ totally cute!!

Wish I were a kid!

Check more photos from lois4819 in her blog.

More complete photos are available in our Facebook JACK&JILL Fansigning 121229 Album.

Now as we know, due to his controversial remarks, Yoo Ah In’s Twitter account became the talk of the town around Korea’s 18th presidential election (19th Dec) till Christmas time (his last tweet was on 25th at 3am in the morning!). Β I think that was the first time in his twitter history that he tweeted SO much in 3Β consecutiveΒ days! Poor restless soul. But I can feel YOO!

Some people worried it might give him negative impact, but thankfully, the media responds with positive highlight. Please go read one of good articles from 10Asia EnglishΒ about this. I think we’re all in the same page of supporting his opinion (at least, freedom of speech) as well, right? ^ ^ Keep it up, Sik!

I wish everyone has a good life and beautiful memories in 2013, I’m really anticipating Yoo Ah In’s upcoming movie Kangcheolie~ I’m sure it’s a good one! And also expect for the next SIKseekers new projects and I hope you all will join us again this year πŸ˜€ It’s gonna be fun!

Thank YOO so much for your support to SikSeekLand, everyone! *bows* Once again, Happy YOO Year!

7 Responses to “[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In JACK&JILL Fansigning Event 2012.12.29 & January 2013 Activity Schedule”
  1. Lobsterbisque says:

    Thank you very much, Furbabe! YOO are such a darling, and I mean YOU! (Though Mr.Yoo is also a darling too, of course! :D) The efforts you’ve made in keeping us informed about YAI’s activities are most appreciated! ❀

  2. Lobsterbisque says:

    Only Yoo! http://youtu.be/9r2pEdc1_lI πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Lobsterbisque says:

    WordPress system is so complicated for me. So here I am, dear Furbabe, as lobsterbisque2. Hope it works

  4. Lobsterbisque says:

    It doesn’t! sorry! I give up!

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