Confirmed or Unconfirmed: SBS Jang Ok Jung & Yoo Ah In as Jang Dong Gun’s Son


Oh dramaland you make this fangirl pull her hair out for your split-second-rapid-change of news! Once confirmed can turn to unconfirmed to reconfirmed to unconfirmed again in one span of time *heavy sighs* Oh my poor heart…


If you still don’t know yet what I’m talking about, SIKseekers, it’s about two projects that relate to our beloved Yoo Ah In. The first one is the rumor saying that Yoo Ah In is in consideration to play Jang Dong Gun‘s son in “Friends 2”.

According to Star Today on earlier January 10th,

Yoo Ah In was cast to be the hidden son of Jang Dong Gun, who was killed in the last movie. A movie official said to Star Today “Yoo Ah In received a love call to join the movie as Jang Dong Gun’s son, and after much thought, he has decided to join.”


However at the same day, news spread from his agency denying the rumor. We have posted this news in our Facebook page about it on 10th January as shown below~

TV Report and StarN quoted as saying,

Yoo Ah-in was rumored to have special appearance in Jang Dong Gun’s new movie ‘Friends 2’, but agency denies.

Following earlier news that circulated on the internet about Yoo Ah In to play as Jang Dong Gun’s son in ‘Friends 2’, Yoo Ah In’s agency stated, “Yoo Ah In never received an offer to appear in ‘Friends 2’. It’s not true and we are curious how that came about.”

Currently Yoo Ah In is busy filming ‘Kangchulie’ in Busan, and SBS new drama ‘Jang Ok Jung’ is on his consideration. But for ‘Friends 2’, the staff from Yoo Ah In’s side said that he never heard of Yoo Ah In casting for this movie as mentioned in media earlier today. “We’ve never heard of that plan before.”

‘Friends 2’ is the sequel of 2001 box office movie ‘Friends’ by director Kwak Kyung Taek and assistant director Ahn Kwon Tae (who’s now director of Kangchulie).

“Yoo Ah In is [currently] planning a comeback to small screen and is considering a TV drama,” said his agency.


Meanwhile, Dramabeans just posted the news about this on 12th January and adding,

“…there are conflicting reports with some saying he [Yoo Ah In] has given his verbal agreement and others stating that he isn’t doing it at all.”


Here are some more information that I gathered:

“Friends” was directed by Kwak Kyung Taek and a big hit in 2001. In 2009 the movie was adapted to a drama called “Friend, Our Legend” starring Hyun Bin (Jung Yumi and Lee Si Yeon also play in here) directed by Kwak Kyung Taek too. The rating for the drama was low despite the great casts. However it seems he’s still not over it yet and plans to make the sequel.


Flashback to a TV interview around 2012, Director Kwak Kyung Taek told the viewers that he’d love to work with Yoo Ah In for his next movie project since he likes Yoo Ah In’s acting after watching ‘Wandeugi’.


Putting these news together, people might connect the dots and presume that Yoo Ah In and Kwak Kyung Taek are in a good term and highly possible to work in “Friends 2”.


On the other hand, Director Kwak told Nate (11th January) that he hasn’t determined anything completely yet, except for the (sequel making) intention after he got inspired while attending 2012 BUIL Film Awards in Busan.

So….basically everything just go back to unconfirmed. Heh.


Here’s my personal thought: As much as I love to see our Master Sik in more than 1 project this year, I’m not convinced “Friends 2” will look good in his resume (which has been tainted by Fashion King. Dang! Redeem yourself, Sik!). I have never seen any sequel that works better than the original movie itself, unless it was planned in the first place. Most of the characters in “Friends” are dead in the end including Jang Dong Gun (sorry for spitting the spoiler), so I don’t know how they will make the story out of it for “Friends 2”. (Hidden son? Oh gawd… No birth secret please!)


And in addition to that, Yoo Ah In “given his verbal agreement” to a project? Hmm…it’s just out of his character, don’t you think? For an actor who’s known for being highly professional (plus, introvert!) and respect his manager, this just doesn’t sit right in my head. Unless there’s more story behind it. Hmm….


Now the second rumor is Jang Ok Jung. As I wrote in our blog before, based on the media headlines, Yoo Ah In confirmed to play in this historic drama. But later on, Soompi released another article, basically saying that it’s not confirmed yet.

After much buzz about the possibility of Yoo Ah In assuming a role in the drama, officials from Yoo Ah In’s agency released this statement to My Daily on January 4, “Yoo Ah In has received the script from the writers and is looking over it right now. No final decision has been made, but he is looking over it in a positive light.”


We also cited Hankooki‘s article to our Facebook about it earlier. Hankoki quoted as saying,

Despite initial reports that the actor had been cast opposite Kim Tae Hee for the drama, his agency stepped forward to clarify that the actor had received an offer but was still reviewing the script and details. They said it hasn’t been long since the offer had come in. In addition to that, agency said there are things to consider such as the schedule and contracts.

At least agency didn’t deny receiving the offer. My conclusion is, compare to Friends 2, Jang Ok Jung seems has higher chance for positive confirmation from Yoo Ah In. All in all, we cannot tell for sure yet which one of these two will make it to his next plan in 2013. Let’s just sit, pray, and see, shall we? ^_^v

In the mean time, Jang Ok Jung tentative poster has been circulating in fans forum. Check it out~

Ain’t it pwetty? (^_^) (PS: where’s the other hand, King?)

Among those confirmed-unconfirmed situation, be glad that Kangchulie is still filming in full swing and reaching its end! According to a fan who met with Kim Jung Tae, Tin Head/Kangchulie will wrap up by the end of February. Yay! Here are scanned articles of Kangchulie in Cine21 magazine, January 2013 issue~

I love their laughter! (Scanned by: DC)

Please check out more photos from Cine21 in our Facebook “Kangchulie” album! ^ ^

Have a great start of the week everyone!

5 Responses to “Confirmed or Unconfirmed: SBS Jang Ok Jung & Yoo Ah In as Jang Dong Gun’s Son”
  1. Thanks, my dear Furbabe! ❤ You really do work hard for us Sik's fans! I don't really mind how his decisions would turn out. I'll watch all his works anyway! Haha! (But FK is really a pain in my…. sigh! )

    • ฺBtw, I’ve changed my picture. I’m actually a hard rock / heavy metal old girl! This pic. was taken with one of the best hard rock singers in Bangkok. Do you know whether Mr.Sik likes heavy metal music or not? 😀

  2. mathed2001 says:

    Furbabe~ I can just picture your head going over all the information and trying to piece them together like a good Sik-detective! haha~ Thank you for the detailed report!! Fighting!! 🙂

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