[NEWSBITS] Yoo Ah In on MBC Section TV Talking About Partners, Selca With Lee Si Yeon, and More!

Hello SIKseekers! As promised, I’m back with what I call a weekly roundup of Yoo Ah In~ which is a real roundup since we’ve just started another week.


There are several newsbits here and there about Yoo Ah In, and we also have posted them on our Facebook page in the News Album. You can go check them out there for full collections 😉

Now let’s go for several selected news that I gathered this past week.

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Yoo Ah In’s quietly donated $71,000 to a Korean non-profit foundation, The Beautiful Foundation, has made into Naver hot topic and been featured on Naver main page/front page on Thursday, 3rd February 2013 (thanks to @bluesherbet_ for telling us).

Ever since his email made public by the foundation, the fundraising managed to reach more than 350 million won before the due date, and this became an inspiration to many people. Weeh~~ daebak!


10Asia reported that Yoo Ah In is in the spotlight for his deep interest in lunch money of children in child care facilities. The Foundation said in a statement Tuesday, 30th January, that he has made a donation of 77 million Korean Won. The public foundation has hosted a campaign for raising lunch money of children in care facilities, collecting a total of 350 million Won [322,878 Dollars] to subsidize 130 children in Seoul and Gyeongsangbuk-do area.


Yoo Ah In quoted as saying in his open email to the Foundation,

“It’s good to donate in secret but it’s also good to let many people know about it so that more people can hopefully follow suit. I think it’s young celebrities’ duty to create an open environment for donations. Whether the donation was done sincerely or not, it would light up the dark side of our society. It’s important for celebrities to arouse interest about the unhappy sides of society.”


Dramafever wrote that  Yoo Ah In donated over $77,000 to a campaign fighting the unfair taxes charged on foods at childcare facilities. Yoo Ah In reportedly disagrees with the $1.42 fee placed on the food, as well as the fact that it is now ten cents higher.  He stressed the importance of being able to provide basic nutrients to young kids. Yoo Ah In went on to say,

“It is good to do it in secrecy too, but good donation also includes letting people know so they would see and follow.”

Absolutely Master Sik! Absolutely! *90 degrees-bows and slow claps*


And now, we’ve got two videos of his donation news. Go check them out~



♥♥ Yoo Ah In and Lee Si Yeon doing selca together!

On 30th January, Lee Si Yeon uploaded the photo on his twitter account and added his comment, “Kangchulie is awesome! Kangchulie is great! Yoo Ah In is nice! Fighting till the end! Make some noise! Kangchulie!” LOL he’s so funny and a very nice guy too.

 (cr. Lee Si Yeon’s twitter)

Look at the fake hand behind Sik :p Check out more selcas/pics of Yoo HERE!


Currently Yoo Ah In and Lee Si Yeon are rushing to finish their upcoming movie ‘Kangchulie’ in Busan. And I heard they will wrap the shooting by the end of this month. I hope everything goes smoothly 🙂


♥♥♥ Yoo Ah In joins Diadora 2013 Back To School Campaign, which basically encourages students to keep cool and stay in school ^_^

posing with Diadora backpack

Besides releasing photos, Diadora also stated that Yoo Ah In lent his sexy “Guroh” bass voice to their new commercial. Wow can’t wait to see and or hear it!

in the studio recording his voice

♥♥♥♥ And finally, we got to see Yoo Ah In on the February 1st MBC Section TV Interview & Diadora behind the photoshoot with Park Se Young. The interview is funny and they seem comfy with each other^ ^ Check out the video~

Of course, as usual, here are some nice screencaps done by DC [1],[2] from this interview video~

Go see many more cute screencaps in our Facebook page in MBC Section TV 2013.02.01 album (^_^)v

There are funny things from this show. On one part of the segment, Yoo Ah In and Park Se Young were told to write three names in rank order of their “Best Partner in My Acting Career”.

Yoo Ah In picked Kim Yun Seok from his movie Wandeugi as #1. When asked the reason, he laughed and said, “I picked him because he’s the oldest.”

Shin Se Kyung of Fashion King landed at #2 while his colleagues in Sungkyunkwan Scandal~ Park Yuchun, Song Joong Ki, and Park Min Young landed at #3 altogether.

The host asked again, “Why, of all these young actors, is Shin Se Kyung placed number 2 alone?” And Yoo Ah In got busted by replying, “Because she’s very attractive,” and burst to laughter again. Naw, naw Master Sik apparently set eyes on her too. Teehee!

Then he laughed as he joked about how disappointed he was that Song Joong Ki had won the best couple award with Moon Chae Won for the 2012 KBS Entertainment Awards. Yoo Ah In also jokingly added he was disappointed by Song Joong Ki’s lost of affection by referring to Joong Ki’s apology to him on tv last year. LOL these two!

However, Yoo Ah In said honestly that the Best Couple Award he received with Song Joong Ki in the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards was misleading. “The Best Couple was a mistake and unprecedented award with a lot of misunderstanding,” he confessed.

Meanwhile, Park Se Young ranked Yoo Ah In #1 on her “My Best Partner in Acting” list because she admires him. She called Yoo Ah In “oppa”, besides sunbae-nim, and said she wanted to have a “love line” in a drama with Yoo Ah In someday. Park said she felt comfortable with him because they both have skinship in the pictorials for some times. She looked jealous when Yoo Ah In picked Shin Se Kyung over her on his list.

Don’t worry girl, you’re not alone. We’re all jealous with her!

So there you go, SIKseekers~ some of the newsbits for the first week of February. More news are already available in our Facebook and we’ll keep you updated everyday ^_^ I’ll see YOO again soon and have a great start of the week!

Translated by Admin007/Sikseekland


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  1. lobsterbisque2 says:

    Thank you, Furbabe! So much pleasant news about Mr. Yoo! I wish I were about 40 years younger, so that I could jump up and down and dance about for our Prince! 😀

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