Latest Newsbits and Photos from Yoo Ah In’s “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love”

AINyeong SIKseekers~ “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” drama shooting is in full swing with kid actors doing their part since the first day of this month, and the adult ones will get down the set around this or next week.


Along with that we’ve got several photos from the shooting location, including some news bits here and there. Today I’m just gonna share some of them here. In case you want to read our complete collection, please go to our Facebook in News 2013 album 😉


First of all, I’m happy to know that finally Sung Dong Il (Seong Dong-il) confirmed to join this drama as Kim Tae-hee’s godfather. Yay!

Seong Dong-il whom I really love for his roles in “Reply 1997” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, takes on the role of Jang Hyeon, Jang Ok-jung’s (Kim Tae-hee) political godfather and her father’s first cousin. He risks his life on Jang Ok-jung who was born with the lineaments of a Queen but in the end sees everything from wealth’s point of view.


Apparently, Seong Dong-il’s role in “Jang Ok-jung Lives in Love” should be charismatic unlike the friendly act he’s famous for. I’m so eager to see his presence since he never fails me ^_^


Second,  SBS released another photo from the drama script reading session. Reports said it was an overwhelming atmosphere with Yoo Ah-in’s nonchalant, earnest and energetic interpretation of King Sukjong. Officials said they were impressed with the two main characters and raised the expectations from the has been-dubbed “visual couple”.


However, the drama has drawn some concerns even before the show hitting the airwaves on April. You can read our complete article here. Well, basically “Jang Ok Jung” received big interest but at the same time some people are questioning the script-writing and the character’s adaptation.


It is said that “Jang Ok-jung Lives in Love” should spread the colors of a woman named Jang Ok-jung who was the first fashion designer of the Joseon times as a woman and artist and not a political character.  There’s a doubt that by dropping the trademark of this character (who was supposed to be a villain and power hunger woman), the drama will not go close to the history.


In addition to that, Kim Tae-hee and KARA’s Han Seung-yeon have received criticisms from netizens due to their lack of acting skills, compare to those of their predecessors who played Jang Hee-bin and Choi Suk-bin before. Since it’s too early to judge everyone and everything, I’m just going to wait and see this drama first before lashing out some comments. I hope Yoo Ah In can shine here, and the drama turns out good ^_^


Now let’s see some more photos from “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” shooting location~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check each source and more photos in our Jang Ok Jung Drama 2013 Album 🙂


Here’s a short clip from Jang Ok Jung script reading session


And last but not least, here’s a fabulous fanart of Yoo Ah In as King Suk Jong. Definitely gorgeous! Then, I’ll see you again with more updates ^ ^yo_JangOkJung_03

(credit: DC)


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