Yoo Ah In The New Male Model for Mise-en-Scene, Reunites with Shin Min Ah

Hey ho SIKseekers! Here comes a quick update for today.

As we have already hinted last December in our blogย about Yoo Ah In becoming the model for Mise-en-Scene (Mijangsen), the brand finally released their first official photo with Yoo Ah In. Check it out and tell me whatcha think of his new bangs ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_1394(Photo: anewsa)


Yoo Ah In has been the model for Amore Pacific cosmetic/beauty product brand since last year for Premium Tea Brand Osulloc. And this year the company picked him as the new male model for hair care product Mise-en-Scene to pair up with their female model actress Shin Min Ah (Shin Mina).


Fear not, this new pairing will carry this commercial campaign perfectly as usual. If you didn’t know yet, both Yoo Ah In and Shin Mina have worked together for APโ€™s social activities before, such as Share Your Umbrella Campaign and Pink Ribbon Marathon Campaign.


According to Mise-en-scene spokesperson, the brand has introduced trendy and popular style in recent years and they expect to captivate the heart of style-conscious young men. Actor Yoo Ah In is known for his energetic and rebellious reputation with sensual style and pure charm, and the company thinks his charisma well suits Mise-en-Scene’s brand image and philosophy. Yoo Ah In and Shin Min Ah will be working together for Mise-en-Sceneโ€™s future activities.


Yoo Ah In & Shin Mina at 2012 Pink Ribbon Campaign


After Chamisul replaced Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won with Lee Yubi and Kim Young-kwang for 2013 campaign, this is definitely a consolation for our fangirling heart ^ ^ Yay to our next cute couple!


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