Yoo Ah In’s Activities Schedule March 2013, Renews LG Model, Project Update and More!

Helloww SIKseekers! It’s been a while since our previous update. Now I’m back with a few more for this week. Let’s get it on!


♥ First off, here’s Yoo Ah In’s Activity Schedule as of March 2013

Movie, drama, CFs and photoshoots. Granted, March will be a busy month for Yoo Ah In. Of course, we’ll be the ones pampered by more sweet updates~ so yay! ^ ^


Updates on Jang Ok Jung drama are revolving around the confirmed casts such as actress Ra Mi-ran as Jang Ok Jung’s evil hostess, Yun Yu-seon as Jang Ok Jung’s godmother and benefactor, Kim Seo-ra as Jang Ok Jung’s mom, and more that you can find here and here. Meanwhile, Kangchulie movie shooting now is involving Yoo Ah In and his stuntman.


Actually what made us quite surprise is the schedule on Feb 25 because apparently on that day Yoo Ah In did the LG Optimus TV Commercial Movie Shooting. As we already knew, he was LG Optimus Black model with Kim Sarang back in 2011 but only lasted for one year. So I think this is a sweet surprise for us since we’re about to see pictures of Yoo Ah In and LG again.


Now let’s warm up a bit with 2 photos from LG Optimus Black 2011 campaign, shall we? ^_~

Source: LG

You can check complete set of Yoo Ah In photos for LG in our Facebook page in LG Optimus Black 2011 Album 🙂

♥♥ Moving on to another info~ if any of you have TV cable at home, it’s time to reminiscent the good old days and doing the fangirling things all over the crazy horse Moon Jae Shin again. Yes, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is airing now on KBS World TV!

(photo: KBS World)

First episode aired since February 20 with English/Chinese/Bahasa Malay subtitle, Mondays-Thursdays at 7.10, 16.20 and 24.20 KST. Perfoit! Bring back the bromance please!


♥♥♥ Last but not least is update on Yoo Ah In SIKseekers Drama Project for Jang Ok Jung! We are working together with 2 Korean fan clubs and Japan fan club. To Japan fans, you can also go to Cooky’s blog for more information. And to other international fans, please go to our announcement post. We are announcing list of participants weekly in our Facebook too.

Come and join us to support Yoo Ah In and his upcoming drama! Cheers~ 😀


4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s Activities Schedule March 2013, Renews LG Model, Project Update and More!”
  1. lobsterbisque2 says:

    Thank you, furbabe! You’re working so hard as usual! ❤ Looks like our King is doing well and super busy, isn't he?

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