[Photos & Updates] Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung, Movie Tin Head, and SIKseekers Project

Hello SIKseekers~ I’m back for a short time in the middle of my vacation to keep you updated with our Yoo Ah In~ ^_^


Spring smells around the corner and it’s already March. That means a month shy away from the first air of Yoo Ah In’s new drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love”. Excited much? Let’s get on with some updates for these past 2 weeks!


First, Yoo Ah In’s new movie ‘Kangchulie’ or ‘Tin Head’ has officially wrapped up the filming on the last day of February. According to an interview with actress Kim Hyun-Suk (Rude Miss Young-ae, Chilling Romance) who’s one of the casts in Kangchulie, the movie sets to release around August this year. Wow, I can’t believe that would be this fast. The wrap up party was held on Friday night, 1st March, and manager nim kindly shared one photo from the party~

whose sexy back is this? of course it’s Sik’s! he’s giving speech 🙂

And these are two more photos from Kangchulie farewell/wrap up party~

weeeh~ Yoo Ah In had so much fun! (source: DC)

We also got 2 additional photos from Kangchulie behind the shooting in Busan~

Yoo Ah In & Jung Yumi and the crews~ aren’t they so cute? 🙂  (source: DC)

More new photos  are  available in our Facebook in Tin Head Album


It didn’t take much long for Yoo Ah In to come back on his gears, because on the 6th March he already wore the King’s garbs and strolled down the palace for SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung’. No time for breathing!


Jang Ok Jung  has been shooting in full swing since early February with the child actors. And it sets to air the first episode on 8th April. Can’t waiiit! Check out some photos from Jang Ok Jung drama shooting~

PD Park Seong Cheol directing child actor of King Sukjong and the eunuch in Suwon Hwaseong (source: naver)

(source: DC)

Yoo Ah In shooting early in the morning (source: ghaya)

Go see more and more photos from Jang Ok Jung in our Facebook page in Jang Ok Jung Album!

PD Park Seong Cheol says in the 6th March interview that he trusts in the novel author Choe Jeong Mi to write a solid screenplay, and with the great actors and staff he`s convinced that their harmony will create the best work.


PD Seong-cheol is best known as paying so much attention in meticulous detail and gestures, and he has shown his ability in several romantic dramas such as ‘Star’s Lover’ and ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’.


According to PD Seong Cheol, Jang Ok Jung was known as an ambitious woman who suffered from necrophilia in history, but the new perspectives and human approach will refocus on her life in this drama.


Meanwhile, in the interview session and behind the photoshoot of JACK&JILL 2013 S/S collection video, 5th March, Yoo Ah In states he will go through a melodramatic acting challenge and give his best for the drama. “‘Jang Ok Jung` is a downright historical melodrama and I will earnestly try to show my best acting,” says the latest exclusive model for urban clothing line JACK&JILL.


Yoo Ah In has never been involved in a real melodramatic movie or drama before, or to be exact, a historical melodrama. Therefore, “Jang Ok Jung” will be a new challenge for him and he promises to give his best effort.


“You can expect a different story from this version of Jang Ok Jung,” promises Yoo Ah In. “The meeting between King Sukjong and Jang Ok Jung is not only about love story but also painted with a lust for power,” he explains.


King Sukjong was 6 years younger than Jang Ok Jung, which is the real age gap between Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee. Regarding the age difference, Yoo Ah In says he`s glad with the same age gap as is written in the history, and he hopes the drama will show three-dimensional human beings especially for King Sukjong.


Yoo Ah In also spoke of his excitement working with his co-star actress Kim Tae Hee. He said, “I have heard that Kim Tae Hee is preparing a lot for this drama.”


Here’s the video from JACK&JILL interview with Yoo Ah In~


In the meantime, the latest more casts for Jang Ok Jung are still going on. We have added some of them in our last post,  and this week there are three new names coming in~ they are Kim Ha-eun (Thorn Birds, Chuno) as Queen Inwoon (Queen of Dowager after Queen In-hyeon died), and then TV personality Lee Gun Joo (The King And I, Snow Flower) as King Sukjong’s eunuch since the king’s early childhood. Another famous actor Lee Hyeong Cheol (Pasta, City Hall) will play as a villain in this drama.


Okay, the more characters we get, the more interesting the story seems. Let’s all pray for the best ^_^


And last but not least, SIKseekers Project for Yoo Ah In’s Drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love” is still up and rolling as well. We’ve got some more participants that you can see in our Facebook page. If you wish to participate and still cannot contact your key person in your country, just drop your message here or in our Facebook, and we will help you. Have a great day!


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