Scanned Photos Galore: I’M DAVID and JACK&JILL 2013 S/S Pictorials with Yoo Ah In

AINyeong SIKseekers! Yoo Ah In has been busy these days shooting both his movie “Tin Head” (Kangchulie) and drama “Jang Ok Jung”. He finally finished shooting the movie just recently, but he will start shooting the drama tomorrow on March 20th.

At the same time we still got so many pretty pixies from him. Although we have posted these in our Facebook before, I’d like to share with you again here in our blog~ because I love to ๐Ÿ˜€


So first, here are 30 scanned pictures taken from 40 pages of I’M DAVID 2013 S/S photobook (originally posted in Baidu and reposted by DC) for the feast of our eyes~


And these are 4 more photos the size of wallpaper from I’M DAVID official website~

Check out complete photos in our Facebook in I’M DAVID 2013 Album ^_^


And next batch of pictures are coming from JACK&JILL Around The EIVISSA with U A-IN 2013 S/S Photobook scanned by apple tree. Let’s scroll down again~


Cuteness and hawtness overload!!

Find the rest of pictures in our Facebook too in JACK&JILL 2013 Album!

And once again, please stay around our Facebook and Twitter to find the updates of SIKseekland Project for Yoo Ah In’s Drama “Jang Ok Jung”. We’re getting near to the big day!ย Fighting all!


4 Responses to “Scanned Photos Galore: I’M DAVID and JACK&JILL 2013 S/S Pictorials with Yoo Ah In”
  1. wow! thank you Lis! time for scrolling back up n down zoom zoom *droolls*

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