[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update on Yoo Ah In’s New Drama “Jang Ok Jung”

Yoo Ah In’s new drama “Jang Ok Jung” (confirmed title) has been gearing up with promos and teasers, which means more drama’s first still images and behind-the-scene pictures and videos release overload! Bless us! 😀

For the start, here are two nice stills of Yoo Ah In as King Sukjong from the drama that’s just been released by SBS today~

King Sukjong20130321103631_3058Source: Topstar

“Jang Ok Jung” first teaser by SBS that airs starting from March 18th~


Jang Ok Jung first shooting


Jang Ok Jung drama poster shoot took place March 14, 2013 at SBS Tan-Hyun Drama Studio in Ilsan, South Korea. Yoo Ah In wore a blue royal robe during the shoot. He also gave the staff and actresses chocolate (he picked Godiva) as March 14, 2013 was “White Day” (Korean Valentines Day) in South Korea. Yoo Ah In prepared the gifts himself, and handed out to the staffs at the shooting location. Aww…so sweet!


Kim Tae-Hee, Hong Soo Hyun and Han Seung Yeon already began filming for the series, but Yoo Ah In appeared for the first time during the poster shoot because he was previously working on the movie “Kangchulie” (Tin Head).


Now let’s drool on photos of Yoo Ah In from Jang Ok Jung drama poster shooting that was held on March 14th~

From StarMT and Springceo1


Originally posted on vllollv, shared by DC~


And some more photos from the drama shooting~

From Springceo1 and Jaehee’s twitter

Lee Sang-yeob (the king’s cousin) and Cha Sang-woo (little king)

Jaehee’s first shooting day, March 18th~ is the underwater scene!


More photos from media~

Sung Dong-il the ruthless step-father (mydaily)

Kim Tae-hee in hanbok for her first day of shooting (10Asia)

Kang Mina broke-through 30 people in audition to get this role (newsen)

From Lee Ji Oh’s twitter (Lee Ji Oh plays as Jae-hee’s child version)

with Yoon Yu-seon

Last but not least, Jang Ok Jung novel with new cover~



People’s interest towards “Jang Ok Jung” is sky-rocketing, the novel republished with new cover of Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee.


The novel with original title “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love” is reprinted due to high inquiries from readers. Large bookstores nationwide and online bookstores were reported stacking the novels again because reader’s requests are springing up. According to publisher, many bookstores made a call asking for the novel to be reprinted.


Scheduled to republished March 29th with new cover of Yoo Ah In (King Sukjong) and Kim Tae Hee (Jang Ok Jung), Kyobo Online Bookstore has already prepared several events from March 21st to 28th for the readers of ‘Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love’. For the first 10 people who purchase this newly cover novel, Kyobo will give original script book/screenplay of drama “Jang Ok Jung” with the author’s signature.


”Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” has recorded the best-selling book since its first published in 2011. The dramatic love story of Jang Ok Jung and the excellent writing are able to move people’s mind and enough to captivate the heart of many.


Do you feel the excitement in the air? I do! Pray that it will be a good one, SIKseekers 😀

Check more photos in our Facebook in Jang Ok Jung album!

Translated by Admin007/Sikseekland


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3 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update on Yoo Ah In’s New Drama “Jang Ok Jung””
  1. prim94 says:

    WooW!! “17 more days”…. sooooo excited to see ♔SIK♔ (:on my lap:) kkkkkkk
    You’re really action girl with all lovely pix & info >,<
    Thanks for your hard work^^ xxxxxxxxxxx❤xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Furbabe says:

      I’m so excited too!! Let’s begin the countdown! kkkkkkkk
      Oh you know you’re action girl too! You’re too humble!
      Thanks to you too babe~♥

  2. Claudia says:

    I hope this novel do have English translation and publish to the all world. I hope I can go to busan and visit jang ok jung memorial place

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