[VIDEOS & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In’s Jang Ok Jung 2nd Trailer is Out and He’s Looking Mighty Foine!

I was trying to compose myself when I saw the first screencap but the moment this trailer is out I was literally screaming! Muahahaha πŸ˜€ Our Yoo Ah In in hanbok with royal topknot looks mighty foine!!


We knew it for sure that he would be rockin’ sageuk attires without his mane of glory though there’s still tiny hope that he’ll grow his *coughs* pornstache *coughs* again during the shooting. Because, hey, King should grow his beard, right? One can hope! πŸ˜‰


Jang Ok Jung 2nd Teaser Trailer 130325


A bit disappointed because SBS just provided us a 480p quality video, but fear not, we’ve got Video Update 2013.03.26~

Morning Wide “Jang Ok Jung, Lives In Love” Teaser briefing

(Don’t forget to choose quality for 1084p)


Anyway, here’s a couple of official image stills from SBS released today

awkward but cute~Β (source: StarMK)


TVDailyΒ quoted as saying,

The new trailer shows an intense eye contact and skinship between the main couple.Β In the trailer Kim Tae Hee is measuring the size of cloth by touching the body of the crown prince Yoo Ah In while he seems slightly bewildered, embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do with his hands. Tension and awkwardness make aΒ perfect moment.


Well, Yoo Ah In’s acting is convincing and he’s just making me squeal in the scene where Kim Tae Hee gets all handsy all over him πŸ˜€

Now let’s scroll down to enjoy some beautiful screencaps~

From μŠ΅κ΄€

so much prettiness!

From various sources~

Sizzling hot!

More photos and screencaps are in our Facebook page in Jang Ok Jung AlbumΒ ^ ^

SBS Drama Jang Ok Jung press conference will be held in a hotel in Ilsan, April 1st. SIKseekers Project for Yoo Ah In’s Drama will be rolling there too! So please wait for our report! πŸ™‚

Jang Ok Jung will hit the airwaves on 8 April.

Various Screencaps by DC [1].[2].[3].[4].[5] | Translations: Admin007/Sikseekland

4 Responses to “[VIDEOS & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In’s Jang Ok Jung 2nd Trailer is Out and He’s Looking Mighty Foine!”
  1. Miko says:

    Thank you very much. They are so beautiful β™₯γ€€γ€€It’s romantic historical drama. I expect too much of ACTOR YOO AIN. I support him.

  2. MJSaddict says:

    waahhh soo excited to see him in saguek again! and when he shouted, i had this feeling “OMG its goel oh!!!”…kyaaaaa!!!!!!!

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