Yoo Ah In Twitter Update & Its Translations [2013.03.24 & 03.26]

Hello SIKseekers, we’re back to updates on Yoo Ah In’s tweets~^ ^ He was online twice on March 24 and 26. So glad to see him in our timeline despite him being busy with the drama shoot. Here we go~


On March 24, 9:30pm KST, Yoo Ah In posted a photo and then retweeted it himself (because he forgot to add his own words :p). It was a photo of him with his best friend the musical actress Ok Joo Hyun. Apparently he’s just attended “Rebecca” Musical that night wherein Ok Joo Hyun plays the role of Rebecca. He was definitely a happy camper ^_^


“Ok Joo Hyun the supreme.”

“But really, Ok Joo Hyun is the supreme.”


A reply from Ok Joo Hyun:

Basically she said “Our photo team. You (Yoo Ah In) are the best too!”


This wasn’t his first time watching Ok Joo Hyun‘s musical performance. As he admitted himself as her fan, Yoo Ah In has watched her musical for several times before.


On March 26, 7:29pm KST, Yoo Ah In was online again with quite funny tweet

He’s sorting all of his works, as if tweeting his own filmography.



“Banolim, Boys Of Tomorrow, Shims Family, Antique, Strongest Chilwoo, The Man Who Can’t Marry, Sky and Sea,ย Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Wandeuk, Fashion King, Kangchulie that has not yet been introduced, Jang Ok Jung that is in the making, and 2011 Launch My Life~ Introduction of works to dear reporters :)”


He probably fed up with reporters keep asking the same questions about his previous works or keep making the same mistake when they wrote about his filmography in their articles :p

Well, thank you for helping Wiki too, Mr. Yoo!

After tweeting, Yoo Ah In changed his twitter’s display picture (DP), from a model boy to…sick boy! As if referring to the previous tweet and telling people, “That’s right, I’m a sick boy.” Hahahaha!

I wonder who sketched his face! It looks very Sik! ๐Ÿ˜€


There’s also a speculation among netizens about this “Sick Boy”. Fans learned that Sick Boy is also the name of a character from British novel “Trainspotting”. The novel is set in the late 1980sย and has been called “the voice of punk, grown up, grown wiser and grown eloquent”.ย It has since achieved a cult status, added to by the global success of the film based on it,ย Trainspottingย (1996).

It’s just a speculation though. Perhaps the picture was simply a fanmade or “friendmade” and he liked it so he used the picture for his DP. Whatever it is, his activities on twitter has amused us all and made us smile ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Good Friday, everyone!


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