[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” New Stills Out

AINyeong SIKseekers! We’re back with weekly update on Yoo Ah In’s upcoming drama Jang Ok Jung, which is back to its original title “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love”. Hmm..what was going on?


Well, according to SBS release on March 26th, ‘Jang Ok Jung’ finalized the title by going back to the original title ‘Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love’. Initially, this drama has changed the original title from ‘Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love’ to simply ‘Jang Ok Jung’ a while ago. But they decided to highlight a different image of Jang hee-bin, compare with its predecessors, hence ‘Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love’.


“This drama is to unfold the life and romance story of Jang Ok Jung as a woman, therefore changing the title by adding “lives in love” will be able to express it more accurately,” officials said. Oh well, you got us confused for a while, sir. But it’s okay.


“Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” Press Conference with Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee, Hong Soo Hyun, Jae Hee and Lee Sang Yeob will be held on April 1st, 2 pm KST. No, it’s not April Fool. You can watch the live report of this event on SBSNOW1 Youtube Channel.


And now, pictures update!

On 27th SBS released new stills of Yoo Ah In as The Crown Prince Lee Soon (aka King Sukjong).

The photoshoot took place in Kyeonghee Palace, Seoul recently where they shot a scene of King Sukjong disputes with Min Yoo-joong (Lee Hyo-jeong) in the Palace. Tension flowed between the two of them while all civil and military personnel were watching.

(photos: SBS)


Yoo Ah In’s new charismatic appearance took the drama crews by surprise. After shooting the movie “Tin Head” (Kangchulie), Yoo Ah In went straight to shoot “Jang Ok Jung” and showed a very different physical appearance.


Yoo Ah In said he has a soft spot for King Sukjong’s character because they both have something in common.

“King Sukjong has this side of personality that’s similar with mine. After shooting ‘Kangchulie’, I actually felt physically exhausted but I wanted to participate in ‘Jang Ok Jung’ because I was appealed by the character of Lee Soon.”

“Some people told me to think about it but it was something I didn’t want to miss. It’s also somewhat like me so I felt more attached to it”.


Producer Boo Sang-cheol said, “His eyes, his breath and lines were so perfect that everyone watched with their breaths held. While Yoo Ah In can mesmerize the crowd with his charisma, he also has the appeal of a pure boy and he’s just right for this character”.

That’s our Sik ^_^ *prouds*


Finally yesterday SBS released official character introductions in Jang Ok Jung Official Website~


This one has been modified by fans who united the wiveys! 😀


SBS released Jang Ok Jung poster shooting video just yesterday too


Some screencaps from this video~


SBS surely is working hard to promote this drama. If you haven’t seen it yet, SBS has changed their Facebook cover profile and Twitter banner to Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee’s Jang Ok Jung. Nice!


[Update 130331] Jang Ok Jung Teaser 18 secs version is out!


Here are some hawt screencaps from this video~


And here’s Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee’s first shot together, photo taken by Hoon


Jang Ok Jung Characters Chart by Springceo ~ dizzy dizzy sageuk chart :p


No worries, we’ll get to comprehend this chart once the drama starts rolling! “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love” will start air on April 8th, at 10pm KST on SBS. Just can’t wait for that!


Now remember, we also have something worth waiting for~ It’s SikseekLand/Sikseekers Drama Project for Jang Ok Jung! We’re working together with Japanese fans, Korean fandoms Ainbaragi and Ainzone. So far we’ve managed to get 2.6 tons of rice donation, LED banners, flowers, and obeze for each fandom and those things will be presented at the press conference! Go read our updates about this project HERE. And please wait for our report on the project once we’re done 🙂

Excited much!!


Last but not least, You can see more photos in our Facebook page in “Jang Ok Jung” Album. Happy weekend!


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    Yoo Ah In u ar so cute,I like jang ok jung drama its so fun

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