[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In at Jang Ok Jung Press Conference, Official Posters & Teasers Out!

On April 1st Yoo Ah In attended SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love” Press Conference in Ilsan with four lead actors of the drama~ Kim Tae Hee, Hong Soo Hyeon, Lee Jae Hee, and Lee Sang Yeob. All of them wore hanbok and Yoo Ah In looked so gorgeous in his royal garbs!


Prior to the press conference, SBS released official posters of Jang Ok Jung. The poster consists of two tablets with one of them is a couple shot of Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In, and the second poster is all the lead casts. Check out the posters below~

(credit: Jang Ok Jung Official Website)


In addition to that, SBS released another version of 2nd teaser of Jang Ok Jung (18secs) a day before the press conference~


Want to know its different from the old 2nd teaser? Check these two screencaps provided by DC ^__^


On the press conference day, SBS released the 3rd teaser of Jang Ok Jung~


Screencaps? Sure, here we go~

(source: DC)


And for the press conference, SBS provided a-8 minutes-length video of Jang Ok Jung Drama Highlight~


Here’s one of the drama standing banners at the press conference venue~ our King Sik!

Source: DC


And they gave souvenirs to the media like these ones!

Source: Sunae


Finally the full 4.23 hours-length press conference video! Enjoy!


A brief video of the press conference for those of you who don’t have 4 hours time to watch~


Okay now let’s get on to the real business! Here are the pictures galore for the feast of my…I mean…our eyes~ so, let’s enjoy!

From various media (photos credit as tagged and SBS)


Group pictures!


Special from Tsina news~

Charity Auction!

With the girls~

With the boys~

And these are special from our photographer friends Moon-I nim and Bakedbanana nim who kindly gave us permission to share these fantastic photos! Thanks so much, dearies!

Go check their blogs for more pictures!

The next batch is photos from Limenide of DCAhhh….lucky straw!


Hey, what about our drama project? We did it very well! We’ve got wide coverage from Korean media including SBS! Here’s one of the photos from the press conference venue that shows all rice donations from fans to Yoo Ah In, including Sikseekland/Sikseekers rice wreath and banner!

Waaa~ daebak! Guess which one is ours?

Yoo Ah In looked shy but happy 😀 Check out hundreds of photos from this event in our Facebook page in “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love Press Conference”!

Full report of Sikseekland Project for Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung will be published soon! Once again thanks so much and let’s pray “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love” will be a successful drama ^ ^

More stories of Yoo Ah In from the press conference will be posted soon as well. So stay around SIKseekers~! (^_^)

4 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In at Jang Ok Jung Press Conference, Official Posters & Teasers Out!”
  1. MJS~love says:

    Thank you very3 much love!! Too bad I cant understand Korean..and the drama highlight, isnt it too much? i mean i could guess the storyline. hehehe

  2. Sunshine says:

    I want to get the press conference with english subtitle 😦 I don’t understand what they are talking about..really so sad 😦 😦

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