Jang Ok Jung Newsbits: Yoo Ah In Thanks Fans, Pledges to Freestyle Dance, and More!

Banners from Jang Ok Jung Official Website


Having official pictures and videos galore on Jang Ok Jung Press Conference post, it is time to feed more about newsbits around the press conference and updates on the drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love” itself (some call it “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love” but I’m just gonna call it simply “Jang Ok Jung”) 🙂


First off, here is Yoo Ah In in several news and interview videos from the press conference~

Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee interview on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment ~ so cute!

(screencapped by DC)

Kim Tae-hee: Yoo Ah In’s First Impression is His Strong Image in “Wandeugi”~

On April 3rd SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ relay, Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In appeared together to promote their upcoming drama “Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love”.


Kim Tae Hee shyly talked about her first impressions on Yoo Ah In, “I’m impressed by Yoo Ah In, especially after watching him in ‘Wandeuk’ (Wandeugi/Punch). At first I thought he was such a rough man and that it would be a little tough to make friends with him. But actually he’s a very bright fun person and has lots of good natures,” she said.


While Yoo Ah In about his first impressions on Kim Tae Hee, “Since she’s a senior actress, I thought it would be hard to approach her. But in fact, she was the one who accosted me, talked to me first and dropped the honorifix.”


Yoo Ah In also confessed, “To be honest, while acting, I would let my guard down and steal glances at her. I mean she is Kim Tae Hee,” sharing how he too was captivated by the actress’ beauty.


Kim Tae Hee waved her hands and said, “What are you talking about? While acting with Yoo Ah In, I forgot my lines because of his intense eyes.”




Morning WIDE News


News1 Korea ~ Yoo Ah In talks about Sukjong, his own political views, and he also thanks his fans (us!!) for the rice wreaths~


From the three press conference and interview videos above, there are 3 interesting highlights~

♥ Yoo Ah In Promises to FREESTYLE DANCE on twitter! 

Yoo Ah In says, “If Jang Ok Jung Exceeds 30% Viewership Ratings I Will Freestyle Dance on Twitter.” He also says King Sukjong will be seen as the bad guy of the drama.

“King Sukjong will struggle and feel agonized with his love for Jang Ok Jung and as a powerful figure. Because of this he will be seen as a bad man. King Sukjong’s character is familiar to me. His anguish and conflict as a king who posses powerful monarch and interest towards Jang Ok Jung will make him look like a bad guy and bad lover, which is very interesting.”


About King Sukjong appearance,

“At the beginning I couldn’t follow him. I cannot have that stern look. I was worried about it a lot, but I took this character as a challenge. A lot of people doubted if I could pull off King Sukjong’s role because we have a very distinctive look. But now I’ll show you  my own interpretation on King Sukjong.”


When asked about the ratings this drama will get and how much he hoped for the ratings, “If the viewership exceeds 30%, I will do freestyle dance on twitter,” he replied confidently.


His previous dramas “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Fashion King” didn’t even reach 20% viewership, which got him thinking, “I think I should have made a challenging pledge for my previous dramas, and perhaps this is the right time to do it?”, he wondered. “Getting the highest viewership for my upcoming drama Jang Ok Jung would become my challenge,” he added.

Weeee!!! Go go go Sik!!


♥♥ For the total 7.15 Tons of Rice Donated by Fans, Yoo Ah In Said, “Thank you, fans, I will write and send them to a good place”

Yoo Ah In expressed his gratitude towards the love of his fans from his home country and abroad at Jang Ok Jung Press Conference. In the interview session of the press conference he mentioned his fans and said, “Thank you, fans, I will write and send them to a good place.”


Yoo Ah In fans managed to donate a total 7.15 tons of rice for his drama, 3.3 tons came from his fansclubs that united in one project: AINZONE, AINBARAGI, YAI SIKSEEKLAND, and JAPANESE Fans.


Regarding this action, Yoo Ah In stated, “I’m amazed with the fact that the amount of rice donated is so huge and I feel so much love,” he said. “It feels awkward and I feel like wearing mismatched clothes,” he shyly expressed his awkwardness for lots of love that he got. “But I’m so grateful for the support and love of the fans,” he added, “Good deeds should be useful for people.”


♥♥♥ Yoo Ah In States That His Political Views Are More Moderate Than Progressive.

Yoo Ah In spoke a bit about his political views in the press conference. Previously, Yoo Ah In had made several statements regarding politics via social networking services.


Yoo Ah In was asked to make a statement regarding his political views. (Yoo Ah In has made statements that make him appear as a progressive, but his character Sukjong on the drama is more of a conservative) Yoo Ah In stated, “Actually I am not really progressive, my views are more moderate.”


Yoo Ah In then shared a few words regarding his character,

“Sukjong is a king that continued to face challenges and focused on strengthening the power of the king. Although he might have conservative political agenda historically, in the drama he is a person with trauma. The character I will portray will be a king that wants to be a strong ruler.”


Now let’s watch new videos from “Jang Ok Jung”~

Jang Ok Jung opening teaser/trailer (4th teaser)


[SBS] Yoo Ah In Interview – King Sukjong behind the photoshoot


Screencaps are a must~~

And last video~ Yoo Ah In – Prince Lee Soon (King Sukjong) photoshoot

So hawt!

Last but not least, several photos from the shooting location taken by Jang Ok Jung Official Blog~

What a cute couple!

Check out more pictures and screencaps in our “Jang Ok Jung” Album ^ ^ and happy weekend!

Translations: Admin007/Sikseekland

PS: Thanks to @staywithringo for fixing the “horse dance” to “freestyle dance” translations.

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  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    Furbabe!! Thank you so much for this wonderful post!! So much news and translation for uri SIK and you wrote them beyond well done!! *hugs*

    I really hope to see SIk does Horse dancing.. fufufufu..

  2. Miko says:

    Hello♡ Our banners were so wonderful !❤ I’m happy with them. Thank you, Thank you so much.
    And I hope horse dance will has true ❥(^◇^)彡☆ I expect your next planning. I love you.

    • Furbabe says:

      I’m happy that our project went so well too ^_^
      Oh, although it’s not horse dance but freestyle dance, I’m sure we still expect him to dance! kkkkk…

      Love yoo too!

  3. einna says:

    Hi Furbabe ^^

    Thank you so much for your sharing :xxx The 3 highlights abt Sik are really really interesting. May u let me translate and re-post it in The Korean Showbiz News at kites.vn?
    I’ll credit you with a direct link back to ur page ^^

    Again, tks for this posting *hug* *hug*

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