[Photos &Videos] Update on Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week I

Jang Ok Jung Opening Title


AINyeong SIKseekers~ as Yoo Ah In’s new drama started airing this week, Sikseekland will regularly make weekly post about Mondays-Tuesdays drama Jang Ok Jung which focus on our Sik and his drama updates.  Thanks for visiting 🙂


As you all know, ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ episode 1 hit the airwaves on Monday, 8th April, followed by episode 2 on Tuesday. If you want to watch the streaming every Monday-Tuesday, you can go HERE or HERE.


If you missed the shows or want to watch with subs, you can go to Dramacrazy that provides English subs. And if you want to read the recaps, you can visit Koala’s Playground.


The OST for Jang Ok Jung has been officially released. The title is “Sorrow Song” by famous ballad singer Im Jae Bum. And apparently it tops the charts immediately after release!


Through “Sorrow Song,” Im Jae Bum’s powerful and husky voice is able to capture the sorrows and longing with a strong and addictive melody. It’s been revealed that hitmaker Lee Yoo Jin penned the track and Kang Eun Kyung wrote the lyrics. Check out the official MV~


Viewership ratings-wise, episode 1 had respectable start by drawing in 11.3% of viewers. Jang Ok Jung sat on #2 behind ‘God of the Workplace’ which led the viewership with 12.3% at the prime time. Jang Ok Jung and Yoo Ah In managed to make #1 to #10 top trend in several Korean sites such as Daum and Naver during and after the show. Jang Ok Jung also recorded #1 viewership ratings in Seoul Metropolitan area.



People praised Yoo Ah In’s acting chop and his sword scene in the first episode as the hottest sword action.

In episode 1 Crown Prince Lee Soon (Yoo Ah In) has to persuade famous musician Lord Beok to come to the palace to perform in front of Qing Dynasty envoys. However on their way to the palace, the convoy got ambushed by the assassins. Feels startled for a short while, Lee Soon manages to regain his composure and takes them down in one swoop.


In this scene Yoo Ah In presents to viewers an overwhelming and brilliant swordsman skills. His intense eyes and charismatic swordsman action got viewers impressed. Despite his young age and against pessimistic opinions about him taking the King’s role, Yoo Ah In introduced a strong and solid acting that oozed charisma onscreen.


According to some news, the “first encounter” scene of Lee Soon and Jang Ok Jung when Jang Ok Jung takes his measurements for cloth, recorded the highest viewership. We know why 🙂

(source: DC)


However, episode 2 which aired last night gave an unsatisfying mark as Jang Ok Jung fell down by 2.2%, from 11.3 to 9.1 of viewership ratings, and landed at #3 among the dramas at the prime time.  Episode 2 focuses on the childhood story of young Jang Ok Jung (Kang Minah) and Prince Lee Soon (Chae Sang Woo) without a glimpse of Yoo Ah In.


An analysis says that perhaps viewers had high expectation to see the grownups’ love story compare to the childhood’s one, because it’s the romance that keeps viewers engaged in the previous episode. Perhaps the love story of Jang Ok Jung and Lee Soon when they grow up will give better viewership result? We’ll see next week.


Story-wise, the two episodes give a nice feeling and subtle story line of a historical saeguk in a beautiful watercolor scenes with extraordinary acting skill from Sung Dong-ill, and of course, Yoo Ah In. Each character has motives and backgrounds that make them what they are now. And I’m telling you this as a K-drama addict, not as Sikseekers. I was afraid that this will be the second Fashion King (since Jang Ok Jung is re-imagined as the first Joseon designer), which I ditched, but I was wrong. I even enjoyed the childhood story though Yoo Ah In didn’t show up at all. As long as they can keep up with the good storyline, I couldn’t careless about the ratings. I’m telling ya, drama, please be good or I’ll ditch ya!


Now let’s watch 2 videos “The Making Of” with Yoo Ah In!

Yoo Ah In – The Making of Palace Scene


Yoo Ah In – The Making of Action Scene


Several photos from The Making Of by Jang Ok Jung blog~ (check out more of photos in this blog!)


And here are some pretty screencaps taken from Teaser 4, Episode 1 and Episode 3 preview by DC~


Last but not least, here are two more newsbites from last couple week~

♥ Apparently Yoo Ah In Sent Drama Crews A Samgyetang Car.

Yoo Ah In sent Chicken Samgyetang ‘Bapcha’ (car that carries food around) as present to Jang Ok Jung drama crews on Friday morning, March 29th,  at the shooting location. A car with warm rice chicken Samgyetang came to the filming set. The car was sent by Yoo Ah In as his gift to Jang Ok Jung drama crews.

This congenial healthy food gift came originally from Yoo Ah In’s idea as his creative way of expressing thanks to the staff. Yoo Ah In directly participated in choosing and preparing the menu kit of chicken snacks right from the kitchen. There are also boxes of snacks and a banner for staff with encouraging words from Yoo Ah In, and crews praised him for his sincere action. Samgyetang chicken was served again at Jang Ok Jung premiere day, 8th April. Awn..so sweet!


♥♥ Kim Tae Hee feels Yoo Ah In’s mental age is more mature than hers~

Check out more photos in our Jang Ok Jung album and enjoy!

Translations by: Admin007/Sikseekland


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5 Responses to “[Photos &Videos] Update on Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week I”
  1. Thanks a lot, my dear Furbabe! ❤ I've been following our King's movements very closely as well. Your articles always give very comprehensice and coherent pictures of his activities. We at JYA Home are talking about Yoo Ah In non-stop now too. 🙂

    • Furbabe says:

      My pleasure, friend 🙂 And you in Thailand are very lucky because YAI is there at the moment! Wishing him and JYA Home all the best!

      • Thank you for your kind wishes, Furbabe!
        And yes, as you know, bluesherbet met Yoo Ah In in person yesterday by a very incredible cooincidence, and she hasn’t been quite herself ever since! 😀 He must have come to Bangkok for the Songkran Festival (Traditional Thai New Year). Apparently he has a group of young Thai friends, whom he always meets and hangs around with whenever he comes to Bangkok. He seems to be very happy and simply radiates his good looks and charisma. ❤

        Bangkok seems to have become a favorite playground for YAI, and many Korean actors and idols. The singers always come to hold concerts; and actors have started to hold fan meetings; the latest (as of yesterday) being 2PM (always here regularly), and Hyun Bin.

        Last year, people spotted YAI at several places on several occasions. I also hope he will enjoy his stay in Thailand again this time.

        Happy Songkran Day! – With love from JYA members and me. ❤

  2. Furbabe says:

    @ lobsterbisque2 yes I heard the story from bluesherbet yesterday and I know she’s still in “high”! I totally understand! Hahahaha..I’m happy to hear that YAI comes to BKK often~ It’s a closer place from my place so perhaps someday I can catch him up there..kkkk… Thanks for sharing the good news to all SIKseekers and Happy Songkran Day from us all! Sawasdee Piimai kha~♥

  3. Ruben says:

    Heya outstanding blog! running a blog such as this take a
    lot of work! Kudos!

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