[Photos & Videos] Update on Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week II

Couple Shot Photo: SBS


AINyeong haseYOO SIKseekers! We’re back with update on Ah In’s drama Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Week II for episode 3 and 4, and I proudly announce that this drama has shaped up to one fine Sageuk,  and Yoo Ah In has redeemed himself completely from the Fashion King’s doom!

Source: Jang Ok Jung Blog


Jang Ok Jung is so well-written and well-developed~ with each character having layers and their own back-story so compelling that you just want to dig them more. It got people hooked and took them by surprise because they didn’t expect much at first. Cinematography at its best, acting chops that are not over the top, the balance between love and political conflict’s flow that’s satisfying. It’s a crack.

In another hand, Jang Ok Jung is also a hidden gem~ an under-appreciated, underrated drama in Korea. The re-imagining character of Jang Ok Jung from a villain to a heroine, apparently doesn’t sit well with Korean audience. As I previously stated, I couldn’t careless about viewerships, as long as this drama managed to become a high quality one, which it did. Note that high ratings doesn’t indicate the quality, and vice versa.

A thought from Dominique in Dramabeans about her reasons watching this drama has my nods~

“Yoo Ah In’s mesmerizing presence, sexual magnetism and depths/shades of acting.

The story. What with royals, aristocrats, beautifully dressed and coiffed ladies and geishas, power play between a boy Crown Prince and his Machiavellian future father-in-law, a talented girl with ambition, and interplay between several girls who are fated to take turns to occupy a place in the future King’s bed (as in Henry V).

The entertainment quotient. Jang Ok Jeong is almost British in its looks, witticism and sensibilities. Except when the drama takes us back to her childhood, which consisted of not one but a series of life-and-death traumas, that is when the drama becomes suddenly makjang Korean. But otherwise, it is brisk, unsentimental and fun.”


I highly recommend you to check Jang Ok Jung recaps from Koala’s Playground who judges this drama from her point of view and produces an unbiased and very articulate analysis: Episode 2Episode 3 and Episode 4. She also translated the complete characters description HERE

And once again, you can watch this drama on Dramacrazy: Episode 3 | Episode 4


Now on to the videos galore~ SBS released nice videos for this week  for episode 3 & 4~

Ep 3 – Making Film : the library scene with Kim Tae Hee


Ep 3 – Making Film : the palace scene with Lee Sang Yeob


Ep 4 – Making Film : Yoo Ah In and the gun-shooting scene


Ep 4 – Making Film : Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee the sword-fighting scene


Jang Ok Jung Episode 3 Trailer


Jang Ok Jung Episode 4 Trailer


Here are some Image stills and official photos taken from Jang Ok Jung official blog:

lolz so cute!

Check more complete photos in Jang Ok Jung blog.


A bonus video~ SBS One Night TV Entertainment video

So funneehh 😀 Expect for English subs, folks! But for now, here are articles taken from this video~


Yoo Ah In’s Secret of Popularity is His Butt? 

Yoo Ah In picked his butt as his attractive point and confessed that he dated older women. Because of his statements, “Yoo Ah In’s Secret” became trending topic 10th April after the broadcast of One Night TV Entertainment. LOL! Check out complete article below~ [click the image to enlarge]


Yoo Ah In reveals his secret to attracting older women~

The cast of ‘Jang Ok Jung‘ was interviewed by SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, April 10th, and the reporter asked him, “Why do you think you’re popular with older women?”

Yoo Ah In joked, “I think it’s because I have a cute butt.” The actor also revealed, “When I was 20, I was asked out by a woman 10 years older than I was.” When he heard this, fellow castmate Jae Hee made everyone laugh by saying, “It’s true then that older women like cute butts.”

On how much older he would be okay with dating, Yoo Ah In laughed as he answered, “It’s all right as long as she doesn’t have a cane.” LMAO!


New Image Stills of Yoo Ah In for episode 5 were released on 18th April~


Yoo Ah In’s Broken Arrow Action Followed by a Brilliant Swordsman Storm Action

Now here are some screencaps from episode 3&4~

Source: DC and Daum

Check more complete photos in our Facebook “Jang Ok Jung Drama Part I” album. More screencaps and pictures galore will come soon in  a special post 🙂 Till then, happy TGIF!


4 Responses to “[Photos & Videos] Update on Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week II”
  1. aigoo…he’s so adorable…love to watch him in this drama but I’m very upset when I read the summary of this drama because at the end he’s the one who kill jang ok jung…

  2. Moon Jae Shin says:

    TQVM furbabe!!! Our precious YAI fits the role very well! And our king , he’s definitely the reincarnation of Geol Oh! The bow, the way he kicks ass, the warm heart, the clothes, everything! I just hope he grows his so ‘pornstache’..

    Too bad the rating not quite g00d~..ahh never mind, rating is just a number, only quality counts,so chill~~!

    • Furbabe says:

      YW, Mr. Moony 😀 Indeed Prince Lee Soon/King Sukjong role just perfectly fits YAI. Let’s cross our finger and hope that he’ll grow pornstache for the upcoming eps!
      I’m totally with you~ It’s too bad that this drama is unappreciated by its own local viewers but it gains much more respect outside the country 🙂

  3. Miko says:

    Yoo AIN is so Good! Prince is so cool and charming and has sex appeal♡ I’m satisfied with his performance. He is a good actor. I’m delighted by his sword fight. All japanese fans are in love with him. i’m too! Every day, he is a person who is much talked about among us by e-mail (^v^)♥♥♥♥♥~♥♥  Thank so much!

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