SikSeekers’ Snack Project – Supporting Ah In and “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love”


Hi SikSeekers~

I hope all of you have been enjoying our King Ah In these days in “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love.”  As some of you may know that though we all love the drama, the rating hasn’t been so good these days…  Therefore, we are invited to join a project with AINZone (Korean fansclub) to show our support of the drama and to “cheer up” Ah In and the filming crew!


Our goal: To raise as much as we can to get presents and snacks for the entire JOJ filming crew and to “cheer” Ah In and the filming crew up!


If you wish to participate with us, please contact the key person of your country/region below for more details.

If you don’t see a key person for your country (region), you may contact any person below whom you feel comfortable with.  Or, you can contact a key person who is near your country.  In addition, any question that you might have can be addressed to me or your contact person.  Anyone who wishes to send their “cheers”, please send the cheer to the key person of your country (region) that is listed below.  The cheering text should be between 3 and 5 sentences.  You may also send in your cheering fanart in jpeg file.  Thank you~ :)


Email subject titled: “YAI and JOJ Cheers”

Include the following items in the email: Your Name, The Country You Are From, and Your “Cheers” Text/Graphic to Ah In And The Crew.  

The deadline for submitting the “cheers” text/graphic: May 18th, 2013.

The deadline for donation: May 20th, 2013.


Canada & USA: @mathed2001 at twitter or email to

Europe Region: @LilLeiarn at twitter or email to

Indonesia: @Sweetgodzilla at twitter or email to and @iGybyGy at twitter or email to

Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam@witty_wida at twitter and @AshaSummer at twitter and @kuku8122 at twitter or email to 

Myanmar & Laos: @mochimochila at twitter or email to

Philippines: @kitsuneMD at twitter or email to and @AshaSummer at twitter

Taiwan: email to

Thailand: @bluesherbet_  at twitter or email to and @staywithringo at twitter or email to


14 Responses to “SikSeekers’ Snack Project – Supporting Ah In and “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love””
  1. Apple says:

    So far I really enjoy watching JOJ. Let’s show our love and support to Ah In and the production crew. SikSeekers, FIGHTING!!!

  2. Ah Mei Hong aka Hong Min Ah says:


    • mathed2001 says:

      Hello and welcome!
      We added Vietnam to our Malaysia and Singapore regions~
      Please contact any of our key members for any questions~
      Thanks! 🙂

  3. gabrielle says:

    To all cast and crews of JOJ, keep up the good work!!! Do not let those ratings deter you, it does not represent everyone. We all are rooting for this great drama!!!!!

    • mathed2001 says:

      Thank you for your comment~
      May we ask which region/what country you are sending this comment from?

  4. Lucia says:

    This is a great project! I am enjoing JOJ so much and finding it so interesting and good! Furthermore Yoo Ah In is a really great lead cause the King is a really complex role and he is being so good in performing it, I can’t wait for next episode!
    I will be happy to contribute! Lucia from Italy

    • mathed2001 says:

      Thank you, Lucia! And welcome~ 🙂
      Please contact our Europe region key person that is listed above if you are interested in sending in your “cheering” message and contributing to our fund raising project for JOJ~

  5. carrie mitchell says:

    please more drama yoo ah in and kim tae hee

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