Yoo Ah In Twitter Update & Its Translations [2013.04.29]

AINyeong Sikseekers~ after last week’s tweet, Yoo Ah In was online and tweeted again yesterday afternoon! Wow seems he’s online once a week now. Can we hope for that? ๐Ÿ˜€


Here’s his tweet~

The translations~


According to Little Birdie’s explanation and our admin Mathed’s interpretation, our clever King is playing with words again! “Sweet” and “worn out” sound exactly the same in Korean/Hangeul.ย So, Mathed nim guesses one interpretation can be he is exhausted (worn out) from filming “Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love” but maybe he is also satisfied (sweet).


Having a short discussion last night, we both also feel that he not only work very hard but he enjoys it a lot. All the emotions that he has to express~ย and most of time is not even through words. He effortlessly shifts his facial expression from happy to doubtful to angry or sad in a split seconds. So much emotions he conveys in one scene!


Someone left a message to me on Yoo Ah In’s screencapture images and said: “aย change in his eyes where he goes all bad ass, and then next heโ€™s perfectly cordial and friendly~ he’s such an amazing actor even screen caps can capture his brilliance.”


Oh, talking about he enjoys it a lot, Yoo Ah In’s manager tweeted a funny picture of Yoo Ah In and Kim Ha Eun posing so hilariously in the shooting location. Manager nim also said that filming Jang Ok Jung is always full of fun. Check this photo out~

LOL funny faces! ย (photo by: @forever4850)

Yes, we believe he enjoys filming the drama a lot!ย So glad to see that he’s working hard and he enjoys his work. The drama itself is so much fun to watch ^ ^ So let’s keep watching!

2 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter Update & Its Translations [2013.04.29]”
  1. Thank you, dear Furbabe! I’m also very impressed by the changes of his facial expressions in every scene. I used to think that Yoo Ai In was already a perfect actor, but his acting is getting more and more beyond the term ‘perfect’! It’s already such a pleasure to watch YAI alone, but the whole drama is so well-executed that it keeps me glued to my seat at every second! It’s really one of the best Korean drama series I’ve ever seen for such a long time. ๐Ÿ˜€

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