[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update on Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week IV

AINyeon Sikseekers! Here we’re back for Yoo Ah In’s drama ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ week 4. The drama is getting more love from, if not locals, international viewers.


Episode 7 and 8 airing this week are touted as the best episodes of Jang Ok Jung. Yoo Ah In carries the drama on his shoulders, and he shows that he can pull off many layers of emotions even in one scene. His high intensity of acting got praised from netizens. So proud!


An article quoted as saying, “Jang Ok Jung a drama made completely for Yoo Ah In.” Netizens’ comments on Yoo Ah In’s acting:

1. Yesterday was really an episode that seemed to have been made for Yoo Ah In. Soft voice, controlled, perfect gaze… It was amazing to see his powerful charisma from Sungkyunkwan Scandal come back to life again. Definitely made me think that this is why people watch Yoo Ah In.

2. Yoo Ah In!!!!!!! His experience truly shows not in the way he unravels his acting but in the depth he shows~ How could he be so young and yet present such matured, experienced acting!!!

3.  Definitely Yoo Ah In!!!

4.  I, too, watch Jang Ok Jung for Yoo Ah In.

5. With every line, Yoo Ah In’s gaze changes… He has such a unique acting style.

6. I’m enjoying Jang Ok Jung ㅎㅎ Yoo Ah In and his other cast members are great..


In addition to the praises, Jang Ok Jung became the most searching drama on Korean major news websites for two days in a row after episode 8 where they have the “rain kiss” broadcast. Cool!

Now let’s see some sizzling hot image stills of episode 7 and 8 from Jang Ok Jung official blog

And here are some of the BTS photos from Jang Ok Jung blog and vllollvlol cute!


Here goes the videos~

Episode 7 Trailer


Episode 8 Trailer


The Making of Meeting in The Palace


The Making of Queen Inkyung Farewell


The Making of Rain Kiss


Kiss Scene clip ~ love et!

“The place you are is farther than the earth and higher than the sky. The sky that I can never get close to or touch is you, your majesty.” – Jang Ok Jung

“If I’m still not a man to you, and i’m the sky that you can’t get close or touch, then watch. Look carefully, the sky is about to fall down for you.” – Sukjong/Lee Soon


Morning Wide News ~ talking about the “Rain Kiss” scene


Last but not least, some pretty screencaps from episode 7 and 8

More pictures are available in our Facebook in “Jang Ok Jung Drama” album~ there are three albums for Jang Ok Jung: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Wew, that’s a LOT!


Go check the recaps for both episodes in Koala’s Playground. Also, come and join Sikseekers Snack Project to support Yoo Ah In and the whole crews of Jang Ok Jung! Go HERE for the details. Cheers~!

Screencaptures credit: YAI DC



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