[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update on Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week V

AINyeong SIKseekers~ We are back with Yoo Ah In’s drama weekly update. Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love episode 9 & 10 are so so good that it hurts. Besides two eventful episodes, so many skinships happen here. It’s overloads!


The chemistry between Kim Tae Hee-Yoo Ah In just kill~ it’s unbearable. I wailed, squealed, felt giddy, got goosebumps, peeled self off the floor, cried, laughed and smiled like crazy every time our OTP being together and doing stuff like you know~ caressing hands, stealing look, secretly smiling, back hugging and uh…all. Squee!! My heart flusters and I’m gonna need CPR soon.


PD Seong Cheol has been famous for putting a lot of skinships in his projects, which means more ‘squee!’ to come for us in the future. Well, no one complains. In addition to all the romance, I’m glad that despite being madly in love King Sukjong never once abandons his job as the nation’s ruler and he’s up in the game for power and people’s welfare.


Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love is now airing on channel OneTV Asia starting May 6th. That means more people around Asia watch this drama. The responds from abroad are very positive with more various international forums and blogs discussing about it.

Recaps for episode 9 and episode 10 are available in Koala’s Playground. Now, let’s do the pics-spam!


Here are a few official stills and behind the scene photos from Jang Ok Jung official blog and Jang Ok Jung filming staff vllollv


Behind the scene screencaps from DC


Clip of 3 major Skinships episode 9


Clip of Consummation/bed scene episode 10


Episode 9 teaser


Episode 10 teaser


Making of Backhug Scene


Making of Horse Incident


Making of Consummation/Bed Scene


Here’s the translations for the backhug and consummation scenes~ it’s so funny!

bts translation: Jang Ok Jung…hug roulette & transparent pants


And here’s video cut of Yoo Ah In – SBS Morning Wide News


Praises on Yoo Ah In as King Sukjong keeps continue. 10Asia quoted as saying “King Sukjong’s Yoo Ah In gives breathtaking performance”. Cine21 rates Jang Ok Jung an A+ drama. Here’s a translations from Hankooki: Yoo Ah In Servers a Plate of Charms in Jang Ok Jung~

Spoilers: Check ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ episode 11 written preview here.


Now let’s see the pretty screencaps!

Check more pictures in our Facebook Jang Ok Jung albums Part I, Part IIPart III, and Part IV

If you’re Jang Ok Jung drama fans, please join us in SIKseekers Snack Project for Jang Ok Jung drama crews. Let’s support Yoo Ah In and Jang Ok Jung! Happy Sunday 😀


Screencaps by DC


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  1. iceluvYOO says:

    hi! i thought there were eng subs on the bts? are they just not working? thank you so much!:)

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