Yoo Ah In Twitter Update and Its Translations [2013.05.20]

Yoo Ah In was online on the 20th of May and he tweeted quite a lot~  four times in one and a half hour exactly. We knew when he tweeted long and often at one time, something has bothered him. Today Sikseekland admins try to “decipher Sik’s code” again.


Here are his tweets~

We had a little discussion about this~ our guess is that Ah In’s subject in his tweets is about the filming of “Jang Ok Jung” and how his role was written and developed.

We know that Yoo Ah In has been giving stellar performance as King Sukjong (Lee Soon) in drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love”. His performance received rave reviews from media, and got positive comments from viewers. We also know that he always gives his best as an actor who works with all his heart and mind.

Now as most people notice, the first 10 or 11 episodes of the drama are so splendid and awesome but the ratings aren’t satisfying. When it hit the second half, we notice the change in the story line and character to get the ratings picking up. Apparently this has bothered Ah In, as he (and perhaps most of us) feels his character disconnects from its original framework.

Again, here is an article where he explains his uncomfortable feeling about it.

Yoo Ah In feels he can’t portray the king properly because he doesn’t understand the character, since at the beginning the king’s father told him not to trust anyone and yet now he is “trusting” Jang Ok Jung. It also seems that, and which makes sense, when Ah In acts he needs to “feel” and “make sense” of his character’s “personality” to act. And if the development of the story is showing contradiction on his character’s behavior, it will be very hard for him to portray and… of course, he will become frustrated.

However, he also said that issue was resolved a bit and positive change will start on this week’s shooting.

Personally I’m not convinced that JOJ will go back to its glorious day, judging from the ratings that keep raising after they imposed the makjang elements to the drama. Just because he asked people to reevaluate it, doesn’t mean the production team will accommodate what he wants. Because, as he tweeted, he’s powerless.

I can picture that SBS thinks he’s just an actor whose job is “acting” so they expect him to just do his job and let them take care of the rest (script writing, story line, ratings, and whatnot). So we really can feel his frustrations, though he said he would still give perfect performance as they wish. Sure it’s a let down for him and most people who love this drama.

BUT you don’t have to worry much about Ah In. At least he still had a day off and was having some fun with doll picking machine this Monday (5/27) !

Way to release your stress? Get me that Pororo!


Thank you admin Mathed nim, Mochimochila, Little Birdie and Jay for sharing your thoughts and helping us get this translations.

Tweets screencapped by DC YAI, photo by Yoo Ah In’s manager twitter


8 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter Update and Its Translations [2013.05.20]”
  1. fandomscape says:

    http://news.nate.com/view/20130529n05820 Don’t worry. Be Happy. Another news entry praising YAI’s acting being scary and reaching its peak. ^.^ Views are raving that “I didn’t know YAI is such a great actor!” HEHE.
    Honestly, I love episode 16. Finally his charisma is back and all the characters are back on track. LS is acting kingly again. I don’t care about what soompi girls say. They only watch trashy romance while I want to see a decent Sageuk. Yay!

    • Furbabe says:

      Thank you for the link 😀 Yes I love episode 16 far better after it hit the worst in ep.15! I hope his character will stay consistent till the end of this hard journey.

      • fandomscape says:

        LoL. In my blog, I take back my comments on he should not do any more dramas. Honestly, even though he receives some criticism abroad(including from me), I have not seen any negative comments on his acting at all in various Korean news portals. They all rave about his performance. Interestingly, most of the Korean audience understand his aloof attitude in episode 16 since ultimately he is SJ and SJ is known in Korean history to consolidate his sovereignty.

        Also, even though he criticized SJ’s character in the press conference, reporters only had good words to say about him. He was asked about how he copes with netizens’ rumors and malicious comments. He told the reporters that he could only focus on his performance. Reporters said that he is not only mature in acting, but also sophisticated and strong in his personality. I am so proud of him!

    • Lily says:

      Yes i like him but once madam choi comes out i really will start to dislike. Hope the director can still change the plot of the story a bit as now it seems focus too much on joj trying to destroy whoever coming on her way.

  2. KBK says:

    why the production crews care too much about the rating? they are suppose to look into the characters played by the actor which has been portrayed in the history not changed it as per rating result. Poor YAI. Anyway, u are still a good actor to me YAI. Keep up the good work. Hwaiting!!

  3. je says:

    I juts don’t know this story too. Why? Its because when I get in to the romance scene story, n I love yoo n kim tae heee romance with them kissing , n other romance scene. sudenly there is other woman name choi, n the king will be fall in love with her, n ok jung will to be a bad woman, how can to be like that, ???

  4. Furbabe says:

    @ fandomscape: It’s true. Only good words to say about him. In terms of talent and being professional, Koreans agree that he’s one of the best young actors they have right now.

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