[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week VIII

Happy weekend SIKseekers! We’re back to our regular update for Sik’s Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love (or Live In Angst now?) episode 15 and 16.


I have not much to say for episode 15 besides that I’m still loving the lovey dovey scenes of SoonJung Couple, and the first encounter of Lee Soon and Han Chi Soo (Jae Hee). Yoo Ah In does rock the romantic King, and a midst the hullabaloo of the inconsistent characters, his chemistry with Kim Tae Hee is still undeniably awesome. The scene where he finally gets to act along with Jae Hee for the first time is something worth the wait too.


I found episode 16 is far better because it seems the King is back to his original character~ that is not trusting anyone. Yoo Ah In once again got praise from the media who touted his acting chop at its peak. Yes he always gives his best 🙂


I’m actually excited to see episode 17 when Han Chi Soo enters the palace and Maid Choi (KARA’s Seungyeon) starting to make her foxie move. You’d better make me believe in your acting, little girl, otherwise… *snaps*


Read recap for episode 15 here and episode 16 here in Breathless Survival. And also check this cute BTS translations:  bts translation: Jang Ok Jung…three’s not a crowd


Read an articulate opinion and reviews on Yoo Ah In’s acting from Fandomscape


Now let’s get down to our regular business!

Jang Ok Jung released OST Part 4 from singer Page with title “Live For Love”. This is a good song that could put tears in your eyes.

Check out the video of this song with English subs~


Let’s watch the videos that this drama released this week~

Jang Ok Jung Press Meeting 130524 with Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee


Episode 15 teaser


Episode 16 teaser


Choi Maid (future Choi Sukbin) first appearance in the palace


The Making of Poisoning Scene

(screencapped by Sikseekland)


The Making of Torture Field Scene

(screencapped by Sikseekland)


And this one is yet another well-made fanvideo for Jang Ok Jung OST Part 3 Rumble Fish – Season of Love (English subs)


Daebimama bid her farewell in a cute way by taking selca together with Yoo Ah In and all Jang Ok Jung crews. She said, “I’m sorry for giving you a hard time, Jang Ok Jung!” lol 


Now let’s see several BTS photos and official image stills that we pick from Jang Ok Jung official blog and staff (go to these sites for complete photos)~

celebrating Lee Sang Yeob’s 30th Birthday on the set!


And finally, screencaps galore from both episodes

For more screencaps galore, check our Facebook in Jang Ok Jung Album Part IIIIIIIVV, and VI


PS: Sikseekland Snack Project for Jang Ok Jung drama has just accomplished today! Please wait for our report soon! 😀


Screencaps credit: DC YAI

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  1. Miko says:

    Thank you so much for many nice photos. Yoo Ah In is very very very good! He is really handsome♥ His performance is so wonderful !

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