Yoo Ah In Twitter Update & Its Translations [2013.05.27 & 2013.05.30]

Yoo Ah In was online again! We are so glad that he tweeted so often throughout the month of May. He was online again twice last week and sort of entertaining us 😀


Ah In’s tweet 27th May 2013 ~ he tweeted a song lyric and attached a video link~



Here’s the video from Sun Woo Junga “It’s Rainy” that Yoo Ah In tweeted~


Ah In’s tweets 30th May 2013~ he tweeted twice and put “see no evil” monkey icon in his last sentence. lol

(screencapped by YAI DC)



Basically, Ah In is ready to take on people’s comment – good or bad. He knows people pay attention when he tweets and “judge” his writing anyway. So he jokingly made up a unique name for a twitter contest! And with that he put funny monkey icon on the last sentence. Ha! Such a witty man! I hope he keeps tweeting and keeps us amused 😀

Thanks to Mathed nim who smoothed the translations to English and Little Birdie for getting us this the translations. Cheers!



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