SikSeekers’ Snack Project Report– Supporting Ah In and “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love”

Hi SikSeekers~

First of all, thank you all for participating again with us for the Supporting Ah In and JOJ Snack Project!!  For this project, SikSeekLand was invited by AINZone (Ah In fans in Daum Cafe) to work together and raise as much money as we can to get presents and snacks for the entire Jang Ok Jung (JOJ) filming crew and to “cheer” Ah In and the filming crew up!



With all the fund that were collected, personalized stickers and banners were made, individual bags of presents and delicious meals were prepared and presented to Ah In and the whole filming crew last Sunday, 2nd June at the filming location!


Thank you, AINZone staffs, for all the time you put in for the preparation and made the event so successfully!! And the best of all, Yoo Ah In personally gave his signature on our banner! 😀


banners with signatures from Yoo Ah In

19 20designed stickers


snacks and gifts

bottles of wine and framed message

Sikseekland/Sikseekers Cheering Messages & Fanarts Booklet

Each JOJ crew/person got this box of presents

10Each JOJ crew got a set of porcelain coffee cup and portable fan

Sunkill Spray for all JOJ staff and crew

23pretty goodie bags sent to the shooting location

16 17



25luxurious menu for a special dinner banquet for all JOJ crews!

For more photos of the event, please check out our album here~

A total of 37 SikSeekers from Brunei, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UK, and USA participated in donation for this project!!  

In addition, SikSeekLand also prepared cheering fanarts and messages booklets for Ah In and the crew.

A total of 115 SikSeekers from Brunei, France, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Myanmar, MalaysiaPhilippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, Ukraine, USA, China, and Vietnam sent in their cheers for Ah In and the JOJ crew which we printed in booklets and were included in their presents.  Thank you all!!

CB 2
CB 4
CB 3
CB 1For more cheering fanarts in the booklets, please check out our album here~


Below is the list of our lovely key coordinators from each region.  Without your help, we would not be able to carry this project out so nicely.  Thank you~

Europe Region: @LilLeiarn 

Indonesia: @Sweetgodzilla and @iGybyGy 

Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam@witty_wida, @AshaSummer and @kuku8122

Myanmar: @mochimochila 

Philippines: @kitsuneMD and @AshaSummer 

Taiwan: Ivy

Thailand: @bluesherbet_  and @staywithringo 


A special thank to @Sweetgodzilla who designed a beautiful fanart that presents all fund raising participants in this project!  @Furbabe and @Sweetgodzilla also designed many beautiful individual fanarts for all donors’ cheering messages!!

In addition, all this would not take place if I don’t have my dear friend, AncientKingdom nim’s help!!  Without her, none of this would happen!  Thank you, AncientKingdom nim, for being the coordinator of this event with me!

I truly hope that Ah In and the JOJ crew felt our love for them!  If any of you did not have a chance to participate with us this time, please keep your eyes on us.  Our next project just might be coming up in the near future!!  Fighting, SikSeekers!!

3 Responses to “SikSeekers’ Snack Project Report– Supporting Ah In and “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love””
  1. Furbabe says:

    Love love loveee this especially the cheering message booklet~! Thank you so much AK nim and Mathed nim for your hard work! So proud! YAY!

  2. I am really, really proud to be part of this. Sikseekers jjang! ♥

  3. prim says:

    ❛WELLDONE❜ i’m truly appreciated your time, effort for JOJ’ Snack&Cheering project. I would like to extend my gratitude as well to AK-AinZone, Mathed and the entire people who serve in this project ❤BOW❤

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