“Live by Love” The MOON That Replaces The SOON [A Celebration Post]

This story is dedicated by Sikseekers Admin G to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of SIKSEEKLAND 12th June 2013! Rejoice, everyone!


Audience Rate: PG

DISCLAIMER: This Fanfic was written using backgrounds from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love” dramas. With all due respect, the mashup fanfic story was made with no harmful intention. This is not for make fun of actor Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki and related actors/actresses. In fact, we made this fanfic to share our love for their unforgettable acting performance. Chill out and have a happy reading, SIKseekers…and…YongShin/GulRim Shippers 😀

Live by Love
The MOON That Replaces the SOON


Joseon, 15th century

At the King’s secret chamber, Lee Soon’s  hidden diary was written..

This is it…. My time has come and I’ll never be able to go back to my era again. I, who has been living replacing that person, only have biggest regret. That was unable to tell the truth my biggest secret to my dearest love, JANG. OK. JUNG



Joseon, 18th Century

“IT’S RED MESSENGER!” shouted the night patrols. No one knew who’s behind the black mask, the red messenger was. He sent messages in red warnings to all corrupt officers. He took off his mask and you can see a super duper good looking face. He took double jobs, a Sungkyungkwan Scholar by the day and a Red Messenger at night. He is  MOON  J A E   S H I N, our hero.


Once upon a parallel time…

“Wait for me Crowned Prince! Oh no, Crowned Prince run away again!!” cried poor Yang Goon the faithful eunuch. Prince Lee Soon succeeded jumping over the palace’s wall. “Freedom.. Time to see what’s going on beyond the palace’s wall!” Lee Soon took a deep breath and smiled gleefully.

While Moon Jae Shin took a rest on his hiding tree, suddenly an arrow was shot and almost hit his chest. It’s an attack from assassins hired by corrupt officers. Moon fought back , drew an arrow and hit down one of the assassins. Again, three arrows were shot towards him. Moon’s good reflect dodged all those arrows.  “They are too many, time to flee now” Moon decided.


Lee Soon was happy being able to have himself lost from his eunuch’s sight. He straight went to the market to see and study common people’s life. On his way, he was attacked by assassins. He drew his sword, fought back the assassins furiously. They outnumbered him. It’s time to escape Lee Soon! Ruuuuuun!!


Moon Jae Shin was showered by arrows upon his flight. An arrow hit his shoulder. Arrgh!! Mooney groaned in pain. He ought to fight back but he couldn’t. It was poisonous arrow hit him. The poison slowly got into his body. His limb became numb. “I must hide in somewhere safe.”  He told himself. He found a cave near the forest. Then he noticed some glow inside it. With his last energy, he dragged himself into the cave and fell unconscious near the glowing trench.


Lee Soon drained his energy fighting back his assassins. Alas, an assassin slay Lee Soon’s back and others straightaway slay his thigh and arms. Lee Soon was badly wounded. He decided to run with all might and escaped from the assassins. He hid himself in a cave near the forest.


Suddenly, he saw something glowing inside the cave. With curiosity, he approached the glow and saw a glowing trench. He dipped a finger into the trench and it pulled him in. As he sucked into the trench, he felt warm sensation flew throughout his body.


As Lee Soon emerged from the trench, he saw Moony gained his consciousness. They looked each other with great surprise, they couldn’t believe with what they saw. THE SAME SEXY GORGEOUS HOT FACE!!! Dun Dun Dun!! “What on earth is going on?” They shouted synchronously.


They overcame their fears and started the talk. Later they found out that Lee Soon had traveled to the future through the glowing trench. Lee Soon enthusiastically offered Moony a switch role beyond the time. Lee Soon wanted to know how the Joseon future would look like under his descents and excited to experience life being a commoner. At first Moony refused to do it, but with Lee Soon’s strong persuasion, Moony agreed to do the switcheroo. He would like to get first-hand experience exercising power how to rule the country, punishing corrupted ministers and bringing justice for people.


They promised each other to meet again at the next full moon in the secret cave and switched back where to they belong. As the trench started to glow, Moony hesitantly dipped his finger into the glowing water. Then, he was sucked into it and felt a warm sensation throughout his body. Outside the cave, Yang Goon and palace guards were all over the forest  had been searching for him. Moony who still felt giddy because of the poison walked out the cave.


That night, Moony was in Prince’s quarter kept thinking about what happened in that afternoon and couldn’t fall asleep at all. The Palace’s doctors gave him antidote, tended his wounds and forced him to stay in his bed with the eunuch and watermaids guarded outside the sliding doors.  Moon Jae Shin started to recall what Lee Soon told him.

“I don’t have many friends. What I have are political Ministers enemies and they even tried to kill me. But I have a good uncle, Prince Dong Pyeong. You can rely on him. One important thing, I was popular among ladies since I have outstanding gorgeous good looking face. So please be a gentleman and treat those ladies nicely”

MJS: “DANG!! This is a real trouble for me!!”

He started to hiccup as he thought himself surrounded by many girls.


Lee Soon in Moon Jae Shin’s disguise uncomfortably laid back in a small Sungkyungkwan’s dorm. He kept thinking of the great experience he had today. He recalled what Moon Jae Shin told him in the cave.

“I don’t make friends. If anyone tried to be friendly just yell to them. GO JO!  (GET LOST!!) Remember there’s a sissy with devilish smile. He’s Goo Yong Ha, the trouble maker. Avoid him.”

LS: Please remind me again, why the hell did we make rules that GIRLS ARE PROHIBITED IN SUNGKYUNKWAN??!!!


The next morning, Uncle Dong Pyeong visited Moony aka Lee Soon. “I heard what happened to you yesterday. Are you alright, my dear nephew?” At the same time, two letters from central palace came together addressed to them. Dong Pyeong Prince right away read the letter and bid good bye. Moony read the letter “…to pick up clothes from seamstress? Eh??”


Moony arrived there and found a very beautiful lady was waiting for him. She was the most beautiful lady Moony had ever seen. The lady started to measure his body size. Without hesitation, the lady touch his limbs taking Moony’s body measurement. Her face was an inch close to Moony’s. Her skin was so fair and flawless. Moony couldn’t refrain himself but to stare admiring at her. Their eyes met and strangely instead of his panicking hiccup habit, Mooney felt his heart pounding so hard. It was the first time he felt like that.


“Gu Roh, my dear! What happened to you yesterday? How is your wound?” Goo Yong Ha quickly fondled all over Lee Soon’s body with his hands trying to check his wounds. Politely Lee Soon dodged from Yong Ha’s octopus hands. He looked at Yong Ha and was mesmerized by Yong Ha’s beautiful look. Lee Soon forgot Moon Jae Shin’s warns to swear to everyone especially Goo Yong Ha. Lee Soon had never seen such a beautiful creature like Goo Yong Ha. He felt happy instead of jealous at Yong Ha’s beauty.


The next full moon was around the corner.  Moony was anxious that he couldn’t find the beautiful seamstress who made his heart pounding so hard before going back to his world. Without knowing it, the lady has entered his heart. And the heaven helped him. The beautiful lady had appeared before Moony. Immediately Moony grabbed her by the wrist. “At last I found you!!” He smiled happily. “What is your name?,” asked Moony.  “I AM…. JANG OK JUNG,” Ok Jung answered him with beautiful smile.


For the first time, Lee Soon had a heavy heart to leave Goo Yong Ha alone in this world. He enjoyed their friendship and his companion during his visit. He stared at Yong Ha with compassion. “Why? Strangeeee.. I saw a lovey dovey gaze from you, my Gul Roh” teased Yong Ha.


That night, both Lee Soon and Moon Jae Shin felt very miserable. They had realized that they’d fallen in love with the persons that they were not supposed to love. “It’s impossible! Goo Yong Ha is a DUDE and so I am. What’s wrong with you, Lee Soon! He drank lots of wine trying to forget his feeling for Goo Yong Ha.


“At last I found my fate, my lady who can cure my hiccup curse. But why? How come she’s the famous Jang Hui Bin in the history?? Should I just give her up?,” cried Moony in agony. He emptied his wine bottle with one big gulp.


Both Lee Soon and Moon Jae Shin were totally drunk. Mooney went to find Ok Jung and found her sitting alone watching the moon. He couldn’t deny his feeling for Ok Jung anymore. He started to confess his feeling for her. He told her that she was his first love and believed that she was his fate. He promised her that he would give her the best dress in the world, take care of her, love her and be with her for the rest of his life.


Lee Soon went to Goo Yong Ha’s dorm, knocked hard his door to wake him up. He blamed Goo Yong Ha for making him confused and feeling miserable. He told him that for his whole life, he was surrounded by pretty ladies, he had fun with them yet easily got bored with them. He asked Goo Yong Ha why he could feel genuinely happy being with him and felt sad when he couldn’t see him. “My world was felt so empty without you…” At last Lee Soon confessed his feeling to Goo Yong Ha.

Moony realized how deep he had fallen for Jang Ok Jung. He gave her a gently kiss on her lips. Ok Jung kissed him back. And they continued to share passionate kisses.


Goo Yong Ha was all ears listening Lee Soon’s love confession for him. He couldn’t refrain himself anymore but to touch Lee Soon’s face. He gently wiped tears from Lee Soon’s face and gave him a soft kiss. Surprised by Yong Ha’s kiss, Lee Soon started to hiccup. Tee hee hee!


That night Moon Jae Shin and Lee Soon dreamed the sweetest dreams. Moon Jae Shin dreamed of hugging Jang Ok Jung tightly. While Lee Soon had a dream of Goo Yong Ha. It was the sexiest sWEeT dream ever :p


The next morning, Lee Soon woke up and recalled the kiss gave by Yong Ha. Same thing happened to Moon Jae Shin, he could feel the warmth and sweetness of Ok Jung’s lips on his.

“I have made decision what I will do for my life!”


There they were again, met in the secret cave nearby the time travel trench. They had long conversation. After bidding farewell, a finger dipped into the glowing trench. It was Moon Jae Shin’s.


As soon as Moon Jae Shin walked out the cave, he ran with his might to find Jang Ok Jung. At the palace, she’d been waiting for him and welcomed him with a beautiful smile. Moon Jae Shin hugged her tightly and whispered to her ear ” I Love You..”


Lee Soon slowly walked out the cave and found Goo Yong Ha was waiting for him outside with his teary eyes. Lee Soon beamed at him. Straightaway like an arrow, Goo Yong Ha had thrown himself at Lee Soon. Hugging him tightly and whispered to Lee Soon’s ear “Welcome home.. and thank you for coming back to me.”


Both Lee Soon and Moon Jae Shin had decided to live by love. Lee Soon lived his happiest life with Goo Yo Ha. He spent the rest of his life with Moon Jae Shin’s identity. Moon Jae Shin held the biggest secret in the history lived as King Suk Jong of Joseon and lived happily with his Queen Ok Jung. And four of them lived happily ever after…..

MJS: I love you Jang Ok Jung! Don’t you ever change and Just stay beside me like this!

JOJ: I love you too, Your Majesty.

GYH: Watch out buddy, where do you touch?

LS: That’s OK.. You are mine, I can touch you wherever I want.

The Moon That Replaced The  Soon – Live by love chapter. The End.

Fanarts and story written by Admin G

Editor: Admin007

© Yoo Ah In SikSeekLand

3 Responses to ““Live by Love” The MOON That Replaces The SOON [A Celebration Post]”
  1. lobsterbisque2 says:

    This is a wonderful fiction! So funny, warm and loving, and with a very happy ending too! I love them all; Moon Jae Shin, Lee Soon and Gu Hong Ya! May they be blessed with immortality forever! Thank you very much, Admin G and Ms. sweetgodzilla! And congratulations on the first anniversary of SikSeekland! May your site and FB page stay a refuge/haven for us Siklovers forever! ❤

  2. Shaista says:

    Happy anniversary SIKSEEKLAND / SIKSEEKERS!!

  3. Furbabe says:

    Happy 1st anniversary to us!! GO GO GO SIKseekers!

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