[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week X

AINyeong haseYOO! This week was totally a celebration week for all SIKseekers 🙂 One reason is because we celebrated Sikseekland 1st Anniversary 12th June (and we made celebration post for that ^_^), and another reason: Yoo Ah In finally made instagram (@hongsick) and Facebook account in one day (06/10)! Yiheey~! More updates to come from him, and more update posts from us for sure! 😀

But first thing first, back to business!


Four more episodes left for “Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love”, and I can see the nervous breakdown is building up for SoonJung Couple worshipers.  I know most people are so invested in their very-believable-chemistry and romance, but somehow I’m siding with someone who said in JOJ DC forum: I don’t like the king being only Jang Ok Jung’s man.  He is the king and he should take up responsibilities of governing the state. 

Personally, I enjoy the romance so much. If the writer could think of more creative ways, he actually still could be Ok Jung’s man and at the same time keep his King’s responsibility intact.

I guess some people need a group therapy where they can hold each other hands and give each other comfort hug while witnessing Ok Jung’s fate and King’s romance go down the hill 😦

To me, it’s an eventful episode of 19 that’s quite satisfaction, and I love the subtlety in the scene of Lee Soon fulfilling his childhood promise to Ok Jung. The subtle scene in episode 20 where he’s watching Ok Jung sleeping and recalling their past and knowing that he, in the end, will be a lonely king, just kills me.

However, the whole episode 19 to 20 are kind of downgrading Ok Jung’s character to the lowest. She, who finally gets what she wants ~the highest position as the queen~ in contrast of being happy, becomes more anxious and obsessive towards her husband. And as if being a jealous wife is not enough, her brain seems lost somewhere in the palace because she keeps making herself looks worst.

In contrary, Lee Soon’s character keeps getting better and soaring high. He’s back to his groove since episode 16 and proves once again that he’s the best Joseon schemer that even Queen In Hyun gives her hands down.


Recaps for both episodes are available in Breathless Survival: Ep19 and Ep20


More praise addressed to Yoo Ah In by Korean media, touting him as having a “burning point” for his passionate role as King Sukjong. “Yoo Ah In Leads Away Jang Ok Jung”~For more news please check our News, Media & Magazine 2013 album


Jang Ok Jung OST Part VI was released this week by famous singer Lee Soo Young with title “Will It Reach You”. Check this beautiful fanvideo using the same OST~


And here are Jang Ok Jung official videos from this week’s episodes~

Episode 19 teaser trailer


Episode 20 teaser trailer


Check both cute and funny videos from The Making of….

The Making of King Sukjong & Queen Ok Jung Wedding Scene


The Making of Meeting at Bridge Scene

Sik is showing his short hair~♥


Now here are a few selected official image stills and BTS photos from Jang Ok Jung official blog & staff blog. Go check the complete ones in their blogs.


And here are some screencaps from episode 19 & 20

More pictures and screencaps are available in our Jang Ok Jung drama album in our Facebook: Part IIIIIIIVVVI, and VII.


Screencaps credit: Satoshi, bluedark, and DC JOJ



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