Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Updates & Its Translations [2013.06.10~22]

Well not much to translate, actually. Because it seems our Yoo Ah In finally realized that Jang Ok Jung gained pretty much popularity among international viewers that he decided to embrace his international fans~ by creating his own Facebook and Instagram account at the same day, and chose English as his language preference!

So now we marked the 10th of June as the historical day for all SIKseekers and rejoiced the day that we thought would never come 😀 I say it’s his ‘Launch My Life’ show for real.

And since Master Sik is a tech savvy, I’m not surprise he connected his twitter account with instagram and facebook accounts too. This way, fans got three-in-one update, which is super cool. As expected from Sik!

Here are his couple of tweets 10th June promoting his Instagram and Facebook accounts~

Sexy back y’all! A very smart and seductive way of promoting yourself, Sik! Nex time do it with lights on please!

His first word on FB timeline: “a, nyeong?”

His latest twitter/instagram update was 13th June~ Yoo Ah In and Lee Geun Joo, his co-star in Jang Ok Jung, posted their photo together from Buan Video Themepark… as the hiphop Joseon! lol~ glad that he was having fun whilst the extremely hot temperature this summer.


His latest update on Facebook was 14th June 2013 where he posted a video~

We love this song too, Sir!


“Cucurrucucú Paloma” is a Mexican folk dance song written in 1920s. The song also appeared in movies and been recorded by popular singers such as Julio Iglesias and Joan Baez.

It is a sad love story about a couple. One day the girl’s family plan to marry her off out of her own will. So the lovebirds planned to run away on the wedding day. On D-day the man was waiting for her but she never came and got married instead. So he drank his live away hoping for her to finally come to him. Day and night he waited until he died.  Aww so sad!

Cucurrucucú Paloma – Caetano Veloso


Here’s the translations of this song~

They say that at nights
He did nothing but cry
They say he didn’t eat
He did nothing but drink
They swear that the very sky
Trembled on hearing his weeping
How he suffering for her
That even in his death, he went calling her

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay he sung
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay he groaned
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay he sung
Of a mortal passion he died

That, very early in the morning
A sad Paloma (dove) goes to sing to him
To the empty small house
With its little doors open wide
They swear that this paloma
Is none other than his soul
That he is still waiting
For the wretched to return

Cucurrucucú, Paloma, cucurrucucú don’t cry
The stones never, ever, Paloma
What can they know of loves?
Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú
Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú
Cucurrucucú, Paloma, don’t cry anymore


What intrigues me the most is his latest tweet on 19th June, right after Jang Ok Jung episode 22 finished airing (which was being schedule one hour later than it is due to FIFA World Cup qualification game).

Translations: “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love..”


For those who watched episode 22 live on the spot time, this tweet makes such a touching and sorrow meaning. Episode 22 brings back the good things when this drama first started where the story makes sense and the characters have sanity and their love left viewers grieving in a good way. I presume Yoo Ah In felt satisfied with the change of the storyline or where this story is heading to or how it’s going to end. And somehow it brings hope to me that the drama will stay good till the last two episodes.

All in all, Welcome to all the possibilities and surprises Yoo Ah In will bring in the future!


[UPDATE 2013.06.22] Yoo Ah In posted a photo of Jang Ok Jung episode 24 script book today around 9.45pm KST! Apparently he and the drama crews are shooting the last episode this weekend. 

The Chinese translation 完 means “finish/the end”

Although the message is short, looking at the script book laying on Sukjong’s table brings the sorrow feeling to Jang Ok Jung drama fans. I knew the end of this story before it was on air, but still I have to prepare myself mentally to face it. Anyway, let’s cheer him up once again~ Yoo Ah In fighting!

Song translations: lyrictranslate


5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Updates & Its Translations [2013.06.10~22]”
  1. Miko says:

    I like this song. I feel soft and deep sorrow. I love this drama ’’장옥정 사랑 에 살다’’
    I love YOO AH IN♡ I expect hem from now on!

    • Furbabe says:

      Me too, I like this song 🙂 Our Sik sounds very sentimental during Jang Ok Jung shooting, don’t you think? I think he feels the sadness in King Sukjong.

  2. mpc226 says:

    Love his drama…KTH & YAI gave justice to their role, very convincing acting almost as if it’s real…They deserve acting awards for this! Kudos!

  3. Raihani says:

    I Love YOU, Yoo Ah In…. I Love Your Drama….. I Love This song….. Your acting it’s real amazing in the everything your drama…..! Sharp,Sungkyunkwan,Fashion King,JOJ,.. I Like this……..:-)

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