[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week XI

Woohoo~! I love this, SIKseekers! Episode 21 and 22 bring back the awesomeness and the goodness of ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ to where it first started airing when the story makes sense and the characters have sanity and their love left viewers grieving in a good way.

Dongpyeong is the best sidekick and uncle ever in the world, Lee Soon still the sweetest and smartest King ever, and Ok Jung back to the old sweet and smart woman we used to know.

I have so many words to say about episode 22 that it’s difficult to write on since this episode is.just. so. good. So rather than harping a long praise, I just want to say: good job, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Sang Yeob and Yoo Ah In! I had a good cry! Even Yoo Ah In, I’m pretty sure, seemed satisfy with the writing improvement.


Please read the recaps in Breathless Survival for episode 21 and episode 22

Watch the trailers for episode 21 here and episode 22 here


And to lift up your heavy heart after watching this couple of episode, why not checking out behind the scene videos of our SoonJung Couple? 😀

Episode 20 BTS: Yoo Ah In, Lee Sang Yeob, Kim Tae Hee 

Check the translations here: Jang Ok Jung…we all need lee soon’s permission 


Episode 21 BTS: Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee – reconciliation scene

Check the translations here: Jang Ok Jung…the king’s magic marker palm


Episode 22 BTS: the clinic scene


Jang Ok Jung Lives In Love bridge movie – Lee Soon version 


Ep 22 clip: Lee Soon watching his wife and son sleeping~ awwn…


Let’s get down to see some newsbits!

Jang Ok Jung OST Part VII was released last week  by  Shin Cho Ah “Far Away”. Take a look at this video with English subs~


Go download the complete Jang Ok Jung OST (CD 1 and CD 2) with 41 tracks here! Need to download the drama too? Well, you can download episode 1~22 (RAW) here and the Englis subs here!


Last week all the casts (I don’t see Kim Tae Hee though) were signing on Jang Ok Jung drama posters for fans’ giveaways. Here’s the poster signature video~

As his popularity is soaring high, our Master Sik became the #1 actor that females want him to read book with and go watching horror movie together with! Reading and watching together? Sounds like a perfect date to me! 😀


Apparently the kind of “Guroh-ache” from Sungkyunkwan Scandal days is back. Today Yoo Ah In has another nickname “Ain’s heartburn” thanks to his interpretation on Lee Soon that makes all women’s heart flustered and causes a burning sensation nowadays. Oh yeah!


Anyway, here are several fun behind-the-scene photos to make you smile 🙂

proud king daddy! (photo by polaris stars facebook)

candid photo by Lee Geun Joo. look at Sik behind him busy with his cellphone

all lead casts posing together with big smile (photo: Kim Tae Hee’s me2day)


And now let’s take a look at some of the official photos and behind-the-scene photos from Jang Ok Jung blog and staff blog. You can check the complete ones in their blogs.

Let’s enjoy some sweet screencaps ^_^

Sweet Soonjung Couple!

More pictures and screencaps are available in our Jang Ok Jung drama album in our Facebook: Part IIIIIIIVVVIVII and VIII.

Two more episodes left, one more update post to go! Jang Ok Jung, fighting!

Screencaps provided by: DC YAI, DC JOJ, DC FK

4 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week XI”
  1. Thank you very much, Furbabe, for all the information and wonderful pictures of YAI! 🙂 I’m sure everyone is looking forward o seeing the final two episodes of JOJ drama. It will be sad but memorable, I’m sure! I have followed the drama faithfully and really amazed by YAI’s excellent performances! He is truly the King in our hearts, isn’t he?

    • Furbabe says:

      So true! Excellent acting that along the way people love-hate-love him (Lee Soon) so much 😀
      We already knew the ending will be based on historical fact, and yet still we are craving for more YAI on screen. I’ll be missing him for sure after this drama end.

  2. Dija says:

    i’m all smile just to see YAI expression.. =) thankyouu for keeping me update! anyway, will the king ever know about his uncle feeling towards jang ok jung???

    • Furbabe says:

      You’re welcome 🙂
      Actually the king finally knows his uncle feeling towards JOJ on episode 21. They talked about it like grownup men ^_^

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