[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In the Jury for Mise En Scene Short Film Festival

Drama ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ has wrapped all the 24 episodes last Tuesday but Yoo Ah In has no intention to take a break any sooner. It’s a short movie marathon time for our Master Sik! I’m sure he’s enjoying it.

Yoo Ah In is appointed to serve as a special jury for the 12th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival (MSSF) that holds from 27th June to 4th July. On the red carpet interview at the opening ceremony of the festival yesterday, Yoo Ah In said it was a big honor to be the jury for this festival.

Of course he must be proud of it~ among the 5 panel of special jurors, he’s the youngest and the only actor at his 20s who was selected as the jury. For more information about this festival, please visit the MSSF official website.


Video of Yoo Ah In at the 12th MSSF Red Carpet, June 27th 2013


Here are some news from Yoo Ah In around the MSSF~


Now let’s scroll down for Yoo Ah In photos from the 12th MSSF Opening Ceremony, 27th June 2013!

From Moon-I nim (check her blog for complete photos)

back to his perfect clean 2:8 hairstyle!

From various media

Check complete photos from this event in our Facebook page in the ‘2013 MSFF’ Album.


Mise-e-Scene (Mijangsen) is held and supported by Mise-en-Scene hair care brand. Yoo Ah In is the new model along with Shin Min Ah for this brand.

Check more photos of Yoo Ah In for Mise-en-Scene ads in our Facebook Album too. Happy TGIF!


Mise-en-scene ad photos credit to official website


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