[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week XII

At last! We finally arrive at the end of Yoo Ah In’s third sageuk/historical drama ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ weekly update.

I’m glad that I stick to it till the end despite the ups and downs surrounded the storytelling. Episode 23 & 24 are fantabulous! So many feelings and emotions conveyed by our lead characters without exaggeration. The last four episodes are back to perfection, especially the ending which is just simple and perfect and I had a good cry. I cried watching without subs, cried again watching with subs, and by looking at the screencaps I could cry again. I’m sure it’s not just me. The finale episode just goes to show how a good end affects a big deal to many.


Personally I’m really satisfied with the ending. We knew from the beginning the drama would have a sad ending, just went down with that of written in the original novel. I think it’s doing well on the last scene. To me, it would have lessen the degree of satisfaction if the drama kept Ok Jung alive in the end for the sake of Soonjung Couple romance-shippers. Because that’s not what this drama wanted to aim in the first place and that’s not Ok Jung’s nature. As we all know Jang Ok Jung would rather live short but leave a spark like a beautiful firework than leave the palace to keep alive. And yes, she did live like a pretty firework. She lived for love and she died for love, just exactly the title of this drama.


I say this over and over again, the chemistry that Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee have is just off the chart. Not that I’m biased, but I’m confident to say that I’ve never seen before a strong chemistry in K-dramaland like that in ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’. Kudos to Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee for doing a great job.


And props to Yoo Ah In as he proofs that his acting alone is what makes the 24 episodes are worth watching, 12 weeks 24 hours of Facebook and Blog updates worth working, and 24 Mons-Tues worth waiting. Not a single ounce have I regretted watching ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’, as I did enjoying Yoo Ah In and witnessed him taking an acting to another level with so many emotions and expressions one could convey. He molded well in Sukjong with his new interpretation, and we saw how he once again became a scene-stealer.


1oAsia quoted as saying,

What did exist in the drama was a reinterpretation of King Sukjong’s story. Sukjong, who had always been portrayed as a King who is swayed by the women in his palace, started to have a place in the show by showing the process of how he as a disadvantaged crown prince becomes king. And actor Yoo Ah-in, with his stable vocalization skills and abundance of expressions, ended up playing a big role. In the latter half of the show, King Sukjong fell victim to the loose plot but Yoo’s acting continued to hold a presence that kept viewers watching. Therefore, through this drama he proved his potential to play the sole main character for his future projects.


Breathless Survival quoted as saying,

I admit I was a wee disappointed when I first heard YAI (Yoo Ah In) was cast as LS (Lee Soon), instead of T.O.P. But boy, am I glad YAI was cast. He did such a sublime job as LS that I was utterly charmed. The way he carried himself, the slight boyish manner, the swagger and most importantly, his pitch-perfect sageuk speak. And yeah, plus the fact he is a good back-hugger and kisser sealed the deal. I’ll definitely watch out for him if he takes on sageuks in the future.


Through a tweet on 06/27, Yoo Ah In wrote,

“Nobody can guarantee that what we distorted may actually have been the truth or if it’s just a fixed idea…… But I was happy to play a completely new King Sukjong.”

We will publish complete translations of his tweets later.


I heard someone was questioning why Queen Dowager failed to get rid of OJ, instead, of all people, it’s a lowly uneducated Choi Moo-suri/Choi Sukwon who did it so easily. IMO, illiterate people don’t conjure up fools. The drama has given hints that Choi Sukwon is a smart, sly and ambitious girl who doesn’t have a moral value of what’s wrong or right from the first time she shows up. Combine the lack of morality with sly and ambitious nature, you get a horrendous evil creating such a low prank and cruel scheme that normal peep won’t go there or have that idea crossing their mind.

Anyways, for entertainment only, just in case you’re curious about what happened to CS after Ok Jung died, please read ‘The Fate of Choi Sukbin’.


Read the recaps for episode 23 here and episode 24 finale here.


And check out this hawt (yeah, it’s so hot!) behind-the-scene translations~

“Jang Ok Jung…his lens can’t take the heat.”


This one is quite funny but cute story from Kim Tae Hee about the shooting~ “I told Ain I only washed a little”

Now let’s see the last videos provided by SBS for this drama~

Episode 23 teaser trailer


Episode 24 teaser trailer


Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee, Hong Soo Hyun – The Making of In Hyun Last Moment


The Making of SoonJung Couple Last Moment (Sayak Scene) & Jang Ok Jung Crews Farewel


Clip of Sayak Scene episode 24 ~ aww Kleenex moment!


And for fun, Yoo Ah In’s kissable lips were brought up as main topic in K-Star News Starkeyparazzi segment! lol

Official image stills and behind-the-scene photos of the last two episodes from Jang Ok Jung official blog and staff blog~ This one is taken from actor Bae Jin Sub (General Hyun Moo)’s personal facebook~^ ^ seems they’ve cried a lot!

And now here are our last screencap galore for Jang Ok Jung! siighh…Yoo Ah In gives a top-notch performance for the last scene on ep.24!

More pictures and screencaps are available in our Jang Ok Jung drama album in our Facebook: Part IIIIIIIVVVIVII and VIII.


Aaaaand that’s a wrap!! Thank you so much for everyone who genuinely supports this drama till the very bitter end, and thank you Sikseekers for reading Ah In’s drama Jang Ok Jung weekly updates! It’s a long but fun journey~^ ^

See ya in the next article and get ready for Yoo Ah In’s upcoming move ‘Kangchulie’! 😀


Screencaps provided by: DC YAIDC JOJDC FK

One Response to “[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week XII”
  1. mpc226 says:

    I knew from the start that Ah In would be the perfect replacement for TOP and was glad that Ah In took the role. I knew no better actor could give justice to the role as Ah In did. He deserve an award for his hard core acting in this drama. Kudos! Goodluck to ur career! More power & more good roles to com!

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