Yoo Ah In July 2013 Activities Schedule, and We Say yay!

Howdy Sikseekers! Feeling miserable after the absent of gorgeous King Sik last Monday and Tuesday night? Don’t be fret. We still can see Master SIK in modern fashion though. As he’s a TOP level talented young actor, EVERYONE wants a piece of him including the directors, screenwriters and commercial production houses.


Even right after he wrapped ‘Jang Ok Jung’, Yoo Ah In jumped in front of another camera for a photoshoot on 28th June~ and the concept is ‘Singer’!

[posted by managernim @forever4850]


Take a peek on more photos for The Class 2013 F/W that was shot on 28th June from leefuneun blog~

This blog’s owner (presumably she/he’s a photographer or someone relates to visual designer) praises Yoo Ah In by saying that Yoo Ah In was such a really great artist, he poured every different facial expressions and poses to every picture taken, and the photoshooting took some times faster than that of the original plan. Weeh~ daebak!

Let’s hope master SIK grabs more offers as many as he can handle. Yiiiippppy! *dancing on the table*


Check our beloved SIK’s July 2013 activities schedule.


A pretty pack schedule, eh? Yup buzzzy SIK! Let’s wish he can handle them all well and be more successful in the future! Let’s pray for him SikSeekers!



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