Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Updates & Complete Translations [2013.06.26 ~ 06.29]

Yoo Ah In was online on his social media quite often lately, and of course we’re happy that he’s trying to keep fans updated with his activities by posting his pictures and videos via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (plus Vine account!) ^ ^ Funny enough, every time he posted something especially a video or picture, it created a buzz on the net!

This happened just recently as well. Apparently his chatty tweets related to drama ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ within 26th June has become the talk of the town. In fact, Allkpop posted an article about his tweets with “bombastic” title including the translations. It’s a rare thing for this pop news outlet to cover Yoo Ah In’s twitter activity as we know that he’s not part of “lollipop culture” that is Allkpop.

Though we’re happy that Allkpop brought his tweets up, we feel a wee disappointed that they make it sounds like he’s talking nonsense, out of the blue like a drunkard, and that he sounds whining about the “low ratings” and bickering with followers about it. Allkpop didn’t translate all the tweets especially the ones which contain Yoo Ah In’s interaction with his followers, thus they only created small instead of bigger picture. There’s a background story left behind as well. So let Sikseekland get this straight, mmmkay! ^ ^

First off, Yoo Ah In never, not even once, cares about ratings. He’s an actor that always picks a role in a drama that he knows he can mold with, and every character always resonates part of his true self. That’s all that matters to him.  If we recall his tweets on 20th May, Yoo Ah In was the first and only one who (boldly) criticized SBS for turning Jang Ok Jung to a makjang fest in order to pick the audience ratings up. Logically, had he cared about ratings, he should have been happy with them picking up despite the makjang-ness. Yet in contrary, he openly against the change in script and expressed his dissatisfaction towards the writing.

Secondly, if we talk about ratings, Jang Ok Jung overall’s ratings were not that bad~ it ended with 2 digit-ratings and recorded higher number in Seoul metropolitan area. But does anyone care? No. And Yoo Ah In openly stated that he was satisfied with his drama: “I was happy to play a completely new King Sukjong” [10Asia].

Thirdly, Yoo Ah In tweeted from Jang Ok Jung farewell party around 7pm to 10pm, surrounded by his lovely teammates. It’s too early to get drunk, and the mood in the party was too good. I don’t think he was that “drunk” but more to “loose”. Most importantly, all his tweets on the 26th made so much sense that it was impossible written by someone who was heavily drunk.

Jang Ok Jung Drama Farewell Party (source: 3877kkh and as tagged)

Yoo Ah In is known as an opinionated and outspoken actor out there. If you think that those arguments with followers are biggy, you should read his political debate tweets first.

So what were his tweets exactly all about? As we know, ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ garnered criticizes left and right in Korea~ people especially the media in Korea kept harping how the drama distorting the history and how bad the impact it could make. Ironically, they all kept praising Yoo Ah In’s acting, and yet kept putting the drama down. During the shooting he never talked this issue out. Until the farewell of Jang Ok Jung. We’re sure that he thought it was time for him to speak his mind and call out those people.

Today Sikseekland admins are presenting the complete version of Yoo Ah In’s twitter update especially for the 26th June. Some translations are taken from AKP and combined with the new translations from our admins. We hope that people who come across this blog will get a bigger picture of him 🙂


Additional translations and interpretations by: Admin M, Jamie K, and Jay


Yoo Ah In twitter update 26th June~

He posted a photo of him and all Jang Ok Jung team on his instagram. The photo was taken on 25th June, the last day of shooting.

Translation: “Bye!”

Then he started tweeting out his opinions about the accusations of historical distortion in Jang Ok Jung~

The cute monkey icon on his tweet means his jokester mode is on.

This person gave harsh remarks to Yoo Ah In but he handled it well~

And this person apparently pointed out Yoo Ah In’s last tweet/instagram, 22nd June, where Yoo Ah In posted Jang Ok Jung script book with Chinese character. Yoo Ah In gave her/him a piece of his mind.

So much for the win! lol

Yoo Ah In facebook update 28th June~

On 28th June Yoo Ah In updated his Facebook and posted a Youtube video link~

It’s a video from Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes”

Just in case you don’t know who Bette Davis is, here she is (and her eyes)

Yoo Ah In instagram & facebook/vine update 29th June~


Now this is the funniest one. Yoo Ah In just had a free day after all the hard work and he used this day to enjoy summer with a big bowl of patbingsu (팥빙수) ~Korean shaved ice dessert 😀

He posted two videos of himself: devouring patbingsu on instagram and having a tea time on facebook (via Vine), with only words “Zzz”.Here’s the video:


His super dorky patbingsu video went viral on the internet and Yoo Ah In spotted #1 Top Trend on Nate with popular keywords: Yoo Ah In one shot devouring patbingsu. “I’m eating it all alone”.


The netizens’ reaction are funny as well because some of them wondering if this was actually a patbingsu CF filming, while the others said he should film a patbingsu CF :p

Soompi quoted as saying that Yoo Ah In Looks Sexy Even When Eating Korean “Patbingsoo”. Well he looks sexy in everything he does ;p

Here are the cute screencaps from his free day videos~

Cuteness overload!!

Yoo Ah In surely knows how to be serious and how to have fun! Let’s have some fun too SIKseekers 😀 Happy weekend!

Free Day screencaps provided by DC Fashion King Gall

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Updates & Complete Translations [2013.06.26 ~ 06.29]”
  1. lady l says:

    ahhhh….. for me Jang OK Jung is the best

  2. marithe says:

    I totally agree with YAI, afterall, this is a free country free world…everyone is entitled to his opinion…. & right, people will just believe what they want to believe…JoJ is a drama not some kind of docu from National Geographic channel,lol

  3. chezka says:

    no matter what other people say, Yoo Ah In is the best among those actors who portrayed King…no one in todays generation can assure that what was written in the history were all true and correct because as human being we tend to exaggerate things just to and I quote YAI “make the good things bad and bad to worse”…..that criticism just makes YOO AH IN even more popular internationally…. proof is I become his fan.:-)

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