Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Updates & Its Translations [2013.07.05 ~ 2013.07.15]

AINyeong HaseYOO Sikseekers~ We’re back with another update on Yoo Ah In media updates!

For the first 10 days of July, Ah In has been busy working on his movie ‘Kangchulie’ (Tin Head) post production, shooting for new CFs and magazine, also serving as the honorary juror for the 12th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival (MSFF). Super busy bee! But fear not, he still had time for holidays and get-together with friends and colleagues~ as shown by manager nim’s and his own Instagram and Facebook photos/updates. Nice to know that πŸ™‚

Yoo Ah In posted a short message and short clip on his private Instagram account (@uhmhongsik) from the Mise-en-Scene Film Festival party, 5th July at 3.42 am in the morning! And he made funny face again!

Check out his video here:Β http://instagram.com/p/bWr1vguePP/


We got to screencap his silly face, of course πŸ˜€

silly bratty boy!

Totally different from the earlier hours when he was presenting the awards to the 2013 MSFF winners~

Source: tgahn

Oh by the way, MSFF distributed a questionnaire card to the jurors including Yoo Ah In during the event. It was an interesting question related to the French movie “Camille Rewinds” that was shown in the festival.Β Yoo Ah In wrote down his unique answer (and he added his signature on it)~

Very wise answer, Master Sik!

Besides posting his short video clip from the party, that day Yoo Ah In also retweeted and replied a comment from Amore Pacific ad PR (Amore Pacific is the company where Ah In is model for their brands such as Mise-en-Scene/Mijangsen hair care products, Osulloc Tea, and more). She praised Yoo Ah In for his good manners, which goes to show he is not your typical Korean star. It seems our Sik was flattered^ ^ Here’s the translations of their chat~

proud of YOO!

On 15th July afternoon, Yoo Ah In updated his Facebook and his public Instagram accounts again. It’s a photo from his Hong Kong vacation! Wow! We presumed he just came back from Hong Kong recently. And he seemed enjoying his holidays very much because he said ‘Love HK‘. Wonder if any SIKseekers/fans came across Ah In when he was there.

Here’s his photo, carefree posing with wide open legs and bratty kid expression:

Instagram version

Facebook version~ bigger enough to see his kiddo face. LOLLee Soon no more :p

And as usual, his photo on Facebook and Instagram always tops the trend chart. As of 07/15 Yoo Ah In became Daum top trendΒ at #1, #2, #3, #7 and #8! Whoa!

(screencap by DC)

Yoo Ah In’s manager~ Jaemin manager nim, didn’t want to miss updating his boy’s activities as well, as at the same day he posted via his own instagram 2 photos of Yoo Ah In from the company’s occasion.

Earlier on Monday morning manager nim tweeted that he was going for their company outing. I figured it was a casual company gathering, and all the employees including Yoo Ah In joined the get-together. The place looks like a nice mansion, by the way. Check out the 2 photos below~

Don’t know what they were doing or why they were queuing like that, but manager nim posted a witty comment about Sik :p

lol yeah of course he is!

And this too, seems like our Master Sik became a Master Chef for one day, surrounded by the ladies! And fixing meals for ladies too? Envy~~~! Again, manager nim teased Yoo Ah In with his funny comment~

(ps: manager nim called Ah In with his real surname ‘Uhm‘)


Is this aΒ kind of cooking competition? πŸ˜€ Anyway, thank YOO so much for all the photos and updates, manager nim! Oh, YOO too, Master Chef…err…Master Sik!

Last but not least, thanks to Sikseekland K-translator Jamie K for getting us the translations ^ ^


6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Updates & Its Translations [2013.07.05 ~ 2013.07.15]”
  1. mpc226 says:

    so cuteeeeee….LoveYoo

  2. Miko says:

    οΌˆοΌΎβ—‡οΌΎοΌ‰He is just like funny boyβ™₯γ€€γ€€I love YOO AIN so much. OH! No,no,no. γ€€He is UHM HONGSICK. I love Uhm Hongsick. (^_-)-β˜†

  3. Sinta says:

    Yeah isn’t this boy ah-mah-zing? every little thing that he does or says, we are always in awe and awww literally. he’s witty and wise at the same time, dorky, cute, adorable at the same time.

  4. mpc226 says:

    I am so Hongsick already, that am terribly missing him…can’t wait to see him back again!!!

  5. mirae says:

    SICK of YOO! If he was a little boy, i wish i could tease him ν•˜ ν•˜ ν•˜

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