Yoo Ah In Gracing the High Cut, Talking About Kim Tae Hee & Hong Soo Hyeon, and We Love it!

Doooooong~~~~~ ! Speechless. I’m speechless looking at Yoo Ah In’s pictures on the latest issue of High Cut style magazine. It’s just beyond my imagination.. I’ve been bewildered by those cold, ferocious yet bewitching pictures of Sik.


On this High Cut Vol.106, Sik appeared with uncommon theme “The Contrary of Yoo Ah In: Indulge the depth of Yoo Ah In.” Well, it is so deep that we can see Sik appeared waaaaaay so highly distinctive, sophisticated and ARTISTIC! To be honest I have difficulty to understand the concept itself (Sexy David Bowie-esque Vamp?) but who cares.. as long as Yoo Ah In is the issue and please let more pictures coming in! Here are some peek previews pretty alien pictures.

Such a rare view. Yoo Ah In and his heavy make up! I just can’t take my eyes off his dark purple eye shadow, frozen lips color, sleek greasy hairstyle and his show off S line! It looked weird at first impression but it kept attract me to zoom it, examine it and I found myself enjoying the fineness of Sik’s features. *giggling* Uh Oh I just realized Sik was posing like Phantom of the Opera with super fashionita’s large cap instead of half chipped white mask.


Now, I’m pissed off with the art director! I wish they published a clean unedited picture for this pose. The unnecessary artistic shadows just covered his flesh! I know that he showed more skins on his chest and hip more than we can see now *growl* Focusing on Sik’s face… Aaah whatta relieve! I still can see his luscious lips, gorgeous smoky eyes and super sexy neckline! *swims in his eyes*


Ahoy! This picture definitely makes my day! Superbly S.E.X.Y overload! Sexy look, sexy monkey ears, sexy pouting lips, sexy chin cleavage, sexy pose on the sofa, sexy pressed body top, sexy skinny tight shorts, and sexy hairy thighs!! *wipe drools and back busy with zoom zooom zooom the spectacular parts* *count hairs*


Well, after so much staring and zooming these pictures, I realized that this was not his first time to look so distinctive and bizarre. Let’s compare these with his previous photo-shoots on Z-Zin Magazine 2011. I love them all! They are all so beautiful and sexy and overwhelming, exactly like Sik. After all it is Yoo Ah In, the one and only. *we love* ^^fanart

Now into the content!

On the interview with High Cut after the photoshoot, Yoo Ah In talked about his recently wrapped drama ‘Jang Ok Jung’, in particular about his experience working with Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun.

Allkpop quoted as saying,

“I like how [Kim Tae Hee] noona has an open mind. No matter how different one’s background and personality is, and open and flexible person can get close with him or her. I’m so glad that I was able to act with [Kim Tae Hee] noona. When I have a VIP movie preview, I want to call and invite her.” [Sikseekland admin adds: Yoo Ah In’s movie Kangchulie will be premiered around August/September this year ^_~]

“Hong Soo Hyun and KARA’s Seungyeon were co-stars whose characters I hated so much in the drama to the point that I even felt bad. Whereas Tae Hee noona and I had good chemistry together. There were a lot of scenes where I held hands with her. She is the type of actress who you can feel an immediate attraction to even after holding hands just once.”

Talking about holding/touching/grabbing hands, anyone?

You are welcome ^_^


Here’s another incerpt from High Cut interview where Yoo Ah In talked about Hong Soo Hyun, how he felt apologetic towards her for being rude throughout the drama, and why he chose to play in this drama that got him into arguments on twitter.

“Yoo Ah In: “Hong Soo Hyun and I got along very well off-screen.” (Click the image to enlarge)NEWS130717B

Very well said! Acting for Yoo is not about popularity or ratings but how to improve skill and raise his own benchmark.

And because of this interview Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee made it to #7 Naver Top Trend real search today (7/18)! Woo~hoo! SoonJung Couple still rulezzz!

Screencapped by DC


Yoo Ah In pictorial and complete interview in ‘High Cut’ Vol.106 has been published today 18 July, while for iPhone and iPad digital magazine will be on 23 July along with the video. Can’t wait for this version!


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  1. Miko says:

    Allways,thank you so much. I love The Dark Ain too! He is beautiful and tempted and mysterious and attractive. I’m likely to that I’m really into him♥

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