[FAN FICTION] SoonJung Couple: Live Again For Love


This story is dedicated by SIKseekers Yosinta Christie Setiabudi for all of us. It’s a warmhearted and romantic fanfic. Enjoy the treat Sikseekers! 😀

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Disclaimer: This fanfic was written using background from Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Drama and using real names of the actors & actresses. With all due respect, this fanfic story was made with no harmful intention, in fact to share our love for their unforgettable acting performances.


Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love fanfiction


“To spend my last moments in His Majesty’s arms…I’m happy.” “Jang Ok Jung, I love you!”



It was around 7.30 PM in the night. A girl bent down to a rich ahjumma who had just finished shopping at the boutique where she was. The ahjumma smiled friendly to the girl and left with her servant. The girl smiled proudly at how best-selling her boutique was.

That girl’s name was Kim Tae-hee.

She was a designer and a boutique owner who was very successful and famous in Seoul. Her talent had been discovered since she was in a very young age. After graduating from Seoul National University majoring in Fashion Design, she decided to start her own business with her loyal friend, Kim Ga-eun.

Kim Tae-hee’s boutique attracted people’s attention from its design’s originality and its style’s uniqueness. 90 percent of the clothing that she sold in her shop was her own hand-made clothing. She also sometimes dyed the fabrics by herself in order to create a mixture of colors she wanted. Because of that, she gained the attention of many people, ranging from young girls to rich ahjummas who did not hesitate to spend their money to buy clothes at Tae-hee’s boutique.

She had been interviewed by many reporters from many famous fashion magazines in Korea, and even gained the attention from the world’s leading fashion designers. Although she was famous, she remained humble. She always turned down offers from the world’s leading fashion brands such as Chanel, Dolce-Gabbana, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen for the sake of her shop. She loved her shop very much; the business that she started from the very bottom with all her life-savings.

The background of her success was her hardworking and her strong will to reach her dreams. Since she was at her childhood age, she had been dreaming to make people happy by her designing talent. Therefore, she always tried to make the best clothes with all her might so she could make her customers happy by wearing her clothes.

When she was glancing at the clothes displayed in the window, she heard Ga-eun called her name while running towards her.

“Ga-eun-ah, what’s up?” asked Tae-hee.

“We will have a special order!”

“A special order?”


A bit far from there, a man dressed in a suit was sitting in his office. On his desk was a nameplate written, ‘Director, Yoo Ah In‘. He was a chaebol family heir whose family had run this large company for years. His father, Mr. Yoo, was the chairman of the company. This company had been controlled by his family and relatives, ranging from the chairman, directors, to the managers.

Although Yoo Ah-in’s position was quite high, that is as the director, he was displeased. He was a free-spirited person who liked new things and disliked doing only one job from time to time. He felt his job was extremely boring. He had rejected this job for many times, but his father always continued to force him. If there were no Lee Sang-yeob, his favorite cousin, who he had considered his own brother who also worked at the company, he wouldn’t have kept this job any longer.

“Director, Manager Lee is here.” Announced Ah-in’s secretary. Ah-in, who was not enthusiastic, suddenly became excited as he heard about his cousin’s arrival.

“Send him in.”


“Hi, Mr. Director,” said Sang-yeob lightheartedly when entering Ah-in’s office. Ah-in smiled widely.

“What brings you here?”

“Actually, this has nothing to do with the company,” said Sang-yeob, “I heard that your father, our chairman, is planning to engage you with Hong Soo-hyun, the daughter of Chairman Hong who had been close with our chairman these last few months. Is that right?”

Ah-in laughed, but his face showed his uneasiness. “Right. For the benefit of the company, my father actually used me.”

Not long ago, his father, Chairman Yoo, began to approach Chairman Hong who was the owner of a one of the well-known multi-national companies in Korea with the aim of raising his own company. Chairman Yoo thought that by cooperating with Chairman Hong, his company could become more well-known like Chairman Hong’s company and beat other companies that were trying to rival his company.

Chairman Hong accepted the cooperation with one condition—to engage his daughter, Hong Soo-hyun, with Chairman Yoo’s son, Yoo Ah-in. Ah-in wasn’t delighted at all with this engagement. Up to this time his father had taken advantages of his entire family for the company, but Ah In had never imagined that his father would use him this far.

“I knew that you’re displeased, so I’m asking you for a drink tonight. It has been a long time since our last having fun together.”

“Really? Well, we’ll have fun again!” He exclaimed enthusiastically.



“So, Director Yoo will come tomorrow morning?” asked Tae-hee to a fat guy in front of her. The nametag worn by the guy showed his name—Park Gun-joo.
“Yes,” he said. “Chairman Yoo wants the best for his son’s engagement party.”

Tae-hee ensured him. “Don’t worry. We will work with all our might!”

“We’ll make the best clothes that have not been there since the Goryeo Dynasty!” added Ga-eun with a cute style.

“Ga Eun-ah!” Tae Hee nudged his friend’s arm.

The fat guy bowed. “Thanks for the understanding. I’ll excuse myself now,”

After the fat guy had gone, Tae-hee, along with Ga-eun and the shop employees, prepared to close the boutique as it was closing time already. Ga-eun and the employees had gone home first while Tae-hee stayed for a little longer in her boutique. “Tomorrow, an important guest will come,” she said to herself.

She walked around the shop looking at her designed clothes one by one. She was looking at a peach-colored mini dress when she was suddenly startled by the sound of people singing outside the shop. She stepped out and saw two people, who were seem to be company employees, was walking rather unsteadily in the middle of the street, arm in arm.


“All our problems have gone to the sky! All gone! “Said Sang-yeob, pointed his finger upwards. In his side there was Ah-in, walking as unsteadily as Sang-yeob. Ah-in laughed then suddenly said, “I want to pee. Let’s just pee on the wall.”

They walked to a corner and peed there. Tae-hee was made uncomfortable by seeing these two drunken men. She came out from the shop and tapped Ah-in’s shoulder. “Excuse me! You are not supposed to pee in this place!”

Felt that someone had tapped his shoulder, he answered randomly with his eyes half-closed. “Hey, who do you think you are, huh? I’m the director,” he said before he swerved to the side. Tae-hee held him quickly, and when she did, she could see his face clearly.


Right in the second she saw his face, a sudden flash struck trough her. In the flash, she saw the drunken person in front of him wearing traditional outfit like in the Joseon era. And not a commoner’s outfit, but the king’s! And the stranger thing is, in the flash, she was in the arms of the man! The man was crying, for some reasons she didn’t know. And in the flash, she felt her hand was raised to touch the man’s face, but suddenly she felt a tremendous pain all over her body.

Her body was like burned. Her throat felt like choked and she could not breathe. She was unconscious and the flash ended. Along with the end of the flash she was awaken, but as soon as she opened her eyes, she was already collapsed on the ground with the drunken guy.

“Ah-in-ah, are you okay?” Sang-yeob helped Ah-in to stand up. It appeared that Sang-yeob was not really drunk. Ah-in stood up, but he almost fell back if Sang-yeob hadn’t held him. Before leaving with Ah-in, he bowed and apologized to Tae-hee. Instead of responding, Tae-hee just sat on the ground with a blank look, panting. Her mind was filled with the flashes she’d just seen.

“What in the world was that?”



-The next day-

Yoo Ah-in awoke in the morning with an aching head. He clutched his head as he looked around. He was on the couch at home, puzzled. He could not remember what happened last night and how he could get in his house. Apparently last night he slept shirtless, wearing only the pants he wore last night. His hair was really messy and his breath smelled of soju.

‘Riinnggg’ the phone that he put on the table rang. With his head still aching, he saw the name of the caller—Gun-joo.

“What?” he asked lazily.

“Young Master, you must leave immediately. You have an appointment to measure the clothes for the engagement party at 10 o’clock this morning.”

“Damn, that engagement party again…What time is it?”

“Yes? Oh, it’s five minutes to nine o’clock, Young Master.”


Ah-in jumped off the couch. “What?! Are you kidding me?!”

In the shop, Ga-eun and Tae-hee were waiting the VIP guest who hadn’t arrived yet. Because there would be a VIP guest, the boutique could not be opened before the guest had arrived. Tae-hee was sitting at the counter while Ga-eun was walking around the shop nervously.

“Hey, how can you be so calm, Tae-hee-ah? We could go broke at this rate!”

Tae-hee answered softly,” Calm down, Ga-eun-ah, we’re not going to go broke if it’s only a day. The guest will surely come, believe me.”

Although her expression seemed calm, she was actually quite nervous thinking what the guest would look like. This guest was a very special guest. He was the son of a chaebol family who was very prominent in Korea. She undoubtedly did not want to disappoint him. Her mind was also bothered by last night’s events. Tae-hee felt her chest. Her heart was beating faster than normal.

Up to this time she had dealt with drunken people for a few times, but this was the first time she was struck by strange flashes as she had last night. The flashes came out of nowhere, as the lightning. The scenes were seemed so real and the pain was also felt like piercing her body.

“Miss” a boutique employee ran towards Tae-hee and Ga-eun. “The VIP guest has arrived!”


“Yes! He’s young and very handsome,” said the employee.


Ah-in stepped into the boutique accompanied by Gun-joo. The shop employees formed two neat rows in the left and right side of Ah-in. Some employees tried to sneak glances at the handsome VIP guest and some smiled flirtatiously to catch his attention, but Ah-in just ignored them.

Ga-eun paced rather quickly from back and bowed down to greet Ah-in. “Welcome, dear customer.”

“Are you the owner of this boutique?” asked Ah-in.

Ga-eun raised her head. “No, the owner is waiting inside. Please come in.”

Ga-eun ushered Ah-in inside. Ah-in was amazed to see the clothes displayed in the boutique. He had heard about the popularity of the boutique and the fact that 90 percent of the clothing here were made by the owner herself. He was pretty excited to find out what kind of person the owner of this boutique was. In a minute, he would meet her.

“Tae-hee-ah, the VIP guest is here,” said Ga-eun to Tae-hee who had her back to Ah In and looking out the large window in the shop. Upon hearing this, she turned around at once. How surprised she was when she found out that the VIP guest was the drunken man who met her last night and made her saw all the flashes!

On the other hand, Ah-in was mesmerized at the beauty of the boutique owner. Her beauty exceeds all the girls he had met in his life. So beautiful that he was like seeing a goddess in front of him.


But his admiration ended when a flash suddenly passed through Ah-in’s mind. He saw the same girl as the one in front of him now, but with very different attire to that now. He saw the girl wearing a magenta-colored hanbok with a red skirt. Her long black hair was braided on her back like the girls in the Joseon Dynasty.

But the flash soon vanished and changed into another flash that showed the girl dressed in all white, in Ah-in’s arms. She appeared to be in pain, trying to say something to him. In the midst of her pain, she raised her hand to touch his face—and Ah-in, instinctively, lifted his hand to hold hers. Before the flash disappeared completely, he heard a faint voice, “To spend my last moments in His Majesty’s arms…I’m happy.”

That moment, Ah-in felt tightness in his chest and suddenly he fell to the floor. He was suffocating and without realizing, a tear dripped from his eye. Strangely, Tae-hee did not move. She stood rooted to the spot and could only watch her customer being helped by her friend.

“Sir, are you not feeling well?!” asked Ga-eun worriedly.

“Ne…Never mind. You may go,” said Ah In. He clutched his chest in pain. His heart was palpitating. Gun-joo moved forward to replace Ga-eun right away.

“Young master! Do I need to bring you to the Hospital? Your face is so pale!”

“Didn’t I say that I’m okay?! Get off me!”Gun-joo and Ga-eun stepped backward still concerned. ‘The effect of last night’s drinking seems hasn’t gotten off completely,’ Ah-in thought.

He tried to stand up straight and clear his mind, and then he walked approached Tae-hee. A moment of silence ensued between them. They gazed at each other meaningfully. The vibe was felt really strange when Ah-in looked at her. Somehow, it seemed like he had seen this girl before, and that must had something with the flash that had he just had.

“Forgive me,”

Tae-hee suddenly bowed down and apologized, making Ah-in confused.

“Why? What have you done?”

“Forgive me for what just happened earlier…”

“Huh? You did nothing wrong. Why should you apologize?”


“Er, why do not we just start?”

“Um, certainly. I’ll take your measures, Sir,”


Tae-hee grabbed the measuring tape above the counter. He approached Ah-in and told him to extend his arms. At that time, a strange feeling covered Tae-hee. She believed that she had already known his measurement, even though she had never measured him before.

She knew exactly his measurement, from arms, waist, chest, and the other parts. It was like she had measured this guy before, but where? And when? She was like experiencing a déjà vu when she measured the Ah-in’s chest and their face met each others’.


“Have we met before?”

The question slipped through Ah-in’s lips without him realizing it. It appears that it wasn’t only Tae-hee who felt it. He himself thought that he had been measured by Tae-hee, just did not know the exact place and time.

Tae-hee answered casually. “A lot of people say so. My face is quite common,” she said, as many people had asked her the same thing. Ah-in shook his head. “No, I really think we’ve met before…”

After finished measuring, Tae-hee took a receipt and gave it to Gun-joo.

“Here’s the receipt. You can take it a week from now.”

“Yes, sure.” said Gun-joo. Hearing this, Ah-in turned around and said to Gun-joo, “Just take it few hours before the engagement.”

“Yes, Young Master.”


“Thank you for visiting,” said Tae-hee along with Ga-eun and the other employees. Ah-in showed them a wry smile, then turned and walked out of the boutique, entered his car. Ah In’s face looked anxious.

“Young Master, should I bring you to the hospital? Looks like you’re still unwell from drinking last night.” Said Gun-joo, starting the car.

“No need…just head to the office.”

Ga-eun looked at Tae-hee. “Tae-hee-ah, are you not feeling well? Why are you suddenly looked so down?”

She was worried because Tae-hee looked fresh before meeting Ah In, but after he came, she looked rather down with blank look in her eyes.

But Tae-hee simply replied “It’s okay”, and then continued her work to serve the customers who began to come after the boutique was re-opened.


The engagement day that had been prepared for a long time finally came. At the Hong’s family residence, Hong Soo-hyun was being dressed by her servants beautifully. She had been waiting for a long time for the engagement party. After meeting with Yoo Ah-in for the first time, she liked the director of Yoo Jae-suk Group Company who was rich and very handsome instantly. She asked all her servants to set the best for her.

On the other hand, Yoo Ah-in seemed distressed while preparing to dress for the engagement party. His face was pale and his heart was beating like mad. He also sweated cold sweat. He took his shirt in the closet and wore it. Heavy feelings smashed him when he was about to take his shiny black coat folded neatly on the bed—the coat that was made by Kim Tae-hee. The girl’s image came out in his head.

‘Where is she? What’s she doing right now?’ His mind was filled by the memory of the girl. The girl that seemed like he had met before…

“Young master, are you really feeling okay?” Gun-joo’s voice was heard behind the door.

“I’m okay. Don’t mind me,”

His voice was like strangled. Gun-joo had a bad feeling about his master…



At the boutique, Tae-hee also looked uneasy. There was a strange feeling pressing her at the moment. She bit her lip as she walked around back and forth. Ga-eun knew that something was up with her friend.

“Tae-hee-ah! What’s wrong with you actually? You usually looked cheerful and radiant, why are you so gloomy today?! What is this?”

Tae-hee did not answer. She recalled the occurrence this afternoon when the fat guy—the last week’s VIP guest’s assistant—came to take his order for his master’s engagement party. She felt a twinge hearing the word ‘engagement’. For some reason, she wished that he was not really going to be engaged. This gave her mixed feelings.


All of a sudden, an expensive, luxurious car was parked in front of the boutique. The car owner, a handsome man dressed in expensive suit, got out of the car and rushed into the shop. He was dazed. He looked here and there looking for the owner.

Tae-hee was surprised to see him. Isn’t that the drunken guy who was with her last week’s VIP guest in front of her boutique that night? Tae-hee walked over. As he found Tae-hee, he grasped her arms very tight, making Tae-hee shocked.

“Hey, what are you going to do on Tae-hee?!” cried Ga-eun spontaneously.

Sang-yeob didn’t reply to Ga-eun and just focused at Tae-hee. “Miss, please forgive my insolence. Do you remember seeing me before?”

“You are the drunken guy that time, aren’t you?”

“No. Do you remember seeing me before, Hee Bin Mama? “

Tae Hee was surprised hearing the word ‘Hee Bin Mama’, and suddenly a strange flash appeared…

“Do, Dong-pyeong-gun Daegam?!”


Hong Soo Hyun arrived at the party by an expensive car with fancy clothes accompanied by two female servants. Chairman Hong and Mrs. Park, Chairman Hong’s wife, was astonished at her beauty. With this, the cooperation will surely be a success.

Not far from there, the car driven by Gun-joo and Ah-in was heading to the same direction. Ah In looked desperate. The heavy feeling that pressed him just wouldn’t go away—the mixed feelings about the girl he met at the boutique. And he felt agonized when they arrived in the party.

‘Damn! Why haven’t he called yet?!’ muttered Ah-in in frustration. Gun-joo opened the car’s door. Ah-in got out of the car. He stared at the entrance, and then turned to look at his cell phone screen. He was waiting for a call from someone. He gripped his cell phone and put it on his pocket. Three more steps, two more steps, one more step to the entrance…

‘Buzzz,’ the phone vibrated hard. Ah-in was thunderstruck. He took the call without seeing the name of the caller.

“Jeon Ha, she remembers!!”

Ah-in’s body was shaking hard. He let go his cell phone till it fell to the ground. Impulsively, he ran back to his car and snatched the car keys from Gun-joo. He entered the car, started it and hit the gas in seconds.

“Young Master! Wh, where are you going?!”

“I’m not going back—don’t wait for me!”

‘Ok Jung-ah, I’ve found you!’


[Flashback: on]

Since he saw Tae-hee and the flashes, his days became chaotic. He could not think at all. His thoughts were screwed. He also couldn’t act like a normal person, and it reached its peak just right before the engagement.

Sang-yeob heard about his cousin’s state through Gun-joo, and Gun-joo told him to come immediately. Sang-yeob, who was also preparing for the engagement party, finally arrived just before Ah-in left this evening. When he arrived, Ah-in raved like a possessed man with a blank look in his eyes.

“Dangsok…you came,”

Sang-yeob raised his eyebrows. “It’s me, Sang Yeob, your cousin! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Just…find the girl.”

“Ah-in-ah, I think you really have to go to the hospital…”

“No! I remember, really! It’s just, I can’t find her name…The girl’s name…”

“What is your name?”

“I promise I will never let go of your hand. Not as the King’s chief bodyguard, but as Lee Soon the King.”

Ah-in screamed like a madman. “Argghh!!! Damn, what’s the name of that girl?!”

Startled by his cousin’s condition, Sang-yeob tried held him tightly, but he brushed it off. He stared at Sang-yeob with a frightening look. “Uncle!! Tell me, what’s her name?! The answer to the 20th question…”

Sang-yeob was throttled. The girl who seemed very familiar that evening, whose beauty was like a goddess—surprisingly, it was not only him who felt it! His thoughts were also blocked by the memories of the girl—the girl whom he couldn’t forget all this time, whom he had been considered a mere hallucination.

Sang-yeob’s mouth was like opened by itself. “Hee Bin…Hee Bin Mama…”


“Hee Bin Mama…Jang Hee Bin…” Sang-yeob gazed at Ah-in tearfully. “Jeon Ha, that was Hee Bin Mama!”

“Jang Ok Jung …”

Ah-in grasped his cousin’s hand tightly. “Uncle, please listen to my request. Find her! She’s in the boutique, the boutique we passed on the night when we were drunk. This is my only wish! And ask her whether she remembers me or not…!”

Sang-yeob muted. This time, Ah-in could only rely on him. His heart was faced on a difficult choice. Whether he wanted to give up and let Ah-in find his love hundreds of years ago, or to follow his own will and start a whole new life with Tae-hee, who didn’t know anything. Eventually, he made his decision and stared at Ah-in with gleaming eyes.

“I know. Stay strong, Your Majesty! I will find her. I’ll definitely find her!”

[Flashback: off]

‘Jang Ok Jung, I’ve found you! Just wait for me!” These words continuously repeated in Ah-in’s mind. As soon as her reflection appeared in his head, he drove faster.


The guests were getting restless. The engagement party didn’t begin though 30 minutes had passed. Chairman Hong had started ranting and cursing Chairman Yoo. Chairman Yoo himself had arrived there actually, but he couldn’t get any news about his son at all. He had been calling him many times, but he never picked it up. He also tried to reach Gun-joo, but his assistant didn’t reply either.

Soo-hyun began worried. Mrs Park was trying to comfort her daughter when her father unexpectedly entered the room and exploded.

“That Chairman Yoo…He deliberately did this to embarrass me! How would I show my face in front of the guests?”

“My husband, calm down…”

“Are you asking me to calm down?! He’s a son of a bitch!”

“Father,” said Soo-hyun weak. “Please calm down. I believe that he’ll come…”

Meanwhile, Chairman Yoo was frustrated. He came out of the building and continued to try to contact his son. Suddenly, a luxurious car arrived, raising hopes. But such a hope was thrown down on the ground when the guy stepping out the car was not Ah-in, but appeared to be Sang-yeob.

“Sang-yeob! Where’s Ah-in?!”

Sang-yeob bowed down. “I’m sorry, Mr. Chairman. He won’t come.”

His heart was torn. The girl, whom he admired and loved in the past life, who had chosen to face death in order to protect his love…On this only chance, when he could be together again with the girl for now and ever, he had to give her up.

“I swore to never let go of his hand. I even have died to protect my love. So let me protect that love once again!”

The words that Tae-hee said rang in his mind. Their love was indeed very strong and could not be overcome by anything, even time. This is what made him willing to let go of her, for the sake of the man she loved with all her life.


That night, Tae-hee stood in front of the shop, under the moonlight. As usual, the employees, as well as Ga Eun, had gone home. She was the only one stayed longer in the boutique. But tonight was different from the other nights. She did not admire her shop or observe the clothes. She just stood by the doorway, doing nothing. She looked at the empty streets in front of her, which was covered by the dark of night and decorated by some street lights.

A small beam of light appeared. It became closer slowly and it finally appeared that it was a beam of a car’s headlights. The car stopped at a significant distance with her. The owner, who was wearing her handmade coat, came out of the car. The man ran towards her.

Tae-hee did not say anything. In fact, she could not say anything. Only the reflection of the man, whom she had been waiting for earnestly, that filled her eyes, her mind, and above all, her heart.

It was only about a few meters that separated them. The man stopped and smiled with tears in his eyes. He wanted to call her, but he couldn’t find out her name. There was only one name that came in his mind, and with that name, he called her in a choked voice.

“Ok Jung-ah!”

As he called her, millions of flashes which were memories of their past entered their heads…

“I’ll become your clothes. I promise.”

“Look carefully! The sky will fall on you.”

“I promise I will never let go of your hand. Not as the chief bodyguard of the King, but as Lee Soon the King.”

“I do not like memories if you’re not there with me.”

“I wasn’t able to protect you until the end…don’t forgive me.”

“Your Majesty … I promise not to let go of your hand.”

“I will protect my love for His Majesty…!”

“Why did you come back? You shouldn’t have come back!”

“How can I not come back? To spend my last moments in His Majesty’s arms…I’m happy.”

“I, Jang Ok Jung, have lived for love and I will protect this love until the end.”

“Jang Ok Jung, I love you!”


Tae-hee couldn’t hold her feelings anymore. She ran towards him and jumped into his arms.

“Ok Jung-ah! Able to be reunited with you…it’s not a dream, right?”

“No, Your Majesty! It’s not a dream! I’ve met you again, Your Majesty…”

Both of them burst into tears. Their feelings of compassion, love, all mixed into one—the feelings that had been buried for a hundreds of years.

“Oh Ok Jung-ah…how lonely I was in the seasons I go through without you! I had blamed myself for years, why had I sentenced you to death…Ok Jung-ah, I was really stupid! I couldn’t protect you!”

“No, Your Majesty! I’ve never blamed you. It was all my own will. I did not want to make you encountered many difficulties because of me anymore.”

“Ok Jung-ah…you’ve managed to protect that love. And now, the heaven has allowed us to meet once again because of your sacrifice. Those flashes were a way for both of us to find our destiny. And my destiny…is you,”

‘You lived a life of fireworks, Jang Ok Jung. From now on, there will be only one in this world whom I can lean my lonely shoulders on or to wipe my tears. The only woman, I, Lee Soon, ever loved, Jang Ok Jung, is here, in this world, once again.’

“Your Majesty…I’ll never let go of this hand.” “And I won’t let go of your hand forever…before you let go of it first.”



Story: Yosinta Christie Setiabudi

Fanart: Sweetgodzilla & Furbabe [with exception of the last one from DC]

Editor: Furbabe


※ Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

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    Wow! I’m stoked!! A beautiful love story re-lived. So well written..I really enjoyed it. Loved the ending! Finally, Lee Soon and OJ together – happily ever after! Thank you so much 🙂

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    Whoa, thanks for coming up with this kind of story and thanks for sharing it with us ….calling the director of JOJ, please take note of this lovely story…more fitting to be part2 of Jang Ok Jung! Please we want to have part2 of JOJ and this is the more appropriate storyline to have it….

  6. My beloved King! Congratulations! Your very good series “Ok Jang Jong-life for the sace of love” with 30.07/2013g will be shown on a national TV channel Inter in Ukraine. Millions of viewers will watch in Ukraine and even Russia. I wish you great luck in everything!

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