Yoo Ah In Twitter/FB/Instagram Update & Translations + Kangchulie Movie Poster Shooting 13.07.19

What a super duper busy week for Yoo Ah In! But yay for his active SNS updates! ^ ^


After JACK&JILL photoshoot and interview with MBC Section TV and SBS Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, Ah In continued his next activity, which took place in Gunsan Port, Gunsan Air Base and Gunsan Modern History Museum for Kangchulie (Kkangchulie/Tin Head) movie poster shooting on Friday 19th July.

Gunsan City (or Kunsan) is a city in North Jeolla Province, South Korea, where Kunsan Air Base of the U.S. Air Force is located in the city. So apparently it was a sunny day by the beach with a hottie. Wish we were there!

After they’ve done with the poster shooting, Yoo Ah In’s manager Jaemin nim, famous photographer Zosun Hi, Yoo Ah In and the stylist posted up the pictures on twitter/instagram/facebook. Here you go~~


From manager nim, he posted a nice photo of Yoo Ah In on instagram and said, “Kkangcheol @ Gunsan Modern History Museum”

Like the photo much~! Yoo Ah In looks peaceful or pondering about life, duncha think? Manager nim could pass as a pro photographer, IMO.

From photographer Zosun Hi (Zosuni), who has worked together with Yoo Ah In for many photo shooting occasions, she posted on twitter a photo of herself posing with Yoo Ah In in Gunsan.  She sounded very happy with the poster shoot result ^ ^ Here’s the translations of her tweet and their photo~

Yes  ma’am, we see a good looking kid too. Oh la la…check out this bad boy expression~~ looveee eet!

And finallyyy~~ as we have expected and waited for, Yoo Ah In himself updated his instagram/facebook/twitter with a photo of himself with Zosun Hi too! Yay! Here’s his witty tweet, pretty photo and the translations~^ ^

LOL that’s one good praise for a lady, Master Sik. And these are super shining faces and beautiful smiles just like the weather out there!


Zosun Hi, as chirping as usual, replied Master Sik and showered him with praises. She told people that with Yoo Ah In as her model, they always produce the best photos~ so she said thanks to him. You bet! Here’s the translations~

I love this woman! And of course, love Ah In more! Ha!

And last but not least, here’s another nice photo of our Sik with stylist Reming nim from Kangchulie poster shooting place as well~

Yoo Ah In looks all shining and bright and happy. I’m glad that he did enjoy all his activities. He’s just loving what he’s doing. Well, he loves his job. And we love seeing him like this 😀

K-translator: Jamie K 

Editor: Furbabe

Reming’s photo credit: Reming’s instagram

9 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter/FB/Instagram Update & Translations + Kangchulie Movie Poster Shooting 13.07.19”
  1. mathed2001 says:

    Thanks, Furbabe nim~^^
    Ah In sure looks great in all!! And all these are great news as well!
    Thanks for keeping us posted with all his activities~*hugs*~

  2. lobsterbisque2 says:

    Attaboy! That’s the way to go! Keep smiling and being happy with everything you do, Master Sik! P’Jaemin is very sweet as always too! ( P or Pee means Big Brother/Sister in Thai. 🙂 ) I can’t imagine YAI with anyone else as his manager but P’Jaemin really! He takes care of our Master so well! Big thanks to YOO too, Furbabe! Don’t forget we have a date with YAI in Bangkok soon! 😀

  3. leena says:

    ho wonderful image you lovely son haha you aer goodboy

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