Yoo Ah In to Star in His First R-Rated Movie ‘Serve The People’, SIKseekers Rejoice


What a great start of the week for all SIKseekers, especially noonas and ahjummas! Finally comes the day where all the 19+ year-old [perverted] Yoo Ah In’s fans’ dream could come true~ to get a chance to drool at his perfectly sculptured bare chest and the glorious lower part [if not centerpiece] in such a beautiful ‘work out’ scenes, which involves second party to do the hard cores [yes, we’re THAT shallow, mind you] and… uhm…okay I need to stop now and apologize to all the unfortunate underage SIKseekers who read this! LOL!


NOTE: Before you start to freak out and scream “it’s pornography!”, please scroll down and read the summary of ‘Serve The People’ novel.


In short, this could be a BIG surprise and present from Master Sik to his many mature/adult fans [raise your hands, babes!]. Time to prepare for ‘SIKseekers Erotic Movie Project’, anyone? LOL! [on a serious note: yes we will have a movie project to support Yoo Ah In’s movie as we did before]

Let’s check out what delicious thing will come our way in 2014~

Yoo Ah In found a new acting challenge on the 19+ rated adult movie for his next project, a movie titled ‘Serve The People’, directed by Jang Cheol Soo.

PD Jang Cheol Soo first known for his critically-acclaimed and award-winning film début ‘Bedevilled’ (2010) which also a box office record, and ‘Secretly Greatly’ (2013) which hit a total 7 million admissions at the box office.

Yoo Ah In’s agency Star-K, released a statement on the 28th that Yoo Ah In has been offered the lead role in this movie and is highly considering in positive view. Well that means 90% Yes.

‘Serve The People’ (“Wèi rénmín fúwù” or “爲人民服務”) is a a wickedly daring story about the forbidden love affair based on a novel with the same title, written by a famous Chinese Novelist Yan Lianke, which has been translated into French, Danish, German, Dutch, Italian, Czech and English.

Yan Lianke is a Chinese writer of novels and short stories based in Beijing. His work is highly satirical, which has resulted in some of his most renowned works being banned, including ‘To Serve The People’. He started writing in 1978 and has published more than ten volumes of short stories including the winner of the Lu Xun Literary Prize in 2000, Nian Yue Ri (年月日). His other novel Enjoyment (2004) received wide acclaim in China, garnering the 3rd Lao She Literature Award.

In the Korean adaptation/version, ‘Serve The People’ will set in North Korea, with a commander, his beautiful wife and a lowly soldier as its background.  The lead actress for this movie will be cast no later than early October where the movie plans to crank in. If Yoo Ah In confirms to appear in ‘Serve The People’, it will likely impossible for teens (and fans) under 19 to watch his movie.


Now what on earth is ‘Serve The People’ all about? Been doing a quick research and I found this one is very interesting and absolutely not your typical classic love story. And absolutely NOT cheesy kind of porn story at all.

The satirical element, while never completely absent, recedes increasingly into the background, making room for an intense, and ultimately very sad love story – heloise2nd

From a quick review, the storyline is similar to D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover: the younger wife (32 years) of an old and impotent army general (52 years), begins to seduce a soldier (28 years), assigned to do the domestic chores for the general. [NY Times]

‘Serve the People’ is set during the time of the Cultural Revolution, and at the height of the Maoist cult of personality, Yan Lianke shows ingeniously just how deeply everyone has internalized the regime’s propaganda by way of the similes in colors, items, etc.

A docile, doctrinaire peasant soldier named Wu Dawang, whose word-perfect memory of Mao’s sayings (coupled with his excellent kitchen skills) leads to various jobs: cook, gardener, and general orderly for the commander of his military division. As guileless as a 6-year-old, yet muscular and handy (imagine an Asian Forrest Gump), Wu unquestioningly accepts Mao’s credo that the noblest duty is to “Serve the People”. And he enjoys the slogan’s multiple variations, especially “To serve the Division Commander is to “Serve the People!” (as the Division Commander represents the People).

Things begin to get complicated for Wu Duwan when the Division Commander is absent for an extended period of time and he finds himself tasked to Serve the People by serving the Division Commander’s wife Liu Lian – in quite intimate ways. Wu’s Red loyalties slip into a gray area.

As the two start an affair (initially on Liu Lian’s initiative towards a very reluctant Wu Duwan), some very interesting changes happen. While neither Wu Duwan nor Liu Lian appeared very likable at the start of the novel, with the development of their affair we suddenly find ourselves actually caring about them, and the satirical element, while never completely absent, recedes increasingly into the background, making room for an intense, and ultimately VERY SAD LOVE STORY. [heloise2nd]

SERVE THE PEOPLE (“Inmineul Wihae Bokmoohara” or “인민을 위해 복무하라”) release date to be announced later in 2014.



At the moment Yoo Ah In is preparing the movie promotion for his upcoming movie ‘Kangchulie’ (Tin Head) which sets to première in the coming October 2013. That means no rest for Master Sik after introducing Kangchul to public, as he has to start shooting for ‘Serve The People’ [which he will likely accept it].


Well, why am I not surprised if Yoo Ah In takes the role on this movie eventually?  Looking past his earlier movies, from ‘Boys of Tomorrow’ to ‘Shims Family’ to ‘Antique Bakery’ to ‘Wandeugi’, none of the characters he played were conventional or mainstream. Every character that he plays always has a flaw, in that sense, he’s trying to portray realistic people and their conflicts in a realistic world. ‘Serve The People’ might also be his way of shifting gears from “Youth” to “Adult” theme/genre in an extreme Ain-ish way.

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12 Responses to “Yoo Ah In to Star in His First R-Rated Movie ‘Serve The People’, SIKseekers Rejoice”
  1. Laura says:

    It’s a good novel. I hope the adaptation to movie can rightly be done 🙂

  2. If YAI accepts the leading role in ‘Serve The People’, I’m sure it will add more to his credit as a prominent actor in the Korean, as well as international, film industry! 😀

    • Furbabe says:

      I second that, Ma’am 🙂
      This is unconventional movie, and IMO if the director can “translate” well the story from the novel into the screens, there might be the chance to make it to the international competition. First because it’s an adaptation from an internationally well-known novel, and second because the storyline seems appealing for western audience. I’m not sure Koreans will largely accept the story due to the unconventional elements, in addition to the 19+ rated movie.

      • Many quality films in my country are either banned or ignored, but the film directors have become well-known internationally. I hope Mr.Sik, the Director and the film will do well domestically and on the international front. I also have to find the book to read. 🙂

  3. strawberry says:

    Done right, this movie has the potential to be great. More in the vein of The Housemaid and less like the cringeworthy Frozen Flower.
    My concerns are adapting chinese cultural and social criticism into a North Korean setting. If you’re planning to adopt a satirical novel at least be brave enough to place it in South Korea. The impact is much stronger. The North Korean setting seems like a cop out to me: bad things may be happening over there, but not at US.
    Secondly, the movie needs a good actress, someone like Gong Hyo Jin or Kim Min Hee. If only casting Jeon do-yeon wouldn’t seem like such a strech, sigh…

    • Furbabe says:

      Maybe they place it in North Korea because the country has similar condition with China in times of Cultural Revolution. Both have same thing in common: communist ideology. Though now China has adopted capitalism for the sake of their economic growth. But North Korea remains the same.

      Btw, is it confirmed that Jeon Do-yeon is cast for the female lead?
      Having read her profile, she seems a great actress (best actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeon_Do-yeon

      • strawberry says:

        No, no, no. She’s only casted in my imagination. 🙂 She’d be the perfect choice imo, maybe a bit too old, but sadly I don’t see that casting happening.
        Btw which actress would you like to see in the lead role? Are there even any youngish Korean actresses who’d play sensual well?

      • SistaSista says:

        They need to cast a mature Korean actress around 30s. And they’ve got to make a believable chemistry. Otherwise it would be awkward.

  4. Seriously, I’d love to see Ms. Lee Mi Sook as the female lead! Mr.Sik used to say that he’d like to be in a film/drama with her, and I agree with him. She is my most favorite Korean actress for her amazing acting skills. They can make the female protagonist be a BIT older. 🙂

    • Furbabe says:

      You just took words out of my mouth! I’ve been thinking about Lee Mi Sook since this news broke! She also said that she’d like to be in a drama/film with YAI too.

      @ Strawberry: I can’t think of any young actresses under 30s who could play an explicit sensual role. I figure they want to find someone mature enough to do it. 30-something Son Ye Jin also crossed my mind for this role 🙂

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