[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In on KBS Entertainment Weekly 2013.07.27

Yoo Ah In appeared on KBS2 Entertainment Weekly on 27th July 2013 and he had a short interview and the show also covered him shooting for Philips new commercial film.

In this show Yoo Ah In was (once again) asked about his opinion on Kim Tae He~ his co-star in ‘Jang Ok Jung’, a secret to his perfect smooth baby skin, and various netizen’s polls that he often won. For this one Sik said he wanted to be #1 celebrity who mothers want as son-in-law or a celebrity who seems like studied well in high school! Ah In also made a surprise statement by saying that he loves female idols πŸ˜€


Here are the interview & the making of Philips CF videos~

[UPDATE 2013.08.09] Yoo Ah In interview KBS Entertainment Weekly [ENG SUBS] starts from 12:40


[UPDATE 2013.08.15]Β Arirang TV: Yoo Ah In – Philips Photoshooting [ENG SUB]


Yoo Ah In Cuts – KBS Entertainment Weekly


From Y-Star News: Yoo Ah In Philips Photoshoot & Interview


Check out the complete news from this show (click the image to enlarge the font size)~ Yoo Ah In: “Every time I see Kim Tae Hee, she still looks pretty.”


And now the pretty screencaps of Master Sik from the making of Philips CF ^ ^


Four new Philips Young Kit advertisements with Yoo Ah In [Update till Aug]~

Go check the complete pretty screencaps and more photos in our Facebook in the album ‘PHILIPS Project 2013’Β and KBS Entertainment Weekly 2013.07.27 \(^_^)

Happy August! πŸ™‚


Screencaps provided by DC


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