Yoo Ah In’s PHILIPS Commercial Films Are Out + Sikseekland on Korean News Again!

On Friday midnight 2nd August (or Saturday morning 3rd Aug) PHILIPS Electric Shaver released 2 commercial films starring Yoo Ah In for their Young Kit product campaign. Previously they have revealed the behind-the-scene and the shooting scenes on KBS Entertainment Weekly last week followed by 3 print advertisements this week. And finally the videos arrived. Yippie!


The first video is the 30 second-length CF and the second one is tutorial from Yoo Ah In. Master Sik looks so adorbsss with the shaving cream and foam covering his face! Wish he were (sexy sleeveless, or even better, shirtless) Santa Claus ^_^ It would be a great concept for Philips CF Christmas version :p Here are the videos~

Yoo Ah In – Philips Young Kit CF 30 second


Philips Young Kit Guide 2 mins 50sec


Cute screencaps from these two CFs~

“Tutorial” versionOoh…sleeveless muscled hawt bod!

Check more screencaptures and photos of Yoo Ah In from Philips in our Facebook page in the album ‘PHILIPS Young Kit Project 2013’ ^_^

PHILIPS Young Kit will launch the product on 7th August in Apgujeong, The first 50 people purchasing the Young Kit products will get the chance to have a photo with Yoo Ah In 🙂

Source: Philips


Moving on to another exciting news:

On the same day before these videos out, “Yoo Ah In rice wreath” made it on Top Nate and Naver real time search, 2nd August! And Yoo Ah In Sikseekland was on Korean media/news AGAIN! Weeeh~~ daebak!

Apparently, Dreame Foundation, the nonprofit foundation that always collects and distributes rice to the needy, released their statement to the media that Yoo Ah In just sent his rice donation on Friday.




TV Daily reported:

Yoo Ah In donates 7.6 tons of rice for 3 consecutive years. “Great Fans!”

Translated by © Admin007/SIKSEEKLAND

Korean charity foundation, Dreame Foundation, reported that Yoo Ah In sent a total 1.8 tons of rice to St. Mary Orphanage (Our Lady of Nonsan) in Nonsan, Chungnam district. In addition to that, a total 1.5 tons of rice was also delivered upon his request to two children centers in Changwon, making a total 3.3 tons of rice donated by Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In has been sending the rice for the needy through Dreame Foundation for 3 years in a row.

The 3.3 tons of rice donation came from Yoo Ah In’s multinational fans who sent the rice wreaths to cheer Yoo Ah In at the ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love’ press conference last April. A total of 2.6 tons of rice were donated by Yoo Ah In’s joined fans clubs: ‘AINBARAGI (Ainsunflower/Korean fans club), ‘AINESE’ (Korean fans club), ‘YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’ (Yoo Ah In’s international fans club/SIKSEEKERS), and Japanese fans. DC Inside Fashion King Gallery also sent 700 kg of rice wreath, making a total of 3.3 tons of rice donation on behalf of Yoo Ah In. A total of 3.3 tons of rice can feed 27,000 people for one serving meal.

In September 2011 Yoo Ah In’s fans donated 1.5 tons of rice on the ‘Wandeugi’ movie première. In March 2012, fans from local and overseas donated a total of 2.14 tons of rice at the SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ press conference. And on Yoo Ah In’s birthday, 06 October 2012, fans sent 620 kg of rice to Dandelion Soup under Yoo Ah In’s name. Thus so far Yoo Ah In and fans have made a total 7.56 tons of rice donation in 3 years.

Upon hearing the news, netizens commented, “Yoo Ah In has great fans!,” “it feels warm”, “rice wreath is a great idea”.


SO proud of us, SIKseekers! Let’s do it again SOON!!!


Screencaptures by DC

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  1. SistaSista says:

    Dae to the Bak! SIKseekers YOO are awesome!!

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