Yoo Ah In’s Film ‘Kangchulie’ Opens This Fall, New Stills Out

It’s been a while since the last time we heard about Yoo Ah In’s new and upcoming movie “Kangchulie” (Tin Head/Tin Can), that seems buried by “Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love” during these past six months despite the movie cranked up last March. So we’re happy to hear that after wrapping up the drama Yoo Ah In returned to get all things for “Kangchulie” done, from the dubbing to poster shooting.


I’m actually glad that he picked a drama as his project during “Kangchulie” post production. Despite it was touted as “controversial story”, ‘Jang Ok Jung’ has been keeping his name flying for these past 6 months with good praises from the media towards his acting and own representation as charismatic Sukjong. And because of this, Yoo Ah In garnered more fans (and more media) who are waiting in high anticipation to see his next project, that is “Kangchulie”.


On Monday,Β  1st Look Production released 3 news stills from “Kangchulie” and announced that the movie will open in Korean theater this Fall. We have yet to see the movie poster, which I’m really really excited with (because Zosun Hi has her hands on this!).


Through a press release on Monday, 5th August, the film’s promoter said that “Kang Chul” (translated title), is set to be released in October this year. This will be Yoo Ah In’s return to the big screen for the first time in two years since his box office film “Punch” (Wandeugi) in 2011.


Set in Busan, “Kangchulie” tells a story of a man who turns his life as a mob in order to pay for his mother’s hospital bills. Veteran actress Kim Hae Sook, known as ‘Korea’s national mother’ plays as Kangchul’s upbeat and chipper mom who suffers from dementia. I can imagine how they banter back and forth in Satoori accent. Definitely super cute! πŸ˜€


Now here are the 3 new image stills:

Tough Busan man named Kangchul with marshmallow heart

Hardworking Kangchulie to earn more money to pay his mother’s hospital bills that costs him arms and legs.

Kim Hae Suk & Yoo Ah In, the next chemistry couple after SoonJung! :p


June 6th was the first time Kangchulie showed up on TV. SBS Movie World featured a brief story of Kangchulie in the segment ‘Magazine Inside Movie’. Check out the video~


I’m sure more videos and stills will be coming soon. Kangchul fighting! πŸ™‚



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