“Sukjong” Yoo Ah In Having Fun, Bromance Ensues, Fellow Actors Sing Praises

We know that Yoo Ah In was happy to play a completely new Sukjong in ‘Jang Ok Jung, Lives In Love’. But barely people know that he took fun to the next level in the midst of drama filming (and its controversies) and after the “office hour” as well.

In ‘Jang Ok Jung’ too, we got the real Yoo Ah In-Lee Sang Yeob bromance on-off screens, which I think is more real than his bromance with Song Joong Ki. Picture-proofs~~

Sukjong Yoo Ah In making “V” sign while showing off his playful face ^ ^

Let’s check out some interviews from Jang Ok Jung fellow actors about our lovely Sukjong ๐Ÿ™‚

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“I played dart and danced with Yoo Ah In. We all had great time especially the two ahjussi” – Lee Sang Yeob

During ‘Jang Ok Jung’ shooting Lee Sang Yeob and Yoo Ah In developed a very close friendship and took their onscreen’s bromance off the screen as well.ย  In most of his interviews Lee Sang Yeob shared their bonding time stories to the reporters.

For instance, he told people that “I played dart and danced with Yoo Ah In after we finished shooting the finale episode. We went out for drinks, played darts and jumped to dance,” Lee Sang Yeob recalled with big grin on his face.

He also said that KARA’s Han Seung Yeon joined dancing with them too. “We all had great time especially the 2 ahjussi, who are the 2 ahjussi? Me and Ah In of course, hahaha!”

Playing dart and dancing? Woohoo! Grasping the work hard play harder motto, dudes?

The 30 years old actor doesn’t hesitate to admit that he really looks up to Yoo Ah In who is younger, and that his acting improved because of Yoo Ah In’s influence.

Here’s the complete Lee Sang Yeob’s interview for Yoo Ah In part~ (click image to enlarge)NEWS130712A


“I call Yoo Ah In ‘seonsaengnim’. Yoo Ah In is really cute, he calls me ‘hyung~ah'” – Lee Sang Yeob

“I call Yoo Ah In ‘seonsaengnim’ (teacher),” Lee Sang Yeob told the media in another interview. And that’s not without reason.

“His acting is so great, just so good that I call him teacher,” he emphasized. “I don’t know how people got impression that he’s a stiff person, but Yoo Ah In is not like what people perceived at all. In fact, Ah In is really cute, and we are good friends now.” Aww~~

Lee Sang Yeob also confessed that the most memorable experience in Jang Ok Jung during the past six months is none other than working together with Yoo Ah In and seeing him acting. He said that both of them still keep in touch until now, “We sometimes get together”. Great! Keep your friendship forever, dudes!

PS: I heard that Yoo Ah In and Lee Sang Yeob will meet again in the commentary session for Jang Ok Jung DVD Director’s Cut version that will be released in September… So expect for more bromance! ^ ^

Here are two complete Lee Sang Yeob’s interviews for Yoo Ah In’s part~NEWS130714news1307

“Yoo Ah In gives natural feel of acting, he protects me all the way” – Kim Tae Hee

Yoo Ah In kept showing his fabulous acting that got praises from his fellow actors. Besides Lee Sang Yeob, Kimย  Tae Hee too speaks about how happy she was because Yoo Ah In took the role of Sukjong and that he was a big help for her acting as well. Check out her video interview here.

“Yoo Ah In has a subtle human complexity. He has a lot of thoughts, lives the way he likes. He was very focused and brought the necessary gravitas to his role,” praised Kim Tae Hee.

She added, “Yoo Ah In gave a natural feel to acting. I was able to act well because I had Ah In by my side because he became Lee Soon the character, who protected me all the way.”

On the other hand, Kim Tae Hee revealed that Yoo Ah In liked teasing her during the shooting (which is very cute of him). Here’s the snippet of Kim Tae Hee’s interview where she talked about Yoo Ah In~



“Yoo Ah In is a method actor. My musical got success thanks to him” – Go Young Bin

Veteran musical actor Go Young Bin who played role as Jang Ok Jung’s brother (Jang Hee Jae) even made further statement by praising Yoo Ah In as one of method actors he had ever worked together with.

“Yoo Ah In has a tendency to express all his feelings, and they’re innate. Yoo Ah In is firmly in his place as a Method Actor,” praised Go Young Bin.

(Note: Method Actors are actors who have taken the craft to another level. Some famous method actors: Al Pacino, Johny Depp, Matt Demon, Daniel Day Lewis, Heath Ledger)

Dude, I think this is the coolest praise of all from fellow actors for Yoo Ah In. Here is Go Young Bin full statement about Yoo Ah In~NEWS130713


“The best actor in long run will be Yoo Ah In” – Critics

Yoo Ah In as King Sukjong scored so many praises for his excellent acting skill from the media. He’s got a nod from famous movie critics as well. Among popular Korean actors at their 20s such as Joo Won, Song Jung Ki, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk, Yoo Ah In is touted as the one who will stay on top in a long run.

“Yoo Ah In cultivates his career as an actor with vision. Since his dรฉbut as a movie actor he already had a visionย of the kind of actor he wanted to become,” said movie critic Heo Ji Woong.ย Check out the complete statement from those critics about Yoo Ah In~ (click image to enlarge)


It’s good knowing that our Master Sik got recognize for his acting ability, not for how much popular a project is. Most importantly, he confidently knows what he’s doing and where he wants to be because he has his own vision. And we’re glad that while he’s on it, Yoo Ah In knows how to do it with fun. Cheers to more unexpected projects and surprise Yoo Ah In will bring in the future. Happy TGIF!


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2 Responses to ““Sukjong” Yoo Ah In Having Fun, Bromance Ensues, Fellow Actors Sing Praises”
  1. mpc226 says:

    I knew it, the very first time I saw his filmed Antique bakeshop I knew that this guy would go a long way and it was very apparent that he can act. I also perceived that among his peers he is likely the one who would last in this business! Kudos Ah In! Keep it up!

    • Furbabe says:

      I like that they call him an actor with a vision and a method actor. Because that’s how I feel about him all the time. Other people measure the success of an actor by his popularity, but Yoo Ah In’s thought is beyond it.

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