[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Philips Fansigning Event 2013.08.07

At last! Yoo Ah In, held his first fansigning event for this year! Yay!

It’s been eight months since his last meeting with fans in December 2012. Thanks to Philips, fans could finally see him and take lots of photo directly. Philips officially launched the new product ‘Young Kit’ on August 7th, and Yoo Ah In as the model for this product came to meet with his fans in Apgujeong.

Wearing blue denim suit and a necktie, Yoo Ah In looked so preppy and stylish, and he made fans gone wild! Let’s see the videos~


[Update 2013.08.14] Y-Star News: Yoo Ah In Philips Fansigning Event


News Video: Philips Young Kit Signing Event




Here are some selected photos of Yoo Ah In taken from Philips Fansigning Event that we gathered from several sources. It seems somebody has a major crush on him, she keeps looking at him in awe! Err…wait..isn’t she E.T? No? :p

From media~

From Philips Facebook


From from_white


From our friendย Moon-I nim


From fans inย DC

Sooo adorbs! Love every single photo! ย Love that cute giant shaver too ๐Ÿ˜€

Check complete photos in our Facebook page in the album ‘Philips Fansigning Event 2013.08.07’ ^ ^

Have a great Sunday!


2 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Philips Fansigning Event 2013.08.07”
  1. mpc226 says:

    He is so adorable…oozing w/sex appeal! And w/his school boy complexion…Philips for sure made the perfect choice, YAI as it’s product endorser!

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  1. […] second fansign event with Yoo Ah In after August last year [check the first fansigning event here]. I feel like it just happened […]

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