Yoo Ah In Twitter/Instagram Update 1~12 Aug & Translations: Matt Damon, Crayon Pop & Giant Ears!

This has been two weeks of fun in twitterverse for SIKseekers as Yoo Ah In hopped from the serious enigmatic side of him In one day to the quirky dorky silly side of him in the other days ๐Ÿ˜€ It was fun to watch all his quirkiness and randomness as well as Sikseekland admins had fun (and headache :p ) deciphering yet another Sik’s codes. Let’s ride the roller coaster!


Yoo Ah In was online on the first day of August and posted a passage of an article about Matt Damon on his instagram! Woot woot..! Matt Damon? Yups. As we know, Yoo Ah In is touted as a method actor *) by his fellow actors and film circle, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise if he also looks up to another method actor, that is Matt Damon.

Here are the translations from the passage of Matt Damon’s article~

Along with the passage, Yoo Ah In tweeted/wrote a comment on his instagram taken from Matt Damon’s motto of life.ย Translations:

Shortly after, Yoo Ah In was sort of replying himself, and we kind of having hard time to decipher his mind. Here’s the translations~


Mathed nim, Admin M and I had a discussion about his tweets. We agree that Yoo Ah In might refer to the responses he got recently regarding the R-rated movie role (‘Serve The People’)ย he will take on.

On High Cut interview last month, Yoo Ah In has mentioned about the movie offer. He said, “I already made up my mind in my heart, but I’m still hesitating with my heart.” With these tweets came out, I sensed that he finally made up both his mind and heart to pick that role.

Yoo Ah In knew when the news broke about him being offered to play in R-rated movie ‘Serve The People’, it sparked pros and cons and debate among his fans and people around him. It’s understandable that they’re afraid of the negative impact his career would get by accepting the role.ย Some people or fans might impose what they want for him, what he must and must not do. But that’s not how it works in Ah In’s world.

Yoo Ah In chooses projects solely for the purpose of improving his craft, only for himself, not for anyone or anything else.ย With his first tweet on Matt Damon, it is a very clear one and agrees with what we know about him. That is, being who he is.

For the last couple tweets, firstly we presume that Yoo Ah In means he’s just an actor whose job is acting, the one on the screen isn’t who he is though it’s a part of who he is. Love, money, and success or fame that he got now are not really his, but the consequence of and result from his job. Yoo Ah In does not put them as the center of his life, as long as he is being who he is and true to himself.

Just like other method actors, such as Matt Damon, Yoo Ah In is not after the fame which is based on others’ opinions.ย  He is only after his art which is his acting. Both of them always shy away from people’s judgement on their look/appearance but strives to be the best they can with each challenging role they pick.

Secondly, Yoo Ah In referred to all the people who have been “giving” him the “concerns” regarding the role he will take. Maybe he feels that all those “other” people feel that they have adequate qualifications to judge him and “telling” him what to take and what not to take. People think they are qualified to tell him what he can do or what he can’t do, criticize him and “beg” him not to take the part with reasons that he thinks based on delusions and misunderstanding presumption.

All in all, we came to one conclusion that he has decided to take that part. As his fans, all we can do is trust his judgment because we believe Yoo Ah In is an actor with a vision, and wish him all the best.


I’m glad that several hours later he posted his photo with famous musical actress Ock Joo Hyun (Oak/Ok Joo Hyun) and singer Park Hyo Shin on his instagram, indicating that he was actually having a great time watching Elisabeth Musical that evening. Just like a fanboy, Yoo Ah In was too excited that he spelled her twitter ID wrong! ๐Ÿ˜€ And as usual he showered her with praises. Translations~

Ock Joo Hyun replied his tweet with their photo too, Check out their short but sweet conversation & the translations~


The next day on 2nd August afternoon, Yoo Ah In posted another photo of him making goofy face and commenting on his hairstyle “5:5”.

As you know, he maintained the 2:8 hairstyle these past few months, and now it seems he was trying to have a new look by only parting his hair in the middle so that it’s split half-and-half~~ and voila, the 5:5 style! Teehee! ๐Ÿ˜€


On 7th August, manager nim tweeted that they didn’t get to eat the whole day yet because he and Yoo Ah In went straight to the studio the night after attending the Philips Fansigning Event,ย to record Ah In’sย vocal (movie ADR or dubbing work) for Kangchulie. Aww poor you two!


But we knew they ended the long tiring day with a bang. Right after the recording session, Yoo Ah In showed that he could still have fun with his friends by dancing to Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” and instagrammed his “Five Cylinder Dance”!Translations:

โ€œStruggling to overcome the generational gap. The dangerous effect of โ€˜Bar Bar Bar.โ€™ ย The modest right silhouette is me.โ€


With the ‘Bar Bar Bar’ craze going on in Korea, Yoo Ah In’s funny instagram became #2 Top Trend Naver Real Time Search that day. Even on 8th August ‘Yoo Ah In Bar Bar Bar’ spotted No.1 Top Trend on Naver! ย And the news outlets were busy talking about him. The power of Master Sik! ๐Ÿ˜€

And last but not least, on 12th August, Yoo Ah In showed up on instagram again. He posted yet another dorky silly photo of him wearing a pair of glasses with eyes painted on and jumbo fake monkey ears making funny face! We know that he knows that he has monkey ears, and perhaps he wanted to dedicate this one for the Elephant’s Day? (PS: August 12th is Elephant’s Day) The glasses adds the hilarity too ๐Ÿ˜€ What a great way to cure our Monday Blue!

Translation: “Cute.” (Yes YOO are!)


There’s not one boring day for the ever lively Yoo Ah In. He sure gets pleasure from the little things in life. Let’s live life to the fullest too. Happy weekdays!

Translators: ยฉ Admin007, Admin Mochila, and Sikseekland K-translator Jay

Photos belong to: Yoo Ah In’s instagram,ย  his Manager & Ock Joo Hyun’s twitter account


*) method actingย – an acting technique introduced by Stanislavsky in which the actor recalls emotions or reactions from his or her own life and uses them to identify with the character being portrayed

7 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter/Instagram Update 1~12 Aug & Translations: Matt Damon, Crayon Pop & Giant Ears!”
  1. Moodangkaolad says:

    Again and agian ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for all your hard work and really appreciate for all these translation which make me feel very happy to get understanding to our master SIK. Keep going ,I will always supporting YOO!! Fighting!!! Fighting!!! Fighting!!! ;))

  2. mpc226 says:

    I really love Ah In the very same way I love Matt Damon, oh my…YAI is no doubt the real actor, in the truest meaning of that word, of his genre…Others may have the looks and only cares about how they looked onscreen…but acting wise, they’re lacking the craft! With Ah In, he could be compared to that of a wine, the taste gets better through the passage of time…Ah In’s acting just gets better and better! But of course even the most excellent method actors has to be coupled with good project, proper script and good director in order to come out best acting wise…..

    • Furbabe says:

      Agree with you. IMO the most important one is the good script. For movies it’s not difficult to see whether a script is good or not from the beginning to the end. It’s more tricky for drama since the actors only got like the first two or three episodes of the scripts, and they suffer a lot from the alterations on its way during the live shooting. Sigh…

  3. seyulabme says:

    Thanks so much for this… it made me realized i missed a lot…

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